Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin Requests UN Support

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin
Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin

USA -( Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin may have hit on an idea that will bring 99 percent of the people of Illinois together.

Last week, Boykin flew to New York and asked United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Fernandez-Taranto to send UN troops to Chicago to help quell the violence. Boykin points out that the UN sent troops into the conflict between the Tutsis and the Hutus in Rwanda.

If I recall correctly, the UN troops mostly watched while somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people were murdered in a 100-day period. No one actually knows how many were killed under the watchful eye of the UN. The murders go on to this day.

Every morning, trucks go out and pick up the bodies for disposal. The reason such an action would bring everyone together is that we will all be shooting at the despised UN troops. In fact, I think we should prepare.

The first step is to print targets with UN helmets in the 10 ring. It could be a fundraiser for us. In the meantime, Commissioner Boykin might stop by the Chicago Public Library and do a little research.

When we were in grade school, most of us learned that the District of Columbia was a 10 mile-by-10 mile swampy area donated by the states of Maryland and Virginia for the establishment of the Nation’s Capital.

What no one ever thought about was how deep the swamp was or was going to get. Right now it looks like a team of geologists are going to have to drill really deep to find the bottom, if there is one.

It is beginning to look like the bottom of the swamp, maybe on the other side of infinity. The smell is just as bad as the depth suggests. Phew!

The Founding Fathers were afraid of such a problem and warned against what we are seeing right now. It is not popular to speak of or think highly of the Founders of our great country right now but, I do and, I revere them more every day. They could see the future. Most of the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington can’t see their own shoes.

I want to thank all those who expressed concern over Donner and Blitzen’s injuries.

Santa’s press office has updated me on the situation. I have been assured that even if Donner and Blitzen are not ready to go, Santa has gotten 10 good relievers for this year’s Rookie Reindeer tryouts.

Two of those rookies are Meteor, Comets younger brother, and Rose, Cupid’s sister; they are warmed up and waiting in the reindeer pen, ready to go. In the tryouts, Meteor set a new rookie record in the 3000-mile dash, and Rose came in first in the chimney obstacle course. I don’t want anyone to worry; Santa is on his way.

Merry Christmas!

Richard Pearson

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Rahm Emaua; never lets a good crises go to waste. He needs a constant crises to hid his incompetence and failure to uphold his fiduciary duty to his office. Trump should send in the US Marshals and arrest every corrupt politican in Chicago. God knows that there is enough criminal activity by many politicians in Chicago to fill up at least one prison.


And you just thought that bringing UN troops into America was a right-wing conspiracy ??? HMM !!! So what are they supposed to do? Go from house to house confiscating law-abiding citizens Guns? Oops, that’s also a Right Wing Conspiracy Theory. Looks like this looney tune is trying to get the Camel’s nose under the tent. Why don’t they just send criminals who are caught with a gun during the commission of a crime to prison for an extra 20 years, no Parole? Enforce the laws on criminal’s and leave honest citizens alone. Oh ya, I forgot that requires them… Read more »


This guy is a county commissioner? That tells a lot about how Chicago is being run (into the ground). Who in their right mind and a citizen of this country would ask the third world U.N. to bring any troops into this country on a police mission. This guy has to be stoned or totally illiterate. We can handle our own problems without third world army butting in.
It just came to me,he got a free plane ride to N.Y. at the expense of the citizens of Chicago.

Ronald Renken


Jim Blair

An obamaesque ploy to make an end run around the Posse Comitatus Act which forbids use of U S troops on American soil. Import foreign troops. If they are trying to cause a firestorm by importing foreign troops into America they will get it.Those blue helmets will make nice targets.


Boykin’ s an idjit.



This ass , has no authority to call in the U.N , who does this ass think he is????? and what the hell is he smoking ?? what an ignorant dumb shit……………..

2War Abn Vet

Since the UN “peacekeepers” are known for crime, corruption, and child rape wherever they go; they will fit seamlessly into Chicago’s culture.


Well said! They are also known for huge numbers of murders.

Gordon Matthews

This is exactly what happens from our dumbed down education system. The United States has ways to handle these problems without National interference..This is what these younger people have been taught in the schools and colleges.
God help us!!
Gramps 38


This is just a political ploy by Boykin in an attempt to embarrass the Trump administration. I would suspect that “Mayor Rahm” put him up to this. There’s nothing that this corrupt SOB wouldn’t do to push the socialist agenda. The whole city government is corrupt: includes the Mayor and his staff, the aldermen, and the CPD. Even the public school system is corrupt and incompetent. HS grads (if they graduate) cannot read, write, or perform simple daily tasks. The ING should be patrolling the gangbanger’s neighborhoods. If this ever happens, “there will be blood”.

Dieter Kraemer

You don’t need UN troops in Chicago. You need a new political class that will support the police dept. and do it’s job to incarcerate criminals.


It’s NOT about supporting the police department, which in Shitcago is nothing but the “brown shirts” for state and city government. It is about employing LEADERS WHO KNOW, UNDERSTAND, and UPHOLD the CONSTITUTION!
They need to implement the second amendment.
They need to execute violent criminals.
They need to prosecute ALL of the corrupt government bureaucraps that are presently serving.
They need to fire or indict and convict ALL of the corrupt cops.

But, alas, this will never happen because the majority of “citizens” in SHITCAGO are too stupid to care and will never giv u their entitlements checks!

Missouri Born

If the county commissioner thought they had such a bad problem with crime and the local police couldn’t get a handle on it why didn’t he ask the mayor to activate the Illinois National Guard, what a putz to ask the UN to get involved.


This man is an idiot who does not have even a basic understanding of America, What he proposes is a no flyer, UN troops on US soil would enrage American patriots. They would be taken out very quickly or would be so busy defending themselves against oath keepers they would not have the time to under take their mission.

joe martin

LOL! I pity any UN troops that go to Chicago. They will be mugged, raped and/or shot before they are there a week.


I would go to chitcago for that.They really do hate America,don`t they.