RETAY Arms Brings the Removable Trigger to Semi-Auto Shotguns

Retay Removable Trigger
RETAY Arms Brings the Removable Trigger to Semi-Auto Shotguns

WASHINGTON D.C. -( RETAY ARMS LTD. STI. of Konya Turkey has brought the push button removable trigger to the semi-automatic shotgun for the first time and the technology has implications for dealer sales, safety and maintenances, PLUS… it’s just plain cool!

The push-button removable trigger is not a new concept as it has been a common feature on very high-end, very expensive competition shotguns for years.

Competitive shooters adopted the design primarily so that they have the ability to replace a malfunctioning trigger quickly rather than having to forfeit a match or switch to a new gun. It also enabled shooters who put a high volume of rounds through their shotguns, the ability to clean and service the all-important trigger group quickly and easily. Less time cleaning means more time shooting and that is an appealing concept.

Now thanks to the engineers at RETAY Arms, everyone can enjoy the benefits of this technology at a reasonable price point. The RETAY REMOVABLE TRIGGER ( RRT ) comes as standard equipment on the RETAY Arms Masai Mara shotgun. The Masai Mara is a feature packed high-performance inertia action shotgun with a starting MSRP of $799.00.

The Masai Mara’s unique removable trigger group is designed around the solid one-piece milled aluminum trigger housing that acts both as the trigger guard and platform for the internal moving parts including the shell elevator.

To remove the trigger, one simply presses a small button located just above and slightly behind the cross bolt safety while at the same time pressing the bolt release button on the side of the receiver. This allows the entire trigger group to rotate downward and out of the receiver.

Replacing the trigger group is also straightforward, just rotate the trigger group back into the receiver and press the bolt release. The trigger “clicks” effortlessly back into place. The entire removal and replacement operation take less than 7 seconds to accomplish without tools or fear of losing small parts.

Retay Removable Trigger
Retay Removable Trigger

The benefits of a feature like this are many. Below is a sample of some of the benefits of having a removable trigger.

  • Easy Cleaning: Waterfowl enthusiasts especially will appreciate being able to simply remove, wipe down and oil the Masai Mara trigger group quickly after a day in the marsh. The process is so simple that cleaning can be done in the field before the shotgun is stored for the ride home.
  • Easy repair and replacement: If during the life of the Masai Mara a trigger repair is needed, the trigger group can be removed and sent out for repair without the need to ship the entire shotgun. This saves shipping costs as well as paperwork.
  • Safer Storage: The Masai Mara’s trigger group can easily be removed and stored in a secure location separate from the shotgun. This adds an additional degree of safety from accidental or unintended discharge while storing the shotgun at home or during travel.
  • Dealer Sales: It is conceivable that in the future accessory triggers for target shooting and other applications will become available. This will give Masai Mara retailers the ability to capitalize on follow up accessory sales.

To learn more about RETAY Arms, The Masai Mara semi-automatic shotgun or the Retay Removable Trigger System visit their website or contact RetayUSA at [email protected].

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John V Waltz

The”Fat” part of the signature was a spell check error. I will admit to weighing 15 lbs more than in my youth but I can still hold ranks with many young bucks.

John V Waltz

The “Fat” part of the signature is a spell check error! I admit to weighing 15 lbs more than in my prime but I can still hold ranks with the more youthful.

John V Waltz

Great concept/invention! This addresses safe gun storage in an unarguable way. I suggest all long gun mfgrs look into making this available. However, greed must Not be a a motivator – rather safe gun storage. This is a way for the gun community/mfgrs to show the”antis” ‘we’ are as (read more so) concerned about gun safety as anyone. The only concern I have is “greed!” on the part of the supplier. Make it affordable for the “average” Joe/Jill or join the ranks of”elite” who can afford body guards (get my drift) and expensive equipment. Fat Father, grandfather, great-grandfather (and more… Read more »