Enemy Within : NRA 2018 Board Election Commentary by Marion Hammer

By Marion P. Hammer,
NRA Past President
Executive Director Unified Sportsmen of Florida

NRA Board Election Ballot Vote
NRA 2018 Board Election Commentary by Marion Hammer

USA – -(Ammoland.com)-  Once again the NRA is being threatened by the enemy within and I’m reaching out to ask for your help. Unfortunately, NRA Board elections provide opportunities for people with interests other than those of NRA, to make moves to disrupt NRA, our mission and our cause. That is happening now.

People who are on the NRA ballot for election to the NRA Board of Directors deserve close scrutiny by NRA voting members. Being on the ballot does not automatically mean a person is qualified to serve on the Board. Most of the people on the ballot were nominated by the NRA Nominating Committee in a deliberative process designed to evaluate the motives and qualifications of the candidates.

However, some of the candidates on this year’s ballot were not nominated by the Nominating Committee, but rather they placed themselves on the ballot by collecting petition signatures. Petition signers had no way of knowing the real motives or qualifications of these petitioners.

At the bottom of this column is a list of the candidates on this year’s ballot that I believe are the best qualified people to serve on the NRA Board. Not only do I believe they are the most qualified, I believe they are the most dedicated to NRA and our cause.

The NRA Board of Directors has a specific role that is often misunderstood by people who seek positions on the Board for their own personal glorification and benefit. NRA Board members have no power. The power lies solely with the Board as a whole and only when the Board is in session. That’s why NRA’s detractors and dissidents organize in an attempt to quietly infiltrate the Board and gain a majority of the seats.

From time to time in the history of NRA, activists, critics and dissenters have sought to take control of NRA. Because I’m asking for your help, I thought you should know some of that history.

NRA Board History

1977 NRA Annual Meeting in Cincinnati
1977 NRA Annual Meeting in Cincinnati

In 1977, at the annual meeting in Cincinnati, a group of gun rights activists stopped the NRA Board from moving NRA headquarters away from Washington, DC to set up shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That Board’s intent was to be near the US Olympic Training Center where they could convert NRA to an organization devoted to shooting competition. The motive of the activist group in Cincinnati was to be sure that NRA remained in Washington, DC as a driving force in protecting the Second Amendment and the freedom to exercise those gun rights.

Twenty years later in 1997, during my term as NRA President, a group of dissidents and adversaries tried to take control of NRA. Their motives were not pure. They wanted control of NRA’s finances and jobs. Pretending to be strong gun rights advocates, they wanted control of NRA’s money and they wanted to install themselves as NRA’s top salaried employees.

They had worked quietly for several years to infiltrate the Board by electing their followers to the Board. They did this through the petition process for getting on the ballot. Failing to meet the qualifications and pass the scrutiny of the nomination process, they circulated petitions for signatures to get on the ballot. Nobody noticed or suspected they were planning to take over NRA.

The 1997 group of dissidents attempting to take control of NRA during my presidency were financially motivated. Their clear intent was to take control of NRA’s money and property then liquidate the portfolio to cash and make it easy to covert NRA resources to their own purposes.

The NRA Finance Committee had quietly fallen under the control of these dissidents. Against the strenuous objections of the NRA Treasurer, and without the approval of the President as required in the NRA By-Laws, the NRA Finance Committee held an unauthorized committee meeting in late 1996. At that meeting they began formulating plans to take control of NRA and to begin converting the NRA portfolio to cash. All they needed to implement their plan was control of the majority of the NRA Board.

Thinking they had majority control of the Board, their plan was to remove Wayne LaPierre from the Executive Vice President (EVP-CEO) position, remove me as President, install their own followers and take total control.

They made their move at the NRA Winter Board meeting in January, 1997. In a marathon meeting that began at 9:00am Saturday morning and did not end until 4:00am Sunday morning, we fought them off.

As president, I remained on the podium and refused to allow a recess for meals or breaks that would have allowed the dissidents to regroup. Food was brought in and we ate while we fought. For nineteen (19) straight hours Wayne and I, and a dedicated group of board members, remained in that room and battled for the heart and soul of the NRA. We won the day.

