Left-Wing Media Continue to Lose Their Minds Over Gun Company’s Ad

Spike's Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union Attacked for Anti-Antifa Ad
Spike’s Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union Attacked for Anti-Antifa Ad

APOPKA, Fla.-(Ammoland.com)- On Sunday, Spike’s Tactical, a Florida-based gun manufacturer, and Pipe Hitters Union, a Texas-based apparel company, released a joint advertisement. Throughout the week, the ad has apparently caused left-leaning media outlets like VICE News and Newsweek to disregard basic journalism ethics like fact-checking for accuracy and maintaining any form of neutrality.

The ad, which depicts a group of violent Antifa protesters armed with weapons, who appear to have just set fire to the city behind them, are charging forward on one side of a barricade, while on the other side, there are four lawfully armed men standing guard. Their guns are not pointed at the attackers and their fingers are off the triggers.

The dual-page ad is featured in the current issue of SKILLSET Magazine and was designed as part of an annual joint advertisement for RECOIL Magazine by Spike’s Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union for the 2018 SHOT Show convention in Las Vegas.

On Monday, Newsweek fired back at Spike’s by running a one-sided hit piece, and the attacks continued Wednesday when VICE News ran their article.

Newsweek failed to contact Spike’s Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union for comments related to the article, while insinuating to their readership that the companies support neo-Nazis and white supremacy groups.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. As representatives from both of our companies have already gone on record and said multiple times, we absolutely DO NOT condone or support racist or white supremacist organizations or their beliefs,” said Kit Cope, spokesman for Spike’s Tactical

By Wednesday, the left-leaning media company VICE News decided to do a story and reached out to both companies for comment. Without hesitation, Spike’s Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union offered a joint response to address the journalist’s six questions and offered to provide a tour of Spike’s tactical and make someone available for in-person interviews.

When the article ran, however, it was beyond evident that it was yet another attempt to push propaganda and a political agenda.

In the article, VICE News vaguely alleges the companies support neo-Nazis and racism by using a quote from a Facebook commenter in their article.

“VICE asked if our companies support white supremacy, which we clearly stated, again, that we do not,” said Cope said. “Sadly, while there are many great journalists out there who follow journalism ethics and guidelines, the tactic here is often used by pseudo-journalists to tell the side of the story they want to tell.”

By leaving out the companies’ response denying any support for white supremacists, (hyperlink to image) the VICE reporter allows readers to draw the conclusion that these companies support racism, despite having contrary evidence.

“This kind of agenda-driven journalism is exactly the problem. Our biggest complaint is that we’re being called neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and the so-called journalists that have asked us about it, have refused to include our responses categorically condemning neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Again, for the record, we always have and always will adamantly condemn racism, white supremacy and any threat to America, foreign and domestic,” said Lincoln A. Osiris, president of Pipe Hitters Union.

The VICE News article also refers to Spike’s Tactical as a weapons dealer and retailer. Spike’s Tactical is actually a weapons manufacturer.

Additionally, and probably the biggest example of an absolute failure to care about reporting factual information, is the original post that VICE News ran, prior to being contacted to request a correction to their story. VICE News posted a screenshot of a Spike’s Tactical Facebook post showing a picture of a stripped AR-15 lower, but falsely claimed that it was a bump-stock similar to the ones used by the Las Vegas killer.

VICE News posted a screenshot of a Spike’s Tactical Facebook post showing a picture of a stripped AR-15 lower, but falsely claimed that it was a bump-stock similar to the ones used by the Las Vegas killer.
VICE News posted a screenshot of a Spike’s Tactical Facebook post showing a picture of a stripped AR-15 lower, but falsely claimed that it was a bump-stock similar to the ones used by the Las Vegas killer.

“This is purely a legitimate example of fake news. Spike’s Tactical has never made or sold a bump-stock. The reporter clearly didn’t care to do the proper research to make sure her story was accurate,” said Kope. “This also demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge about weapons nomenclature and the agenda that VICE had, which was to damage our companies’ reputations by relating us to the homicidal maniac that killed so many innocent Americans.”

