Questions on Mueller’s Role in Fast and Furious Remain Unanswered

As head of the FBI, Mueller was a key Obama administration player during Operation Fast and Furious. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

USA – -( “Yet another key member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe appears to have deep ties to the Democratic Party,” PJ Media reported Friday. “Mueller’s ‘Right-Hand Man’ on Russia Probe Represented Clinton IT Aide Who Set Up Unsecure Server.”

Aaron Zebley is part of a long list of Democrat apparatchiks working to bring down President Donald Trump populating Mueller’s team.

But “PJ Media”? Citing Fox News? Won’t that just prove the report is biased in favor of “conservatives”?

If you object, show the claims to be untrue. Then, if you’d like to see how major establishment news outlets are reporting this, do a Google News feed search. See any current headlines from The NewYork Times or The WashingtonPost?

Mueller and his team are advancing a political agenda favoring Democrats. But isn’t he a “Republican”? Wasn’t he appointed to head up the FBI by George W. Bush?

That doesn’t mean Mueller was ever anything besides an establishment functionary. Case in point, he made his contempt for the Second Amendment and his oath to the Constitution clear in his condemnation of the Supreme Court’s Heller decision. Based on his own words, he is against anyone but law enforcement and the military having guns, including in the home.

Brian Terry
What did Mueller know and when did he know it about the “gunwalking” operation that led to the murder of Borrder Patrol Agent Brian Terry?

He was asked to stay on beyond his 10-year term by Barack Obama, curiously just as things were starting to heat up on the Operation Fast and Furious investigations by the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. “Gunwalking” and the Brian Terry murder took place on his watch, and Mueller’s FBI, with its confidential informants being tracked as suspects by ATF, was up to its neck in things.

Outrageously, there is no reason to expect Congress to be any more successful at exposing the full truth than they have been so far at holding Eric Holder accountable for his Fast and Furious obstruction. Nor, as we see from the preponderance of agenda reporting, lies of omission and outright fake news can establishment media be relied on. As with the original Fast and Furious reporting, expect new revelations to come from independent efforts while those with the mass reach fall back on deliberate indifference and hoping not too many notice.

One such independent effort to reveal new details about Fast and Furious is being resurrected by a filmmaker that my colleague, the late Mike Vanderboegh and I worked with over five years ago. Noting the timing is now right to continue with the project, documentarian Fleming Fuller has teamed up with Ron Colburn, former national Deputy Chief of the United States Border Patrol, and a founding member of BORTAC, the Border Patrol’s national tactical unit.

They are continuing with production. “Under the Radar – Above the Law” promises to bring new “gunwalker” matters to light, including previously unreported information about FBI activities under Mueller’s leadership.

For now you can learn more here, including how you can help. Expect to see more on the progress of this project in this column over the coming months.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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2019 Here we are so many years down the road and the firearms provided by Obama, Holder and Mueller are still taking lives daily!

Jim Macklin

As I recall: The Mexican President [ Fox?] addressed Congress and asked the US to pass gun laws because Mexico has crime. Congress said crime in Mexico is Mexico’s problem. obama organized Fast and Furious to get an American killed with an American civilian gun by a Mexican. Why else would an expensive gun be left at the crime scene/ I doubt the anybody in DC cared who died, just that teh story line was “guns are evil, American guns are being used by Mexican criminals to kill Americans and not just Mexicans.” Of course most of te American guns… Read more »


It’s something that has been swept under the rug, but hillary/obama/vicente fox and the various gun banning groups and media used to repeat talking points on over and over. They would all say that “90% of the assault weapons used in Mexican crimes were traced back to America” and then call for a new AWB in america. So many were constantly repeating it at the same time with the lying legacy media providing the megaphone that it had to be orchestrated by someone powerful. Of course, it later was revealed that the figure only included the rifles that could be… Read more »


Very excited to see a documentary about Fast and Furious going forward. AG Holder and obama both stonewalled, lied, and refused to turn over documents about the event to investigators. Obama should have been impeached over it, but the fake news media refused to cover the story. No one would even be aware of it if not for codrea and Vanderboegh breaking the story, keeping it alive, and getting sources connected to a couple mainstream reporters for cbs and foxnews. Mueller is the ultimate deep state product. Some very interesting stuff surrounding him and how he blew 911 info sent… Read more »


Isn’t it a shame our government is so corrupt and dishonest. Locking them up could make the next generation of do little government workers think twice before they get into corruption. On the news this evening they have verified that songbird McCain was involved in the illegal lying document about Trump. Term limits would have cured his problem.

James Higginbotham


Richard L

Mr. Codrea, this has to get more Light cause he is in it up to his ears.

Buck Cassidy

Whatever happened to the accusations of Mueller escorting the cash, from the sale of uranium to Russia, to the State Department? Weren’t his hands soiled by his participation in the sale of that uranium to Russia?

Pistol Packin Preacher

Go get em brother David. You are right on!!!

Pistol Packin Preacher

Go get brother David. You are right on!!!

Silence Dogood

There’s nothing unanswered!
Everyone in the Gov’t associated with this crime is guilty and should be convicted and go to prison.

Timothy Votaw

Neither Mueller or his successor James Comey can be trusted. They are both working for the Deep State shadow government, operatives seeking to build a badly-flawed and falsely- documented case against the current administration, namely President Trump. Both are corrupt, and working under ulterior motives, assisted by federal employees still in employment, but loyal to the Obama administration, and willing to contribute fabricated evidence and/or suppress solid evidence and supporting documentation. The entire process is a sham, devoid of ethics and honesty. Both Mueller and Comey should be indicted for conspiracy.

Missouri Born

Mueller never should have been appointed to the special investigator position, he is tainted beyond belief and cannot not be impartial as is apparent by the people he has surrounded himself with.
Time for him to be canned and time for the attorney general to get on the ball with investigations of Hillary,Holder and Barry.


I believe we have a conflict of interest. If he signed off on any of it (directly or indirectly) he should be removed.