Charlton Heston, “From my cold dead hands!”
Charlton Heston, “From my cold dead hands!”

We then brought in Charlton Heston and helped elect him to the NRA Board as the 76th Director. Next we worked to elect him First Vice President to later follow me as President to be sure we could protect NRA and our standing as the nation’s foremost Second Amendment protector.

Twenty years ago, we won that battle and put down that group of malcontents. The NRA is alive and well today because we stopped dissidents who had infiltrated the Board by the petition process.

Current Day NRA Board:

Right now, a group of agitators — some of them devotees of the 1997 dissident group – have already quietly worked their way onto the NRA Board and others are now actively trying to get elected to the NRA Board.

It is time to wake up and stop it before it begins. I urge you to award your votes to the 25 most qualified people who have earned nomination by the NRA Nominating Committee and who are truly dedicated to NRA.

Although the Nominating Committee nominated more than the 25 needed this year, they did not nominate all 35 who appear on the ballot. It is important to vote for the 25 best qualified most dedicated people to serve NRA.

Below is the slate of the 25 candidates who will get my votes and whom I endorse.

I have known and worked with most of these candidates for years and I believe they all share my love of and dedication to NRA and our members.

I encourage you to join me. I encourage you to share this slate with NRA voting members and that you will give it your endorsement as well. With Bloomberg and other antigun groups targeting NRA from the outside, it is critical that we stop the enemy within. That’s why I’m asking for your help.

1. Scott L. Bach, New Jersey [endorsed by AmmoLand News]
2. William A. Bachenberg, Pennsylvania
3. Ronnie G. Barrett, Tennessee
4. Robert K. Brown, Colorado [endorsed by AmmoLand News]
5. Dean Cain, Malibu, California
6. David G. Coy, Adrian, Michigan
7. John L. Cushman, Patchogue, New York
8. Edie P. Fleeman, Durham, North Carolina
9. Joel Friedman, Henderson, Nevada
10 David A. Keene, Ft. Washington, Maryland
11. Herbert A. Lanford, Jr., Columbia, South Carolina
12. Carrie Lightfoot, Scottsdale, Arizona
13. Duane Liptak, Jr., Austin, Texas
14. Carolyn D. Meadows, Marietta, Georgia
15. Bill Miller, Beckley, West Virginia
16. Owen Buz Mills, Paulden, Arizona
17. Grover G. Norquist, Washington, D.C.
18. Robert A. Nosler, Bend, Oregon
19. Kim Rhode, Big Bear Lake, California

Marion P. Hammer
Marion P. Hammer

20. Wayne Anthony Ross, Anchorage, Alaska
21. Don Saba, Tucson, Arizona
22. William H. Satterfield, Birmingham, Alabama
23. Ronald L. Schmeits, Raton, New Mexico
24. John C. Sigler, Dover, Delaware
25. Robert J. Wos, Sarasota, Florida

Marion P. Hammer is past president of the National Rifle Association and is executive director of Unified Sportsmen of Florida.

  • 247 thoughts on “Enemy Within : NRA 2018 Board Election Commentary by Marion Hammer

      1. Time for Marion Hammer to go.

        I am a Looong Time Life Member; the NRA has grown stagnant under current leadership.
        Fresh blood and new ideas are critically needed. No one tells me how to vote; Julie Golob and Adam Kraut will get my vote.

    1. Two of my favorite choices are Kristy Titus and Julie Golob. I did not see their names on the “suggested” list. Can we voting members write in a canidate’s name?

      1. Thank you for the consideration and support. I am sad to see Ms. Hammer doesn’t feel I am qualified but I assure you, I am still on the ballot. Plus I have alibis for ’77 and ’97.

    2. Interesting commentary by Hammer. Looks like she is giving us a history of her defense of the entrenched bureaucracy of the NRA, not the 2nd amendment.

      Hammer goes through that lengthy editorial and only manages to mention the 2nd amendment once and it is within the context of the NRA being the foremost protector of it.

      What has she personally done to earn her $300k when she doesn’t bother to show for meetings? I’ve heard that she has a perfect attendance record for the last 3 years – hasn’t been to a meeting yet. What’s the truth of that, Hammer?