About Spike’s TacticalSpike's Tactical logo

Spike’s Tactical was founded the day before 9/11 by Mike and Angela Register and is headquartered in Apopka, Florida. The family-owned business employs around 40 people and all products are made exclusively in the USA and assembled in Florida. Spike’s Tactical is regarded as one of the premier AR-15 manufacturers in the world. Their mission is to build the highest quality products and offer them at the best possible price to the consumer. Spike’s Tactical weapons are designed to military specifications for civilian, law enforcement and military use. All products manufactured by Spike’s Tactical feature a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

About Pipe Hitters Union

Pipe Hitters Union is a disabled combat veteran-owned and operated small business, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Austin, Texas. PHU was founded by a small group of special operations combat veterans that shared a common belief in the unity of cause, the willingness to face extreme obstacles head on and the absolute refusal to backdown in the face of adversity. Since then, the message has spread to like-minded individuals from all professions and walks of life. Whether military, law enforcement or civilian, Pipe Hitters throughout the world are pushing their limits daily and making their mark. The PHU brand is a mark of distinction and a call for others to join us.

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They are currently working on a poster for those that would like one.

Badger Jack

I will take 2 posters and 6 t-shirts!!!

Timothy Votaw

Would love the T-Shirt…. hint.

Big Mac

I guess that in some people’s minds, “Free Speech,” only applies if you have a decidedly liberal bent….


John Bletsch

How many millions of gun owners share that same mindset, “Not today ANTIFA”? I am one who does adding not today BLM, NBP , Moslem Brotherhood, ISIS, or MS13.


Spikes makes good rifles, Mookie Thomas is a good rep for the company

and i never heard a single racial peep from anyone with any interview, Q&A or blogpost

bunch of whiners…..



I am in the market for a new AR. I guess I know where to buy now. Good for these companies – – the best way to combat the Leftists is to drive them more crazy than they already are. Their extremism will only serve to unite average, fence-sitting Americans behind the core American Patriots.

Jim Branch

As General Jerry Boykin said “Never ever ever give up “


Went to that “news” outlet’s website. It’s a pretty lame website all the way around–broken image links, “headlines” in text so large I could read them 20 feet from my phone (WAY!!!! TOO BIG), navigation buttons that don’t work. And it’s obvious it’s entire purpose is to slam anything politically to the right of socialist/communist–especially if Trump is the target.

Jim Macklin

A few years ago a gun store did a commercial that was a parody of the home alarm ads run by several companies.


The LA riots had then police retreating to protect the downtown civic center. The neighborhoods defended themselves. Since then California has made it illegal for homeowners to form a posse to protect their homes.


As a scientist I just don’t understand why anyone would entertain a course of action that has no logic in it’s ability to stop the problem? I watched ANTIFA and BLM try to stop free speech in my state, which included bullying the police and free speech groups. I support free speech and activism, but they are out of control. They have slid so far as to become foot soldiers for fascism itself, just a catalyst for the globalist’s police state pipe dream.


Your exactly right Core. They are not only fascist foot soldiers, but they are paid and their riots funded by George (sorry ass) Soros. As was the 99%, Occupy Wall Street, BLM, etc. etc.


I’ve seen the unicorn lower in an ad before. Now I think I have to have one. Stand up and stand strong!


Vt patriot is a snow flake with his head up a democrappers azz we the people will not put up with snow flakes trash

VT Patriot

@ Wargensli, What a great sense of humor you must have. Have you ever heard of /sarc/, or are you too busy sniffing your own? Any time you’d like to compare the # of AR’s that you own with the amount (and quality) of the ones I own, lets put a few $$ on it to make it interesting. “We the people will not put up with snow flakes trash” ??? So glad you’re able to speak for all the people on this site. Are you a friend of Dan111’s? Oh, by the way, welcome to this site. Now shut… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Wargensli

My read of Vt Patriot’s comment is sarcasm and from his past posts he’s no snowflake nor pajama boy.

VT Patriot

@GMB, He has me laughing now. His make believe toy water pistol is mis-firing here. Thnx for the support.


Got to agree here Wargensli: The sarcasm went right over your head.


Print that picture in the form of a poster. It would sell.


I’d buy one.


Me too!

VT Patriot

What??? Isn’t a stripped lower exactly the same as a ‘bump stock’?? Isn’t a BCG exactly the same as ‘the thingy that goes up” in the front??
I’ll have to buy a Spikes stripped lower so I can get a gun exactly like the one that nutcase in Vegas used. Except, I’ll also have to buy a chainsaw to mount on the front. Oh wait, I already have a chainsaw.


I love SPIKES. I use many of their products. I am interested in a new BCG for my AR.
Never realized they were located in Florida. Since I live in Stuart maybe i’ll Look them up.


I will now support both companies when I can. Stand and fight these liberals!

Jaime Clemente

I’m thinking a massive libel and slander suit is spooling up as we speak?