Little Rocket Man Wins the Round

Nuclear War
Nuclear War

U.S.A.-( After a year in which he tested a hydrogen bomb and an ICBM, threatened to destroy the United States, and called President Trump “a dotard,” Kim Jong Un, at the gracious invitation of the president of South Korea, will be sending a skating team to the “Peace Olympics.”

An impressive year for Little Rocket Man.

Thus the most serious nuclear crisis since Nikita Khrushchev put missiles in Cuba appears to have abated. Welcome news, even if the confrontation with Pyongyang has probably only been postponed.

Still, we have been given an opportunity to reassess the 65-year-old Cold War treaty that obligates us to go to war if the North attacks Seoul, and drove us to the brink of war today.

2017 demonstrated that we need a reassessment. For the potential cost of carrying out our commitment is rising exponentially.

Two decades ago, a war on the Korean Peninsula, given the massed Northern artillery on the DMZ, meant thousands of U.S. dead.

Today, with Pyongyang's growing arsenal of nuclear weapons, American cities could face Hiroshima-sized strikes, if war breaks out.

What vital U.S. interest is there on the Korean Peninsula that justifies accepting in perpetuity such a risk to our homeland?

We are told that Kim's diplomacy is designed to split South Korea off from the Americans. And this is undeniably true.

For South Korean President Moon Jae-in is first and foremost responsible for his own people, half of whom are in artillery range of the DMZ. In any new Korean war, his country would suffer most.

And while he surely welcomes the U.S. commitment to fighting the North on his country's behalf as an insurance policy, Moon does not want a second Korean war, and he does not want President Trump making the decision as to whether there shall be one.

Understandably so. He is looking out for South Korea first.

Yet Moon rightly credits Trump with bringing the North Koreans to the table: “I give President Trump huge credit for bringing about the inter-Korean talks, and I'd like to thank him for that.”

But again, what are the U.S. interests there that we should be willing to put at risk of nuclear attack tens of thousands of U.S. troops in Korea and our bases in Asia, and even our great cities, in a war that would otherwise be confined to the Korean Peninsula?

China shares a border with the North but is not treaty-bound to fight on the North's behalf. Russia, too, has a border with North Korea, and, with China, was indispensable to saving the North in the 1950-53 war. But Russia is not committed by any treaty to fight for the North.

Why, then, are Americans obligated to be among the first to die in a second Korean War? Why is the defense of the South, with 40 times the economy and twice the population of the North, our eternal duty?

Kim's drive for a nuclear deterrent is propelled by both fear and calculation. The fear is that the Americans who detest him will do to him and his regime and country what they did to Saddam Hussein.

The calculation is that what Americans fear most, and the one thing that deters them, is nuclear weapons. Once Soviet Russia and Communist China acquired nukes, the Americans never attacked them.

If he can put nuclear weapons on U.S. troops in Korea, U.S. bases in Japan, and U.S. cities, Kim reasons, the Americans will not launch a war on him. Have not recent events proven him right?

Iran has no nuclear weapons and some Americans clamor daily for “regime change” in Tehran. But because Kim has nukes, the Americans appear more anxious to talk. His policy is succeeding.

What he is saying with his nuclear arsenal is: As you Americans have put my regime and country at risk of annihilation, I am going to put your cities at risk. If we go down in your nuclear “fire and fury,” so, too, will millions of Americans.

The whole world is watching how this plays out.

For the American Imperium, our system of alliances is held together by a credible commitment: If you attack any of our scores of allies, you are at war with the United States.

From the Baltic to the Black Sea to the Persian Gulf, from the South China Sea to Korea and Japan today, the costs and the risks of maintaining the Imperium are growing.

With all these promissory notes out there — guarantees to go to war for other nations — one is inevitably going to be called.

And this generation of Americans, unaware of what their grandfathers obligated them to do, will demand to know, as they did in Iraq and Afghanistan: What are we over doing there, on the other side of the world?

America First is more than a slogan.

About Patrick J. BuchananPat Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 18 thoughts on “Little Rocket Man Wins the Round

    1. You think China wouldn’t love to control all of the south China Sea and Pacific shipping and transportation there. They would love to control Guam . Do a little research of where Japan was and what they controlled when the struck Pearl Harbor in WWII .

    2. This just in: “…N. Korea has built a “stealth satellite-launch” capability … for a possible Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon that could devastate the United States.
      Speaking in an exclusive Newsmax interview, James Oberg, a NASA space-flight engineer for 22 years and the only Western space-launch expert to ever inspect North Korea’s sensitive Sohae Satellite Launching Station, warns North Korea has taken elaborate steps to camouflage its satellite-launch activities, allowing them to easily launch a satellite carrying a nuclear weapon that could strike the U.S.. Oberg’s claims confirm the warning made earlier this week by R. James Woolsey, a former CIA Director.”
      Prepare, prepare!