      We are tired of the appeasers and compromisers. The current NRA leadership IS the swamp. Let’s get new blood on the board and send the swamp monsters home.

      What part of “shall not be infringed” do they not understand?

    3. Ms. Hammer, Wayne LaPierre, and other senior NRA officials like them are the reason why the organization has been impotent in getting decent legislation to expand gun rights passed in Congress and in the states. Better carry laws have been largely the work of local, grassroots organizations; the same for opposition to anti-gun state bills. Other groups have funded the law suits that got us Heller and McDonald and other valuable court rulings. Tim Knight got blown off by the NRA and people like Ms. Hammer when he was using his own time and money to recall the people who made the Colorado magazine ban happen.

      Ms. Hammer’s opinion on the Second Amendment and the NRA is about as worthy of the membership’s attention as Comrade Obama’s. The NRA needs a dramatic change in leadership NOW.

    4. I really got tired of Marion’s crap the first time I lived in Florida. It took a few years for that to happen. This time she’s managed to get me fed up with her in less than 12 months. The sooner she is out, the sooner the 2nd Amendment might actually have an advocate in Tallahassee. The fact that there are certain people she *doesn’t* want on the board makes me sure that I’m going to look into them as candidates. They played by the rules you helped establish. That you don’t like it . . . tough.

      Marion, go home to your cats, they’re the only ones who find you and your shtick relevant anymore. You’re one of the reasons I’m ready to get back to Alabama.

    5. The “statement” released by Wayne and Chris on bump stocks after Las Vegas had me seriously considering cancelling my 40-year NRA membership. Add in things Ms. Hammer has said in the past and I have been utterly disgusted with the attitudes evident in the BoD and NRA leadership.

      Ms. Hammer, the petition process for getting on the ballot exists for a reason. Some of us don’t like the direction our organization has taken on critical subjects. We desire a change, not the status quo. The candidates endorsed by yourself and the Nominating Committee ARE the status quo. To denigrate those who are able to get sufficient signatures on a petition to be included on the ballot shows that you are part of the problem. Please do us all a favor and resign your position from the BoD and retire. We don’t want you.

    6. Wow! I am actually shocked to read this. Marion, you really should check your facts. I get that the “old”board is afraid of us “new blood”with our scary propositions of what the second amendment is. I would love to hear your reasons for not mandating that board members attend meetings; why New Jersey’s Scott Bach is worthy of your support (what has he done for New Jersey… lately???) and why you won’t support a current board member (Tim knight) and petition candidate and second amendment lawyer Adam Kraut? How many board meetings has dean Cain attended? Why keep electing those who don’t attend to the board? Can a corporation run without a board that is interested in the members business? I think not and I can’t think of one corporation that would tolerate a board member abdicating his or her duty as you have and others that don’t take it seriously.

      How is it that Florida (the gunshine state)lags BEHIND Mississippi in its firearms laws? How much money are you making as a lobbyist in FL to keep the status quo? Why aren’t you pushing the state legislature to pass pro gun bills? What has Bach done in the legislature in NJ? What a disgusting viewpoint of people that spend their time, treasure and talent to make the NRA a better organization that doesn’t call for more gun regulation.

      I wholeheartedly endorse Tim Knight and Adam Kraut for the board. We need to make the NRA great again and it starts with Tim and Adam.

    7. It is long past time to replace the stagnated swamp of NRA leadership.

      I will not make my voting decision based on the on the self serving rants of a over long board member becoming wealthy on and addicted to the members dues.

      New, fresh, driven, hard core 2nd amendment supporters are who I will vote for.

      And contrary to the misinformed beliefs of Marion Hammer, I am smart enough to find out on my own who fits the bill.

      Drain the swamp and Make the NRA Great Again!

    8. Marion Hammer is a charlatan who uses our struggle to protect our civil rights to keep and bear arms for cynical personal gain. She can’t be bothered to show up to board meetings, but she is happy to pen editorials attacking people who are actively trying to restore our rights and to support the efforts of those seeking to further erode the second amendment (see her bump stock statement for a clear example).

      She wants the NRA to exist as a cash cow for her own use, and doesn’t care one bit about the cause the NRA is supposed to actually stand for.

