Backgrounder : Colonel William H. Satterfield for 2018 NRA Board of Directors

Colonel William H. Satterfield
Colonel William H. Satterfield

USA – -( Colonel William H. Satterfield, USAR (Ret.), J.D. from Birmingham, Alabama, has been nominated by the NRA’s Nomitating Committee for a third term on the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors.

For the past seven years, Bill has served on NRA’s Legal Affairs Committee, and he is one of ten Trustees for NRA’s Civil Rights Defense Fund. He is also a Trustee of the NRA Foundation, and he was recently elected President of the Foundation. During his six years on NRA’s Board, Bill has served as Chairman of the Elections Committee (twice) and on the Nominating Committee. He preently serves as Chair of the Ethics Committee, Chair of the Range Development Committee, and as a member of the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee.

Bill had thirty-two years’ service in the Army Reserve, including active duty in Viet Nam and Thailand. He was a President Reagan appointee as Associate Solicitor and Deputy Solicitor for the Department of Interior, and as General Counsel of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

He is an expert in environmental and endangered species law.

An avid hunter who has used firearms his entire life, Bill continues to work fighting environmental and anti-gunner attacks on hunting and shooting ranges. He is also a strong supporter of competitive shooting. Bill is an NRA Benefactor member, a Life member of the Reserve Officers Association and Safari Club International, and a Member of Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, and Pheasants Forever. He is also an Eagle Scout.

Bill has been a very active and valuable Board member, and he deserves your support for reelection to the NRA Board.

Please consider voting for Bill in te next 2018 NRA Board of Directors eletcion.

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    1. I second the vote for Adam Kraut. He’s definitely not one of the good ol’ boys of the NRA country club set – they hate him because he’s not willing to play along. This business of caving in when it’s convenient makes Adam sick. I don’t know Adam personally but I talked to him at length one time and really liked what he had to say. The NRA needs to be shaken up in the worst kind of way. The way they embrace the NFA is just one excellent example of why I say that. Vote for Adam.

    2. I love how they give you their bio but, fail to publish their position on specific issues. He was “nominated by the nominating committee” and, he “served as Chairman of the Elections Committee (twice) and on the Nominating Committee”. That sounds like the good ole boy network to me. Where does he stand on absolute value of “shall not be infringed”? With the information provided, I won’t be voting for anyone who has been on the board for more than two terms unless there is specific information that compels me to do so. There is NO MORE room for, so called, “compromise”, which just means that we lose something else. No thank you!

    3. Pheasants Forever.

      Anyone remember Obama’s WOTUS rules? Pheasants forever got Minnesota to declare a water way setback rule. Basically forced a few million acres out of the hands of the tax paying owners under the guise of water improvement but first introduced at a pheasants forever meeting.

      This FUDD doesn’t care about the second amendment any more than he cares about the 4th.

    4. William Satterfield is essential to the continued success of the NRA. His work on committees is essential to the NRA and to the 76 members of the board of directors.

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