Dad with Gun Runs Off Teen Daughter’s Attempted Kidnappers

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Teens Planned To Kidnap The 17-Year-Old Daughter
Teens Planned To Kidnap The 17-Year-Old Daughter
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Miami Herald reported 11/09/2017 a prepared Florida father thwarted an attempt to invade his home and kidnap his daughter. The four teenagers had made extensive preparations for the attempted complex crime.

The sheriff’s office said on Facebook that inside the SUV they were driving, the four teens had stockpiled masks, guns, a knife, a roll of tape and latex gloves.

They even put barrels on the road leading to the family’s home, apparently hoping to obstruct the teenage girl’s path to the house as she arrived home so she would get out of the car.

But that wasn’t enough to make it past their would-be victim’s father, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. The kidnappers’ plans started to go awry when the girl saw the barrels and simply drove around them. She then called her 51-year-old father to tell him about the roadblocks.

A short time later, around 10:30 p.m., the father heard dogs barking and a car door slam. Automatic floodlights on the house were activated and the father armed himself with a gun to go investigate.

The sheriff’s office said the father found someone trying to break into his garage. He fired three shots and the would-be intruders fled into the woods.

Responding Officers caught up with four teens driving a white 2016 Jeep Liberty away from the crime scene. They had concocted an elaborate plot to kidnap the 17-year-old daughter of a man they believed to be wealthy, and to rob the family’s home in the process said the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff said a 19-year old and three others have been charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted robbery.

The oldest, a 19-year old adult was taken to the Okaloosa County Jail. The minors, a 17 year old boy, a 16 year old boy and a 15 year old girl were booked at a juvenile detention center.


Talk about picking the wrong victims! Here we have an armed household and a plan of action where everybody knew what to do saves the day!

Even to most elaborate home invasion can be thwarted with well thought out planning and preparation. Were we all so well prepared, home invasions would quickly become a thing of the past.

Apparently none of the defensive shots hit anyone, intruders or neighbors, I assume by design. Anyone this well prepared would likely have an idea of the legal entanglements involved in shooting intruders. In any event, the results are a perfect defensive shooting!

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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Bob is retired after 30 years of ownership of The Gun Store & Indoor Range in Las Vegas. He continues his 2A issues show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” on YouTube and on KLEY 1230 AM, The Nevada Talk Network on Saturdays at Noon PST. Bob is a firearm instructor of Concealed Firearm Applicants, Armed Security Officer and Law Enforcement Academies over his career, Bob appears frequently as an expert witness for firearm & use of force cases in Federal, State and local courts.

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    1. Common censorship techniques in U.S. corporate media include but are not limited to, if a local politician gets into some sort of legal trouble and their political affiliation is never mentioned, you have to know to assume democrat, since if it were a republican this information would likely be found prominently displayed in the headline, or at least repeatedly mentioned throughout the story, if not both. If it is a crime report and the race / color / religion of the perpetrator(s) is “left unmentioned” (censored out), you have to know the _area_ where the crime occurred, so as to try to ascertain whether this means the perps were most likely Black, Hispanic, or Muslim, and/or in the country illegally. Conversely, if the perps are Caucasian this will almost certainly be reported quite clearly. These simple censorship techniques apply across all of corporate media, but most especially on the national level. It took some few years from the late 1990’s and coming into this new century, but virtually all small local media outlets – including your local little newspapers and TV / radio news outlets if they have an online presence, now march in complete lockstep in this regard as well. Almost anyone paying attention has almost certainly long since noticed this by now, so there are no new revelations here, other than perhaps the extent to which this has occurred.

