Ranew’s Outdoors Gambrel and Scale: Deer Processing Made Easy

Ranew's Outdoors Gambrel and Scale
Ranew’s Outdoors Gambrel and Scale

USA -(Ammoland.com)- How much did the last buck you shot weigh?

If you don’t know, but would like to know the weight of the deer you tag this coming season, Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment has an elegant solution for you: their combination gambrel and scale.

The scale is integrated into the gambrel, allowing you to hang, weigh, dress and quarter game without having to put the animal on a scale to get the weight, then move it for skinning. You can engage the scale or take the weight off with a click of a pin, and you can get the live weight of the animal, the dressed weight, and even weigh the quarters.

If you process your own game, then having a solid gambrel allows you to work at a comfortable height – no straining your back bending over a skinning table. You can not only get live weight but dressed weight, quarter weights and a good idea of how much meat each deer produces.

But even if you don’t process your own deer, Ranew’s Outdoors Gambrel and Scale can serve as a handy part of your management plan.

Want to know whether your food plots are putting weight on deer or whether a change in the planting you are doing is really making a difference to the deer? The Gambrel and Scale take the guesswork out of the equation.

And if you age the deer your club takes off the property, knowing the weight of each animal will help you better judge the general condition of your herd.

Over time, you can get an accurate reading of how age affects the weight of deer on your property, and potentially how habitat or management changes influence deer weights.

If you are trying to grow bigger deer and have not been recording the weights of deer that are taken, you should start doing so. And the Ranew’s Gambrel and Scale makes doing the job faster and easier than any other tool on the market.

For more information on the full range of Ranew’s Outdoor products, including the Firminator food plot planting machinery, go to their website.

To order, please call: +1 (678) 544-4400

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About Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment:

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment offers the ideal equipment to make your food plot planting easier and more effective. Ranew’s is ready to serve all your hunting and agriculture needs across the USA and abroad. Today, Ranew’s headquarters stands on the original two-acre tract acquired for the move to Milner. In addition, the surrounding 30+ acres were acquired over the years and are now the home of three manufacturing divisions, a warehouse, 60+ dedicated employees and a customer base which includes local, state, national and international companies.

For more information, visit their website.

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Jo Ann

Here is the price on the Hanging Judge Gambrel with tax and shipping.

Gambrel $69.99
Shipping $18.00
Tax $4.90
Total $92.89

If you have any questions or wish to place an order please give me a call.

William Yancy
Ranews Outdoor Equipment
1308 Hwy 41 N
Milner Ga 30257
Phone – 678-544-4400
Email – [email protected]
Website – thefirminator.com

Jo Ann

Here you go: $93 includes $18 shipping and $4.90.
So basic price is $70. Must be pretty heavy so it should last. Good idea.

Jo Ann

Worked just now. Ammoland – couldn’t you just post the price?

Matt on Oklahoma

bad link