We Hunt For Life Campaign Goes Big in Downtown Dallas

DSC Lion Billboard
DSC Lion Billboard 1201 Pacific Avenue in Downtown 

DALLAS, Texas -(Ammoland.com)- At a whopping 108×212 feet, a huge new outdoor board has gone up at Pacific and Griffin, in advance of the DSC Convention and Sporting Expo next month on Jan. 4 – 7.

To some the message might seem counterintuitive. Across the face of a massive lion run the words: IN THE FIGHT TO SAVE HIS SPECIES, HIS BEST ALLIES ARE HUNTERS. The hashtag is #WeHuntForLife.

DSC and DSC Foundation created the We Hunt for Life campaign with the intent to change the conversation, promoting scientific truth rather than fear and misinformation. This bold message is another piece of the campaign to educate the public about the benefits of big game hunting and its links to wildlife conservation.

The core message of the We Hunt for Life campaign is to ensure that people understand that sustainable use hunting is a scientifically proven benefit to wildlife and habitat conservation. As human pressures increase over time, it becomes essential to balance habitat and wildlife populations – one of the best tools in the hands of government agencies and conservation groups is in fact hunting.

So, this message is true for lions as well as elephants, leopards and many other species: hunters are these species’ best allies.

The DSC Foundation website contains links to articles, videos, and presentations from a wide variety of people. There is ample scientific data and research, which is supported by highly regarded members of the international conservation community − some of whom do not personally hunt.

These people include conservationists, non-hunting journalists, documentary directors who are anti-hunters, a TED presenter, and a Zimbabwean who grew up in the African bush and is now a medical doctor in the U.S. All of these people acknowledge the critically important role of well-regulated hunting and provide valuable information about how sustainable use hunting benefits wildlife conservation.

Visit the DSCF.org website to learn more, then engage with others in discussion and spread the truth.

PHOTO of LION OUTDOOR BOARD: 1201 Pacific Avenue in Downtown Dallas.

For more information, please visit their website.

About DSC:

A member of IUCN, DSC is a mission-focused conservation organization, funded by hunters from around the world. With an administrative staff of less than 15 and a volunteer army of 500, DSC hosts the Greatest Hunters Convention on the Planet™ that raises funds for grants in conservation, outdoor education and hunter advocacy. In the past five years, more than $5 million has been channeled to qualified projects, organizations and programs in support of that mission.

Get involved with DSC on their website.

About DSCF:

DSC Foundation is a non-profit corporation organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. DSC Foundation serves the mission of DSC to conserve wildlife and wilderness lands, to educate youth and the general public and to promote and protect the rights and interests of hunters worldwide.

Learn more about DSC Foundation on their website.

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Rob J

It is a shame that hunters will join the cry against safari hunts right beside the antis. Hunter division, just like division among gun owners, will do far more harm to our position than antis ever could. Many hunters can not see the wideapread beneficial effects of safari hunts and fall into the same emotion based responses that call for AWB’s and “high capacity magazine” bans. If you are a hunter and disagree with safari hunts then by all means you have the right to. Disagree with it on an emotional level but support it on the conservational level. In… Read more »

Dan the Man

Well said.
But your “rich fool” description did exactly what you asked other non-safari hunters not to do.

Rob J

A poor attempt at humor as this is what most safar hunters are referred to in mildest terms. Knew I should have included quotations to denote it.