      To more fully explain in the hope some professional writer eventually researches this: Coming into the 2000’s, internet technology was progressing to where it was becoming _affordable_ for businesses and individuals to purchase web services to have thousands of headlines electronically gathered from all over the world, or from whatever region of it you desire, all organized and ready for your own business and research purposes. One such powerful company name that comes to mind is “Moreover Technologies” which you can easily look up for yourself, as for a time they offered a small but fun free online webservice that only programmers could tap into, to programmatically obtain up to 30 headlines at a time for free on any subject and/or from any region or nation in the world, as often as you wished. This limited experimental but free (.asmx) webservice was kind of fun, and I wrote my own simple software in Visual Studio to take some advantage of this, just for my own intellectual entertainment purposes. (I also shared this software with friends and family for some few years until the free webservice experiment was apparently ended.) In the meantime though, it gave me a small glimpse into what was possible had I been willing and able to pay to take full advantage of their information gathering services. Powerful stuff.

      For example, if one had the resources to hire a group of people to actually read and sort through all of those thousands of headline stories gathered every single day, from media outlets large and small from all across America just for example, you could soon compile a very extensive database for computing your own statics on crime and race and religion and whatnot, in order to do things like compare what you find to what our various government agencies and media report. THIS IS THE POINT I am trying to make clear here so you fully understand the following: U.S. corporate media, as a whole and all across the nation, responded to this increasingly affordable ability to compile information with simple outright censorship as briefly outlined above.

      Now, even if you had the money and manpower to gather up and sort through thousands of headline stories taken from all across the country every single day, you would quickly only manage to find out WHY American media no longer reports honestly on race / color / religion and illegal immigration, especially in relation to crime and so forth. They simply censor this information out so no none can so easily compile it – and I mean ALL of media, large outlets and small, all across the nation, right down to your little local news stations and newspapers. I do not imagine this to be an accident.

      And this is part of why I often end my comments with:
      No News At 11.

      1. That kind of thinking is why we had to make a choice in 2016 of two completely unqualified candidates .
        1. Not every Democrat is against firearms , even though that is what you have been taught,(and evidently believe), I am a life long Democrat and a life long gun owner.
        2. The only “Media” that I can see, that is controlled by a political organization are FOX and CNN. Try to listen to other sources of information with an open mind and do a little common sense research.
        3.Like it or not, America is and always will be BIG. Just because your 5 square miles believe something doesn’t mean the rest of America believes it and if you want to keep calling yourself an American you going to have to come to grips with that.
        4. America has always been diverse, and as you seem to be offended by other races and religions, I would recommend that you try living somewhere else.
        I am a Democrat because I got tired of watching people of all races, religions, and origins suffer from lack of medical care, not because I wanted you to give up your guns, hell, I doubt you have as many as I do, and can tell from your racist comments that you sure as hell didn’t serve in the same Army I served in.
        To very one else, I am a 100% disabled veteran of the Army, I am a Democrat, and I am sick and tired of letting the extremely rich dictate what happens in this country. I just wanted to put an end to this whole “Democrats hate guns” crap. We don’t, well at least not all of us.
        I pose these questions : Why can’t we have health care and keep our guns ? Why can’t we worship as christians and love our neighbor who might not be a christian ? Why am I being told that I have liberties unless it is something I want to smoke? When did the Republicans and Democrats stop talking and compromising for the good of the country ?
        –I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that nothing is getting fixed without some empathy and a little less apathy

        1. Michael: A comment and a question. Healthcare is not a Right that is guaranteed to anyone. Now the question, as a professed Democrat, do you believe in any gun control laws?

          Looking forward to your answer.

    2. @Core: Excellent point. And at very affordable prices and wireless at that! My brother has two wireless alerts on his driveway, one at the entrance and the second up close.

    3. No need for primitive perimeter devices, when you can have infrared cameras on a dvr linked to a silent alarm output and flood lights.

      1. Hi tech is nice, I use infrared cams.
        OTOH, low tech works when there isn’t any power and is much less likely to have technical failures.
        For the cost of a hi-tech setup, I can put up so many mouse trap sets that the person will break their own neck tripping over them. Not to mention the permanent hearing loss. It’ll sound like Nam. Most people don’t hang around with that kind of noise going on. Some might not be noise makers.

    4. Attention anyone reading this; We preppers would like to know where we can get trip-wire devices firing blank cartridges (any caliber or gauge). Thank you!