      1. @WB…I read that too. I would be surprised if they don’t already have one or more up there. I read somewhere they had launched three satellites in orbit.

        1. @OV and Sammy, I just saw Varney on FBN interview some white people in Hawaii. He asked them how they responded to the alert. They all had the same look on their faces that my cows have. One woman said that she closed her windows. None of them have thought about their situation in advance. That false alarm was like a shout out from God.
          The federal government has a plan to survive. That plan does not include us.

          1. @WB…I saw some also , all jim carey could do was attack the POTUS , one guy on the golf course was just going to finish his round of golf. Perhaps this was a good thing might wake some civilians up. Doubt it will affect anyone in the gov including the state level and above. Probably cause some anti gun to declare that’s a reason for more gun control , so we won’t have armed rebellion after missile attack.

          2. @WB…Gas prices going up here , at least the oil companies are paying attention. BTW 12F here snowed .5 inch last night feels -7F wind chill , tell the good Sargent more snow and colder temps in salina.

        2. @OV, People better wake up and get ready. The government decides to go to war or not. We have no control over it. The government has a survival plan, but it does not include us.

    3. Yesterdays, false alarm should be a wake up call to everyone from Thailand to Las Vegas. If you knew that you had twenty minutes to take cover and that our entire convenient world would be at an end after those twenty minutes, what would you do?

    4. I followed Mr. Buchanan back in the days of the Conservative Chronicle and when The Lost Left didn’t quite yet know about Mr. Limbaugh. Back them Mr. Buchanan was pro-American, and is today (albeit in a high-brow, “let’s think about this long-term”, National Review Conservative way that hates being conservative the way Resident Barrack Hussein Islama hated being Black until he was back on the block and adopted a more colloquial “Yo Brotha’s” voice to try and fit in). Mr. Buchanan’s intentional tone in this article smacks of more RINO, anti-Trumpism, “I wonder if Lindsey Graham and I wear the same color ladies thong.” Me? I love this country, love a President who loves this country (finally! # 40 and #45) and one way we can recover our once superior global position in the face of rising economic and military powers such as China and the strategically adept and quiet India is to be everywhere they want to be first and then hold those positions on the planet, economics, politics, et al. And Standing up to Kim Dum F*k and shutting him down is one of those places.

      1. Sorry about the ad hominem attack on Mr. Buchannan and “Mr.” LIndsey Graham… I know it was below the belt.

    5. @Pat Buchanan knows full well that the Kim the fat boy is doing exactly what the Chinese are telling him to do. The Chinese need a proxy to see what the Americans will do, without getting hurt themselves. The Chinese want the sea lanes from China to Japan to the Philippines. Pat Buchanan knows full well why the US is where they are and what is at stake.
      As for us… buy everything that you can not do without. Get a years worth. Start with a year’s food supply for each person in your family. Your own water source. Your own electric source. An extra set of tires.

    6. The only safe way to make sure no retaliation
      can be done by NK on anyone .
      Would be to take off the head of the snake only .
      A well placed round , or a direct MOB hit on ,
      Rocket man himself . With him gone , the rest
      would welcome food water and other basic things
      they have been deprived of under him .

    7. Once again Pat leaves out a major consideration and does so on purpose. That consideration is that without our commitment to the defense of SK they, the South, will develop nuclear weapons of their own. This is something the Chinese will not abide. The same can be said of the Japanese. I suspect that the Japanese are much like the Israelis; in that they already have nuclear weapons that are not fully assembled which gives the ability to claim that they do not possess nuclear weapons. You want to start an Asian arms race? Then pull our defense commitments from our Asian allies because that will do it.

    8. Gonna disagree with ya on this one Pat. The NK regime will hold the entire world hostage once it can. It’s entire strategy has been to ignore literally everything else in pursuit of nuclear tipped ICBMs capable of hitting America, Europe, and Russia knowing that we’d stand down to avoid nuclear confrontation. Once this is achieved NK will march across the DMZ with it’s obsolete conventional forces knowing that the rest of the world will do NOTHING to stop them. And the South will have no counter to the nukes, either.

      Or we could rain hellfire down on NK and let the SK invade on the ground and finish this damn thing once and for all. China knows how to administer such an indoctrinated population as the North Koreans and can handle the task of setting up a transitional authority to handle modernizing the country in preparation for reunification in a few decades or so. Job done, we could finally leave.

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