DSC Joins Bear-Ban Dismay: “Where Is the Science?”

DSC Joins Bear-Ban Dismay: “Where Is the Science?”

DALLAS, Texas -(Ammoland.com)- This week, despite a wealth of scientific evidence to the contrary, British Columbia moved to ban all grizzly hunting in the province, effective immediately.

The reason for the ban appears to be the government’s “consultation” with “many British Columbians” who have declared the hunt “is not in line with their values,” according to a BC government news release.

The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) has issued a statement decrying this decision.

“It is truly disappointing that we throw history and science out the window for some urban votes,” said Michael Schneider, president of the GOABC. “We expect our government to make informed decisions based on the best facts and science. Emotional decisions are not good for anyone.”

DSC has joined GOABC in several research projects in the region, specifically pertaining to grizzly bears. From this research that is still underway, there have been no indications that a blanket ban is warranted.

A previous ban, announced in August, took effect in November for a specific region. But this latest announcement limits all grizzly hunting to just sustenance hunting by First Nations, for food, social, ceremonial purposes, pursuant to treaties and Aboriginal rights.

“Basing such an important decision on ‘values’ and popular polls is an incredibly bad idea. Where is the role of science in the bear management plan? Science tells us that well-regulated hunting does only good things for grizzlies,” said DSC Executive Director Corey Mason, a Certified Wildlife Biologist. “This decision not only throws out science but discards reason as well.”

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mike james

Carol Olsen, you are right about overpopulation. The whole eco-system will get fouled up. Deer, elk population will be depleted. The bears new a lot of territory to exist and will fan out into areas where people and bears will conflict. Now the Liberal anti-hunt, anti-gun people will want to ban elk and deer hunting so the over populated bears will have enough to eat. Where does it end ?? The harvesting of 300 bears a year in a population of 16,000 keeps them in check and brings in a lot of revenue. License fees, guide fees, hotel, motel revenue,… Read more »


The bear population may need to have controls placed on it in the interest of human / bear conflicts but the DSC is strictly interested in trophies, not human safety. Unless it is for the safety of the DSC members. BTW, I do hunt but I well understand the DSC motives.


I smell a dope smoking Trudeau’s hand in this.


Go, grizzlys!

Carol Olson

Oh they will. No hunting. the population will grow. Human bear confrontations will become a problem. The bears population could eventually enter the outlying city areas. Pets & people might become part of their diet. But don’t control the population. RIGHT!!!

joe martin

The people responsible for the ban need to be put out for a week in the heart of grizzly country, alone with a rifle and with nothing but a slab of bacon for food and see how they feel about the ban when/if they return. I’ll wager none of them live in grizzly country, most of them most likely live in big cities and haven’t a clue.

Wild Bill

martin, As the human population explodes, politics will be, more and more, city dwelling no nothings versus rural dwelling providers.

Mike the Limey

Let me guess; the BC government will at some point pay “professionals” to cull them once the bear population becomes unsustainable or/and they cause major issues.
Typical emotion driven lunacy from the political left.


Yup, the same thing happened on the East Coast in the US with Whitetailed deer. “Oh, they’re so pretty, we can’t shoot Bambi”. Then Bambi multiplied so fast, was responsible for so many millions of dollars in damage to crops and vehicles in accidents and the accompanying injuries and deaths that local governments decided to let police, with suppressors, come in late at night and try and thin them out. That was an abysmal failure and so the cycle of accidents, overpopulation and starvation continues.


Science? Pffft! We threw out science when we drank the global warming kool-aid!