      As a life NRA member who cares about protecting my rights and ensuring that those rights will be preserved for generations of future Americans, I am disgusted that people like this are allowed to be in leadership positions, and I hope all the people on her list of endorsements are embarrassed and ashamed to have the support of such a worthless Quisling.

    9. I’m a Distinguished Life Member, and I vote. I was first a member when I was in high school, buying year memberships so I could get American Rifleman.

      Now, I read this article, and look at pro-gun control statements by Wayne La Pierre and Chris Cox in the wake of the Law Vegas shootings. I remember these people’s rhetoric of “Not One More Inch,” while giving ‘A’ ratings to politicians who issue anti-gun statements and kill pro-gun bills.

      You and your ilk, Marion Hammer, are the enemy of freedom-loving Americans. At least anti-gun lobbyists have the courage to stab me in the front.

      We will take back the NRA, and make it an unflinching weapon to be wielded against those who would deprive us of our rights. A new generation of gun owners is here, and we will prevail.

    10. “The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.”

      What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t you understand? When we pay people to fight for our rights we expect you to actually do so. We the members don’t believe in compromise with regards to our gun rights. We couldn’t care less about the inflated value of your privately help machine gun collections, or your investments in the prison industrial complex. It’s time to drain the swamp, yourself included. Adam Kraut gets my vote.

    11. We need fresh people in who support all of our 2nd Amendment Rights, not people that give Anitere Flores a A rating, say bump stocks and open carry are bad etc. Many of the major issues are not mentioned in the bios of the Board of Directors candidates stances. I think that is more important than a lengthy biography by itself. No more FUDDS. More FREEDOM! I don’t want people that cave in at the first sign of pressure from the media and democrats.

    12. Marian, you were and still are the enemy of gun owners everywhere. You openly endorsed back door gun control during your time as president. After that time, you continue to make statements which aren’t aligned with the second amendment. I will take your list under advisement as to who we don’t need on the board. We need fresh, young blood with a no compromise attitude on the board. Not a bunch of Fudds who think guns are for hunting. It’s people like you that cost us ownership of full autos and other firearms that were lawfully own. Furthermore, it is now sworn duty to spread this list as those who should not be on the board

    13. Unlike many of the commenters here, I am happy with the leadership of the NRA and the direction that it has taken.
      That being said, I find Ms. Hammer’s remarks offensive.
      Obtaining nominations by petition is playing by the rules–rules that she helped craft.
      Ms. Hammer: stop insinuating that there is something sinister and/or nefarious about your fellow members.
      In the off chance you do have something on someone — come out with it lest you be proved to be a paranoid blowhard with a platform!

      Ring of Freedom Member

    14. I am an NRA Patriot Life member and have a pretty good idea of whom you’re referring to when speaking of those who were not nominated by the nominating committee, who may have other motives. I will also be voting for that individual!

    15. Marion Hammer collects a $300,000 annual salary as a past NRA president and liaison for Florida. Let’s review her performance supporting the Second Amendment:

      1. Sold out gun owners for bumpfire stocks
      2. Endorsed her a state Senator IN HER OWN STATE who then refused to bring gun rights bills to a vote
      3. Sold out Florida gun owners on the open-carry bill
      4. Believes in continuing restrictions on NFA items

      Do you think she’s worthy of her salary? Does she have the moral high ground to tell US who to vote for?

    16. She brings up 1997 and Neal Knox.

      Knox’s goal was to liquidate NRA asserts and use those funds to fight the Clinton Administration and their political subdivision lackies. Marion’s Hammer was brought on board to the NRA by Neal Knox. Wayne LaPierre brought her to his side in ’97 via money. She sold herself out to LaPierre’s camp and has loved high off the hog ever since.

      Notice how NRA has amassed assets since the 1990s and continues to do so.

      Carry Guard is their latest money ranking system.

      Neal Knox said it best while arguing with Wayne LaPierre. The NRA is a Civil Rights Organization. Wayne countered that the NRA was the country’s best Money Raising Organization. Neal wanted to use the money to fund the fight. Wayne wanted to make more money.

      The goal of the NRA and every other civil rights organization should be to spend every penny necessary to secure those rights. Not to grow a treasure chest. If they achieve their goals, then they don’t need to collect as much funds and they eventually disappear.

