Victim Shoots Robbery Suspects With Back-Up Gun

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Multiple Shootings North St. Louis, Missouri
Multiple Shootings, North St. Louis, Missouri
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( KMOV TV 4 reported on 11-04-2017 in North St. Louis, Missouri, Police say the incident happened at a BP gas station the intersection of Madison and Florissant around 6:45 p.m.

Authorities say a victim and two robbery suspects were wounded when they exchanged fire during a robbery in Old North St. Louis.

The victim went up to the gas station window to buy something. He had a gun in his waistband, police said. He has a CCW permit.

A suspect came up to him while he was at the window and tried to grab his gun. The intended victim pulled out another gun before the suspect fired shots. The victim then returned fire wounding the suspect.

Police said a second suspect got out of a car and he was also hit by the intended victim’s gunfire. One suspect was shot in the leg and the other was shot in the stomach.

The suspects then apparently got back into their car and drove to a hospital. Authorities say they were conscious and breathing when they arrived.

The intended victim was also shot in the shoulder during the attempted robbery, police said. He went up the street to his house to call 911.

He was conscious and breathing when transported to a hospital.

The gas station clerk behind the presumed bullet resistant window, was not hurt.


A “concealed” firearm becomes the target of the attack. The intended victim may not have any money (most folks use debit cards) but his gun can be quickly sold on the street for cash.

Here we have a CCW holder carrying a back-up firearm. Turns out to be a wise choice, especially if you don’t really conceal your concealed firearm.

Note to thugs, hospitals ALWAYS call police when you come in with gunshot wounds, no matter how good your story is. Idiots!

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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  • 13 thoughts on “Victim Shoots Robbery Suspects With Back-Up Gun

    1. The sad part of this story is that whomever wrote it most likely has a college degree. I have news for them: If you are conscious, you will be breathing.

    2. My question is IF the gun was carried conceal how the BLEEP BLEEP did the person know to try to steal the gun in the first place ??? If carried properly there should have been no way for the criminal to know the victim was armed. This sounds like a careless carry situation to me.

      1. The article doesn’t say it was concealed. It says: “He had a gun in his waistband”, and “He has a CCW permit.”

      1. Backu is need by those who make major mistakes. This individual made two big mistakes: 1) carrying BEHIND and 2) not being aware of his surroundings. Appendix carry is the best way to go – provides better concealment, and quicker, easier access.

    3. According to the left this never happened. Guns always jump out of their holders and fire wantonly. Just look at that poor illegal in SF, his firearm jumped up and killed a young lady and was set free.

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