‘Dreamers’ and Demons

DACA Immigration
DACA Immigration

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Xinran Ji, 24, had big dreams. But demons demolished them.

The bright hopes of young Xinran Ji, a University of Southern California engineering student from Inner Mongolia, died in 2014 at the hands of a then-19-year-old “Dreamer” and his thug pals. Mexican illegal alien Jonathan DelCarmen, who first jumped the southern border at age 12, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder last summer in the savage robbery and fatal beating of Ji — who was walking home from a study group after midnight.

No, it wasn't President Trump, ICE agents, Republicans or conservative talk show hosts who racially profiled Xinran Ji. It was “Dreamer” DelCarmen and his partners in crime: Alberto Ochoa, 17, Andrew Garcia, 18, and Alejandra Guerrero, 16. The gangsters targeted Ji because he was Asian and assumed he “must have money.” Guerrero had sent Facebook messages about wanting to “flock” (rob) white and Chinese people. Off-campus neighborhoods around USC are dominated by Mexican Mafia affiliates that target foreign students and shake down local businesses owned by law-abiding immigrants.

“Dreamer” DelCarmen and his friends stalked Ji on a street corner in south central L.A. before bashing him in the head with a baseball bat and a wrench. The attack was caught on multiple security cameras. Ji managed to stagger home to his apartment, leaving a quarter-mile trail of blood behind him.

Sometime during the night, Xinran Ji died in his bed. And the aspirations of his family, who sacrificed everything to send him to America to pursue his studies, perished with him.

“Dreamer” DelCarmen and his friends drove off to a nearby beach to rob two more innocent people in a city and state that have defiantly declared themselves “sanctuaries” for people in the United States illegally — not for the best and brightest like Xinran Ji, but for lawless barbarians like Jonathan DelCarmen.

“It's like heaven fell down,” Ji's father told Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge George Lomeli at Garcia's sentencing hearing.

“His life was taken by these demons,” Ji's aunt added. “They robbed and killed an innocent youth with very vicious means, and this was inhuman.”

Garcia received life in prison without the possibility of parole. Ji's parents' sentence was far worse: a brutal, violent and permanent separation from their only child. In Washington, D.C., however, some families matter more than others. And victims of indiscriminate open borders, like Xinran Ji, don't exist.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, proud promoter of sanctuary policies for illegal immigrants, led more than two dozen Democrats in turning the State of the Union address into “Take an Illegal Alien to Work Day.”

Platitudes whitewash bloody reality.

“I want to be clear: DREAMers are Americans,” declared Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., who invited an illegal alien from El Salvador who now works at Apple. “They contribute to our economy, our communities and our strength and stability as a nation.”

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., brought a Mexican illegal alien, Cesar Montelongo, now enrolled in the M.D.-Ph.D. program at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine.

“I hope Cesar's presence reminds President Trump what's at stake in the debate over DACA: the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent young people who want to contribute to our country's future.”

Democrats and pro-amnesty radicals protest any glint of sunlight shed on the destructive consequences of not enforcing our nation's immigration laws. They claim it's unfair to focus on single cases or “anecdotes,” even as they promote DACA recipients as a holy, unassailable class of “honor roll students, star athletes, talented artists and valedictorians.”

This propaganda, to which open-borders Republicans have fecklessly capitulated, is an offense to decency and truth. Xinran Ji was an innocent young person pursuing his educational dreams in America. He planned to return to China to use his knowledge to secure a better future for himself, his family and his community.

The blind beatification and elevation of illegal immigrant “Dreamers” above law-abiding native Americans, naturalized Americans, legal immigrants and their families will be the ruin of us all.

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    1. It stands to reason that the people of the gun stand firm on the Constitution and citizenship.
      I did 34 years of service to this country in the Navy, much of it in/around those hell holes of the Middle East, esp during the one tour I did supporting SF on the JSOC staff. I know of the sacrifices that our Armed Forces make, along with those the taxpayers make to pay, train and equip them.
      It hurts my heart to turn on the TV and hear what amounts to propaganda by the MSM. I’ve heard it stated as a FACT that 80% of all Americans support a path to citizenship for the illegals Obama id’ed as DACA, AND their families.
      Yet, I do not know a single person, not one who supports this. So, just like the polls that said HRC was going to win overwhelmingly, this is just the MSM, the open border crowd and the George Soros machine trying to tear this nation down.
      Last night they had a guy on TV crying his fake tears about being torn away from his DACA wife…and 9 kids. #10 in the oven..and I think they said she was only 30. Tell me they aren’t on assistance? He had been in the country 20 yrs, deported once and spoke only Spanish.
      Sorry, but this is NOT assimilation, and he’s not an American. How about we elect politicians that understand AMERICA FIRST and FOREMOST!

      1. I’m with you! Illegal is illegal. Let them get in line like the other people wanting to enter this country.
        We need people who can support themselves and their families and not be a burden to hard working tax payers!
        We don’t need people that will be on welfare .

