Lyman Brass Smith Ideal Press Now Covers Beginner & Experienced Reloaders

The compact Lyman Brass Smith Ideal Press is a great starting press for beginners, as well as a companion press for experienced reloaders.

Lyman Products Brass Smith Ideal Press
Lyman Products Brass Smith Ideal Press
Lyman Products

Middletown, Conn. ( – Lyman Products proudly introduces the right-sized new Brass Smith Ideal press.

Beginners using the C-Frame style press will appreciate its rugged frame of cast iron and all steel parts with a central handle position for easy ambidextrous use and a ball handle for a smooth, comfortable operation.

Experienced reloaders will love the compact size that requires minimal bench space and its compound linkage for optimum leverage including a 1” diameter ram and a 3 7/8” press opening which can handle all pistol calibers and rifle cartridges with a loaded length of up to 3.700”.  The Ideal press is the perfect auxiliary press for reloaders wanting to perform a separate operation from their main press.

All reloaders will find the compact size, rugged construction with a durable powder coat finish and ambidextrous design to be a welcome addition to their reloading applications. The Ideal press accepts all 7/8 x 14 thread dies and standard shell holders and weighs just 12.6 pounds.

“The new Brass Smith Ideal Press is a single-operation press that really gives a reloader plenty of options. Very affordable, it makes a great starting press for a novice reloader that allows them to reload a variety of pistol and rifle ammo. For the seasoned reloader, this C-Frame style press gives them the advantage of adding to their operation without having to reconfigure an existing press or take up lots of bench space with another big press,” Trevor Mullen, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development for Lyman Products, explained.

Lyman Brass Smith Ideal Press Specifications:

  • Heavy duty cast iron frame and stainless parts
  • Handles all pistol calibers and rifle cartridges up to 3.700 in length
  • Compound linkage and 1” diameter ram
  • Accepts all standard 7.8” x 14” dies and standard shell holders
  • Ambidextrous operation
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Weight 12.6 pounds
  • Proudly made in the USA at Lyman Products
  • MSRP: $99.95

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About Lyman® Products:

Lyman® Products, founded by avid outdoorsman, William Lyman, has been innovating firearms and reloading accessories and gear for 140 years. Today, using advanced technologies, Lyman is in the forefront of meeting the needs of shooters and reloaders across the world. Whether pioneering the use of digital technology in reloading tools or reintroducing “antique” calibers and bullet molds, Lyman continues to improve and innovate the tools and accessories used by serious shooters and reloaders.

Lyman products and brands are available nationally through firearms and sporting goods dealers and mail order companies. Pachmayr, TacStar, Trius Traps, A-Zoom Precision Snap Caps, Butch’s Gun Care and Targdots are also Lyman brands.

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2 years ago

This looks like the Lee classic breach loader, but cast iron and 3x the price.

2 years ago

Lyman, so far as I know, has made and offered good stuff for a long time now, I’ve used some of their tools. This press looks like a good starter press, though I will add in passing that I long ago lost count of the rounds of rifle and pistol ammunition loaded on an old RCBS Junior press purchased new in 1965, with dies and shell holder for $25.00 out the door of Warner’s in Minneapolis. The outfit was nationally advertised at $39.95, and when I politely asked about any discount, the sales person noted 33% off, which came to… Read more »