Forward Assist Magazine, New Start-Up, Seeking Amateur Gun Writers

FORWARD ASSIST MAGAZINE is a brand-new online publication designed for amateur gun writers.

Forward Assist Magazine Seeking Amateur Gun Writers
Forward Assist Magazine Seeking Amateur Gun Writers

USA – -( The firearm and outdoor culture, industry, and lifestyle are very special in that they are heavily reliant on the printed word. No other major industry in the world bases their trust in the writing of their fellow man like we do.

The problem with this is that, over time, the channels begin to clog with loud opinions and entrenched thought. [AmmoLand News being the one exception] It is virtually impossible for an enthusiast or aspiring writer to gain ground with publishers and magazines, even if their writing would move Hemingway to tearful thought.

We have great voices that are silenced on a daily basis, voices that could make a difference in conservation, preservation of rights, and the enjoyment of shooting.

Forward Assist Magazine is there for you, the person who has always dreamed of seeing their words on a web page or media post.

We’re there for the teenager who is filled with awe upon seeing the vast expanse of Camp Perry’s historical ranges and wants to write about that first, magical experience.

We’re there for the soldier and her stories of the battlefield. We’re there for the person who loves their old Garand so much that they just want to tell the world. Had an unpleasant experience with a product or don’t like a certain politician’s stance? Tell us about it. Your voice is what we want at Forward Assist. We want to hear you and read your words. The amateur voice is the purest voice out there and we aim to preserve that.

Forward Assist Magazine

Articles sent to Forward Assist Magazine will be minimally edited and comments will be open, ‘safety off’. The idea behind this site is that you will take your writing skill and polish it through criticism and the opinions of your peers. There is no way to improve if you’re not willing to hear what your audience has to say. Too many publishers these days have a superiority complex and won’t entertain thinking that deviates from the norm or different writing styles. We will listen to you where others won’t.

Beginning immediately, Forward Assist Magazine will be accepting amateur submissions at [email protected] Requirements for articles can be found at Articles will begin publishing on or before the official site grand opening February 1, 2018. Because Forward Assist Magazine is an amateur’s place, we will not be accepting content from professional writers and will not allow sponsored content to run in our posts and articles. Industry press releases and news is welcome.

Please visit for full details, rules, and requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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