      A prime example is prior to Women’s Suffrage, you had organizations in existence that who’s goal was to get voting rights for women. After that goal was achieved, many closed their doors.

      The NRA doesn’t want to close their doors.

    17. Still waiting for the NRA to come out in favor of Constitutional Carry. They have never supported it here in Georgia when the idea has been floated in the legislature.

    18. Hey Marion: Didn’t you and Wayne just sell out bumpfire stock owners?

      Also, isn’t it true you, Wayne, and Chris Cox don’t support the repeal of NFA 34 or GCA 68?

      Seems like the real enemies within can be found in your mirror and at NRA Headquarters drawing a million dollar a year salary.

      Retire and move on, Marion. Gun owners deserve better than you can provide.

    19. Marion, your arrogance is astounding. “The nerve of common members, thinking they should have a voice in who leads their Association! Why, don’t they know they have a committee of their betters to decide our course?”

      All that’s missing is for you to call us “deplorables” and be done with it.

      You do not attend Board meetings. You do not fulfill your obligations. You remain silent unless you suddenly feel the need to excoriate those you deem unworthy of Second Amendment protections, or to endorse a man whose connections to *real* enemies, both foreign and domestic, are highly suspect. You differ from Dudley Brown and his band of panic-mongering NAGRs only in your methods, and not your message – “Only those who pass my litmus test deserve their rights.” Your opinions and desires are meaningless to me.

      New blood is precisely what this organization needs; people who are more interested in expanding our freedoms than protecting “your” holdings or sharing your haughtiness. People who actually *do* stand and fight. I cannot help but notice that most of their names are missing from your list.

    20. I do not know about Hammer but Lapierre and his cronies have been getting rich off the NRA for thirty plus years. Wayne LaPierre as a force for good? Him and his cronies have been getting rich off the NRA for DECADES. They wanted to move the NRA to Colorado? For the Olympic Training center? You want to do that split off into the “National Olympic Sporting Association” or another name. I know the NRA was started for marksmanship and competition.

      Unfortunately it as been FORCED to defend the ownership and use of arms by anyone, for ANY LEGAL REASON. Their stubborn refusal to ever really do anything but file stupid lawsuits that they ALWAYS lose because they go to civil court. The tried to scuttle DC vs. Heller. They only joined when it being heard was inevitable and according to some of the principals contributed nothing financially and mostly just a fairly good amicus brief.

      They are so tied to law enforcement they rarely help anyone with zero previous convictions in a criminal case of just a gun charge. They will pontificate after a conviction when the person needed help DESPERATELY before the trial. I am not saying they haven’t done good. They fought the AW ban and turned down the deal to make AR’s exempt and allow 15 round mags but it was permanent. Also they turned the Brady waiting period into the InstaCheck system instead. Much of the 1986 FOPA was good but they allowed the Hughes amendment to be included. They could of forced a revote but was afraid they’d lose the whole bill. Who cared about machine guns any way right?
      If you want to really change the system throw every life member’s name into a hat and appoint them as half the board if they’ll accept. pick names till they find enough candidates. Also they can NEVER run again. No entrenched cronyism.

    21. Marion Hammer is a symptom of the ethical rot at the core of the NRA.

      Vote for the outside candidates if you want reform.

    22. Marion, part of the NRA swamp.

      Here’s an idea: get out. Perhaps the “dissidents” are simply fed up with paying you folks to backslap and collect checks while allowing the continued erosion of our rights.

      Time to drain the swamp in the NRA.

    23. I must disagree with the comment to take Hammer’s words “with a grain of salt.” I think it’s important to judge her statements with the full intent with which they were written. The NRA establishment has the same problem as the GOPe, and the lifelong politicians in Washington DC and many of the state legislatures. Good luck to those taking a stand for the TRUE meaning of the 2nd and that sacred right our forebears understood to be a safeguard of our liberty.

      God bless

    24. I stand with the NRA as currently constituted. The slate by the nominating committee is well qualified.

      The GOA consists of malcontents and wannabe’s.