    5. It also seems pretty smart on the daughters part to drive around the phony barrels that were placed
      on the road, or could have just been a little luck, but either way that might have saved her from a
      quick grab and tossed into the vehicle. Glad to see it was a happy ending for the family that could have
      turned in to a tragedy real quick. Maybe a few of those 12ga. blank trip wire traps around the perimeter
      of the house and property might be called for, at least give a good indication of what direction they
      might be coming from.

      1. @gcm, 12 ga. blank trip wire traps? I could go for some of those. Got a website or company name for those? I would be most appreciative.

    6. I don’t really see a “well prepared defense” other than having a weapon in the home. I do think they were very lucky it was teens trying to pull off the caper. Had the invasion taken place at 3:30 AM it may have been a different outcome all together. I mean, who is fast asleep at 10:30 PM? I guess a later plan would have interfered with their curfew. I don’t mean to belittle the seriousness of the situation, anyone would be appalled at the thought of their daughter or any other family member being a target of any crime. I’m glad everything worked out for this family but I just don’t see a well laid plan being exposed in this article.

      1. @Jericho Joe, “well prepared defense” consists fore thought, layered preparations, and situational awareness. In the instant case, this father did pretty good. Dogs, lights, and accessible firearms. I would suggest fencing, more dogs, reinforced doors, and a really important talk about situational awareness with the daughter.

        1. I might disagree with you, Bill, to the extent that the daughter saw and then drove around the barrels AND called her father. There may well be some facts that are missing from the story, after all, it is a media account of what happened and may be shortened from what actually occurred.

          1. What is missing, for example, is that the kidnappers are from an Hispanic* gang. It is considered politically incorrect to mention this fact. The comrades of the LameStream EneMedia attempt to mold opinion, rather than inform the public..

            * As George Orwell so aptly wrote, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal thin others.”

        2. Agreed. Motion sensor lighting, dogs and not having your firearms locked away could be considered as a plan. As well as being aware enough to hear the K-9 alert, car door slam and noticing the flood lights illuminating the yard could be considered situational awareness. It kinda falls apart, for me, when three shots are fired at someone trying to break into his garage, “possibly by design”, I just don’t think these facts rise to the definition of being Well Laid Plans. Some may disagree. I just don’t think the “plan” would have held up as well if it were preformed by seasoned criminals, in the early predawn hours, when most people would be disoriented and confused. Especially with there being four attackers. Violent home invasion is worthy of the fear it evokes and deserves a great deal more planing and preparation than is discussed in this article. Having what most rural homes have, motion sensor lighting and a dog, does not scratch the surface of what is needed. It could be dangerous to state that flood lights and a barking dog, along with an available firearm, equates a well laid plan. Simply stating that a family knew what they were supposed to do then adding that the shots were fired, possibly, according to the same plan is a bit of a stretch for me. Articles like this are good to share but should be scrutinized for accuracy rather than assuming something exists. Especially when someone could come away with the idea that this is all there is to it, as long as you know where your rounds may end up.

        3. @wild Bill, your other comment did not make it here yet but did make it to my email. Don’t know
          if they will allow it but to answer your question find them on that company that starts with E and ends
          with bay.

      2. A lot of people are fast asleep at 10:30 PM, like those who get up at 4 AM to be at work at 5 AM. Don’t be so ignorant, just because you and all of your friends are up until 2 AM doesn’t mean that’s the norm for most people.
        And yes, this man did indeed plan for break-ins. He had his weapon ready and it seems obvious that he was well-practiced (hmmm…sounds a lot like “well-regulated,” doesn’t it?) with his home defense weapon.

        1. @vab, I concur with every thing that you have written. I do think that the family needs to add a layer or two, now that some thing has happened. I would suggest six foot chain link dense, gate lock, and a trio of free “inside the wire” patrolling canine security specialists. More flood lights pointed out from the house. Mom and kids should be taught to shoot. Four right turns on the way home technique. And none of this is very expensive.

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