    2. Most of these ILLEGALS have not accomplished anything in the time they have been here. Few have graduated from high school and less than 1% have joined the military. It would appear they are here living off the taxpayer dollar and doing as they damn well please. It stands to reason they don’t want to be sent back because they would have to work or pick with the chickens. We don’t need them here.

    3. The irony here is that President Trump offered a DACA compromise that included twice as many “dreamers” as the Dems supposedly asked for, and for the sake of complete obstruction, Schumer and the Dems flatly refused to negotiate. They screwed their dreamers themselves. We will have the WALL regardless.

    4. I want criminals among these illegals to be DEPORTED, period. I want sanctuary cities off the federal dole, period. I want the chain migration rip-off terminated, with extreme prejudice. And finally, I WANT THAT DAMNED WALL BUILT, NOW. Maybe some version of DACA after, not before. Can I get an a-men?

    5. They can dream all they want where they’re in their perspective lands. Where these politicians are getting that 80% of Americans want to help daca os beyond me. Unless they are only poling the border States at the border then those numbers are B.S. Federal immigration limits any one group of immigrant to not exceed 2% of an area populatiin. Work visas only and thats after we have working capable zero unemployed. Next to none on federal living assistance. Home over immigrants and refugees

    6. Illegal. That is what these people are. Everyone of them that identifies themselves should be immediately the focus of ICE. Millions of people come here legally and pay taxes and are actual Americans. If you can’t do this then YOUR NOT WELCOME!!!!! The American handouts have to stop somewhere it might as well be here and now.

    7. Contrary to the silly sign, Trump did not KILL the illegal former presidents daca. Barrack did. He left a time limit on the illegal
      kingly forsooth pronunciation.

    8. The photo says tons. Professionally printed posters and signs. Dreamers are being manipulated by people like George Soros and the rest of the anti-everything crowd.

      Ms. Malkin understands the complexity of the situation. Given that the media loves to show only one side of the story, and uses coverage to slant public opinion, the Dems and MSM would love nothing more than a major confrontation and show “little 24 year old Juan” being dragged off from his aging mother in a wheel chair…never addressing that mom was illegal, and Juan and his 24 relatives were all illegals.

      The President should resist the Dem’s efforts to drag him into the middle so that the media can paint him the bad guy. His absolute best course of action would be a solid statement: “The previous executive order was illegal. I corrected that illegality and wanting to help ease the transition, gave Congress six months to come up with a solution. They have chosen not to act, in fact shutting Government down rather than coming up with a suitable compromise solution. So, when the period expires in march, ANY illegal alien will be subject to the immigration laws of our nation, just like they are enforced in any civilized nation. This includes performing routine law enforcement actions on law breakers. Anyone causing disruptions other than lawful protests will be detained. If in the subsequent discovery process they are found to be in this country illegally, they will be processed by ICE and deported.

      Whenever confronted or assaulted by the press on the subject, keep referring them back to our disfunctional Congress and say that he’s given his 4 pillars that any legislation has to have to be signed into law, and that is clear guidance. Stick with that. Congress will finally figure it out.

      1. @SuperG, If you are trying to say that only the parents committed a crime, then you should know that It is illegal for an alien to come here, be here, or remain here without the permission of the U.S. Government.

    9. There may be some illegal immigrants that add benefit to our country there are many more who add to the burden of the tax payer and our children. I know many school teachers who have illegal immigrant students that speak very little English but are enrolled in school these students need lots of extra help to understand the material they are being taught. This extra help comes at the expense of other children who also need help but can’t get it because the teacher must spend the time with the illegals. Not to mention that they pay very little in taxes, claiming as many dependents as possible to pay the lowest tax rate allowed, and often get all the taxes paid returned when they file there false tax returns. IT’s BS and needs to stop!

      1. @Dave, They are just coming here for a better life. Your children or grandchildren’s better life. Their better education. Their spouse. Their job. Their car. Their house. Their business. Their retirement. Build the wall. Cover it with observation and fire.

    10. They sneak in ,often w/help from our own people,illegally. Then we are forced to provide health care,housing, clothes,education,food. They are granted ‘rights’ that don`t exist, while we struggle to send our own to college,buy mandated health ins. . The more I consider what our benevolent leaders have done to us, the more often I find myself saying du mhan yhu, to them. They may, with my blessings and encouragement, shove the so called dreamers where the sun don`t shine. I may sound angry, but I`m really just a little irritated. The time is comiing when we will be forced, with no choice what so ever, to go along, or go under ground. We are not winning. As long as Socialists keep their agenda alive, we are not winning. They need driven out. Just like the British our forefathers chased out. I am talking a show of force. Black powder guns are not firearms, by rule of the BATF. Take them to meetings ( unloaded ). It`l cause a stink,but not as bad as what those socialists are doing.

    11. Dreamers are free to do all the dreaming they want in the countries they entered here from Illegally.
      End DACA and for God’s sake Build The Wall !

      1. Yep. The crux of the entire issue, right there. It ain’t any more complicated, but the demagogues create them, and shove them down our throats.

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