Homeowners Make Citizen’s Arrest of Unarmed Home Invader

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Home Invasion
Homeowners Make Citizens Arrest of Unarmed Home Invader
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- KTUU NBC TV 2 reported 11-03-2017 in Anchorage, Alaska, one man is in custody following an attempted burglary gone wrong, wherein the residents at the home actually made a citizen’s arrest, detaining him until police arrived.

The suspect, age 22, was trying to break into a residential home on the 1300 block of Nunaka Drive, according to MJ Thim, spokesperson with the Anchorage Police Department.

The police spokesperson said that the suspect was attempting to either pick the lock or otherwise break in through a back door when the homeowners were alerted to what was going on.

When the residents heard the noise, they were able to capture him. They restrained him, taping his limbs together with Gorilla Duct Tape so he could not move.

When police arrived, they found the suspect on the ground, held at gunpoint by the homeowners. After conducting an investigation at the scene, the Anchorage PD determined that the story was legitimate, and arrested the 22 year old for first degree burglary.

No injuries were reported to any of the home owners. It was not known if the suspect sustained injuries.

Officers said that there was no damage done to the home while the would-be intruder was “caught in the act trying to break into their home.

As to whether or not Anchorage PD recommends private citizens taking matters into their own hands with similar citizen’s arrest-type actions, Thim said safety is more important.

“While we really appreciate the public’s assistance in helping us solve crime, we don’t want the public to put themselves in danger,” Thim said. “That’s what police officers are trained to do.”

Thim said the circumstances are always varied, and while this intruder was not armed, he easily could have been.

“You don’t know if the suspect’s armed, there’s a lot of questions surrounding that, so the best course of action is to call 911 immediately,” Thim said.


So call 911 and wait? If you have an intruder it is extremely rare for police to arrive in time to do anything but mop up the wet blood.

Is easy to understand why police advise this crap, that is of course lawsuits from injured suspects. Telling you to defend your family with serious force could be held as encouraging residents to harm criminals!

First save your own life and protect your loved ones, second don’t belive all the advice you hear from authorities!

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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You have no guarantee the LEO will get there as fast as he can. I know of times the LEO would take his time getting to a domestic violence complaint because that can be a very dangerous situation for them. Protect yourself and your loved ones, in the meantime, while waiting for them. Yes, they might give you some hassell for taking matters in your own hands but it is important you are standing and able to look him in the eye.


While we really appreciate the public’s assistance in helping us solve crime, we don’t want the public to put themselves in danger,” Thim said. “That’s what police officers are trained to do.” No, you DON”T appreciate us taking matters into our own hands. Maybe your flatfoots are “trained” ro solve crime and take care of the “danger”.. but the law and track record PROVE you mostly do not. NO BURDEN upon LE to protect, put yourselves in danger, etc. Only to play by your own impractical union inspoired “rules of engagement”. Well, how bout this? Mister and Misses Homeowner saw… Read more »

Missouri Born

Snowflake advice from the Leos.
Doesn’t work if you want to live.


“..you dont know if the suspects armed.” is a good enough reason for me to defend myself. Safety is more important? Does that mean hide with your young daughters? Go ahead and call the police and wait 25 minutes for someone to show up. Let me know how that works for you. God I detest these types of LEO’s….


I think back to case in 1981 Warren vs DC Metro Police. The court held that that the police are under no obligation to protect anyone. So basically, we are on our own.


right on, defend yourself first, that is your right, and THAT IS SAFETY FIRST, I dont know what police are thinking when they say “call 911 immediately” listen here cops: my life is in danger and you want me to not protect myself, not get to cover, not get the gun, but put myself in danger and out in the open by starting a dialogue with the 911 responder answering all their non-practical and ridiculous questions like “What color shirt is the suspect wearing and what is their hair color…” ARE YOU SERIOUS?? the person is barging in the door!… Read more »

Sgt. Saxxon

You seem to be getting worked up by the officers otherwise innocuous comment. What I took away from his statement was he appreciated what they did, but didn’t want to encourage others from similar, dangerous actions. And, yes, taking a criminal into custody is dangerous work. There is a big difference in defending yourself, family, and property, with the extraneous action of pursuing/arresting someone. Yes, it is legal to enact a citizens arrest, and I applaud those who are willing to put themselves both physically and litigiously at risk in doing so. However, I would never advise, en mass, for… Read more »


Go take your legalism and political correctness and run for office.

Sgt. Saxxon

They are called tactics. I am sharing hard won knowledge with you. If you wish to stay in darkness, so be it. “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid” -Benjamin Franklin.

And anyone that knows me would howl with laughter hearing you call me “politically correct.”


Unsought advice is seldom heeded and often resented.
How’s that for a quote.
Now, beat it.