Franklin Armory BFS Trigger or Binary Firing System (BFS III) – Review & VIDEO

A binary trigger like the Franklin Armory BFS Trigger works as its name suggests, by two separate actions of the trigger. The rifle fires normally with the first squeeze and then fires a second shot upon its release as it returns to the forward position. This action is accomplished by moving the selector to the third position so that the rifle has three modes: safe, semiautomatic and binary.

Franklin Armory's Binary Firing System (BFS III)
Franklin Armory BFS Trigger (BFS III)

U.S.A.-( The concept is not new, trap shooters have been using triggers that fire on release for decades and back in the 1980s there were a few binary triggers floating around the gun show scene. However, Franklin Armory has taken these to a new level.

Franklin Armory BFS Trigger

They sent us one of their Binary triggers to give it a good test and evaluation.

Franklin Armory’s BFS (Binary Firing System) trigger requires a more detailed installation process than most. We advise reading the instructions over several times and ensure you understand how the unit is installed. We also advise giving the company CEO’s YouTube installation video a once over before and during installation and do it on a laptop, PC or stream it to your flat screen television as resolution may not be the best on your smart phone.

The company advises attaching the included sticker to the lower on which you are using, or you can have the third position’s marking engraved.

Binary Firing System (BFS III) Franklin Armory BFS Trigger
Franklin Armory's Binary Firing System (BFS III)
The company advises attaching the included sticker to the lower on which you are using, or you can have the third position’s marking engraved.
The company advises attaching the included sticker to the lower on which you are using, or you can have the third position’s marking engraved.

Our rifle is a one built from a parts kit we imported from Guatemala back in our Century Arms days (with a few thousand others). The lower is a DPMS standard lower from the late 1990s with Century’s markings by a variance, of course; all the parts were from decommissioned Colt M16-A2s that we imported as parts kits.

We removed the hammer and trigger and installed the BFS We set out to the range with a mix of Aguila 55 grain and 62 grain FMJ.

In semiautomatic mode we immediately noticed the difference in the trigger. It was no match grade, by any means, but a huge improvement over the factory DPMS hammer and trigger.

Performance took a little getting used to. Franklin Armory’s BFS unit runs a bit fast for some shooters who have reported stoppages by out running the bolt. We suffered no such failures and are running a standard M16 carrier with a standard rifle buffer in our rifle.

Franklin Armory BFS Trigger – The Good

The Franklin Armory BFS trigger performs as advertised. This is about as close to three round burst as you can get without buying a real M16-A2.

We honestly prefer it to an actual tri-burst trigger and found it to be more accurate as well as pleasant to shoot.

Installation is not that bad if you carefully read the instructions carefully and understand what you are getting into beforehand. We read them over at least three times before attempting the install.

At one time you had to buy a complete rifle or lower receiver with the trigger installed, but thankfully Franklin offers the BFS trigger as a stand-alone part.

Franklin Armory F17-LTM Rifle
Franklin Armory F17-LTM Rifle

Franklin Armory BFS Trigger – The Bad

There's always a little bad to go along with the good and the BFS is not for civilian sales in CA, DC, IA, NJ, NY, or WA. This is due to how these state laws define a machinegun, which differs from the federal level.

The price point can be a stickler for some and if you like a real crisp trigger in your rifle as opposed to a polished military grade version, there is that aspect. All things considered, the MSRP is still much less than a full auto machinegun at around $400-$500.

Franklin Armory BFS Trigger – The Reality

Franklin Armory’s BFS III represents a unique take on the concept of what we refer to as a “full auto simulator”. You are not truly firing fully automatic, it just seems like it.  The fun factor makes it a very attractive substitute for a real machine gun.

Earlier generations of the BFS sometimes required fitting with certain lowers and even though the BFS III is a drop in unit; it may not work in a polymer, carbon fiber or 80% lower receiver. Be smart and buy a mil-spec lower as they are probably at their lowest prices as of this writing.

Franklin Armory's New Line of Non-NFA Firearms, the Reformation
Franklin Armory's New Line of Non-NFA Firearms, the Reformation

The company is working on other versions of the trigger as well as other firearm designs. We will take a future look at their BFS intended for the Heckler & Koch family of firearms as well as the recently announced Reformation that promises to be a real game changer with regard to how certain firearms are classified.

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    1. I saw someone who was making aftermarket metal labels for the binary triggers. I believe that they were advertised as being released at the shot show. Does anyone have any information about these.

    2. so if you end a string on a trigger PULL, can you cancel the next shot that would take place as you RELEASE the trigger, by switching to safe? and then release the trigger to the forward position?

      1. From their website:
        * Release round can be canceled by simply moving our Patent Pending selector out of Binary mode while holding the trigger back

    3. That rifle is a real antique
      Looks like a 20 inch heavy barrel, fixed carry handle, fixed butt stock.
      An M 16 A 2 just like dad carried!

    4. I know this is off topic, but why do people pose their weapons on ROCKS?? One little slip and it mars the finish. Sorry, pet peeve of mine, makes me cringe.

      1. Because they are tools and not toys (pet peeve of mine). You’d probably cry big safe queen tears if you saw me throw mine in the back seat everyday when I leave for work and watch me drag it through a combat course of fire wading thru the mud, raking it across a barricade and low crawling dragging it across the gravel. You shoulda seen the mess it was in during deer season when the embankment gave way and I fell 30 ft lol. Had to carry the deer on my back climbing back up so it got filled with blood that was washed off in the pond later so I could see all the scratches.
        It’s why I camo paint mine so they can be touched up easily when need once a year or so.

        1. So trying to keep your rifle in good condition is now a sin? Maybe the guy meant why scratch your rifle if you dont have to. Of course, accidents do happen.

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