      Benefactor member

      1. Ed – they are only “well qualified” if you are willing to surrender your 2nd Amendment rights, bit by bit. Tell us, are you, or one of your friends on the list, or are you a friend of Ms Hammer’s?

    25. Marion Hammer trying to make it her way or the highway. She is part of the problem. 2nd amendment or bust Marion. You need to retire to someplace where they will make you 3 squares a day and keep up with your medicine for you.

    26. Is this the same Marion P. Hammer that has NOT been to a BoD meeting in 3 yrs?? Is this the same Marion P. Hammer that suggested the banning of bumpstocks… Marion P. Hammer you are no friend of the 2nd Amendment, as a matter of fact you are one of the enemies of freedom and the 2nd Amendment..
      Vote for Adam Kraut and Timothy Knight and get rid of this FUDD

      Ed Stephan

    27. Has the NRA become a private bureaucracy that is too comfortable giving away the people’s Second Amendment Civil Rights? I think that a little shake up is in order. Many of those people have been on the board for a long time, and lack a certain will to win. When is the last time any of then worked for repeal of a gun law? And why is Gover Norquist on the candidate list? I think that new blood is needed.

    28. Marion Hammer, time and time again I’ve watched you take and hold positions that are contrary to what I and other NRA members believe. You gave Florida Senator Anitere Flores an A rating, backing her against her opponent, and then cheered as she shot down pro-gun bill after pro-gun bill.

      Mrs. Hammer, you are not part of the solution. You are part of the problem.

    29. Hey sweet granny marion

      how many meetings have you attended in the last three years?

      what?? How many?? You like fruitplates?


    30. Marion Hammer talks about 1977 like it was a bad thing- that is when the NRA got woken up that they needed to work on protecting the 2nd ammendment. Also his quotes of “…for people with interests other than those of NRA” -oh really? What interests does the NRA have? Because it seems that Adam Kraut and the likes are interested in bringing in fresh blood and getting the NRA to recognize that the black rifle is as protected by the 2nd as all other guns and having the NRA focus on protecting our rights. Could it be that being a service and lobbying organization for the gun community is not the NRA’s interests, but rather that draping that flag around their shoulders in publicity while being a profit turning business that scabs off the ideas of members (re: Second Call Defense and the Carryguard debacle) is their actual interest? That maybe some of the board members: re Wayne Lapierre and his cronies use the NRA as a way to financially enrich themselves first, and that protecting our rights is a distant, if measurable second? Could it be that Marion Hammer has tipped his hand that “old blood” that is entrenched and in power doesn’t like the idea of losing that power and having to answer to the membership with MEMBERSHIP PETITIONED REPRESENTATION? The fact that Marion Hammer has the gall to suggest that only the board knows who is best to represent the board is an affront to the representative process that the NRA supposedly has. I for one am offended by his editorial, and it only redoubles my interest in having Adam Kraut and other membership nominated candidates elected to the board.

    31. “Petition signers had no way of knowing the real motives or qualifications of these petitioners.”
      NOPE. Not always. One candidate that I follow closely has been open and clear about his motivation. Respectfully, he is more qualified than you as a career lobbyist, Ms. Hammer.

    32. Marion’s opinion is that status quo is better than a fundamental change in the ideology that place gun rights less than first.

    33. Hey thanks Marion for repeatedly fighting off those who would seek to maintain the NRA as “a driving force in protecting the Second Amendment and the freedom to exercise those gun rights”

      You’re part of the problem with the current NRA.

    34. So basically unless the failing “leadership” says a candidate is okay, then they are not? Yea, that’s exactly why the incumbent have to go.

    35. Hey Marion,
      Why don’t you post your attendance record for NRA board meetings over the past 2-3 years?

      Marion Hammer is part of the problem.

    36. Marion Hammer:

      How many board meetings have you attended in the past three years?

      We deserve better leadership. Leadership that will look out for the rights of ALL gun owners, not just he rights of ‘wing shooters’ or NFATCA members.

    37. Marion Hammer,

      How many board meetings have you attended in the past three years?

      We deserve better leadership. Leadership that will look out for the rights of ALL gun owners, not just ‘wing shooters’ or members of NFATCA.

    38. Considering Ms. Hammer’s recent positions on further restrictions on 2A rights, and her inability to attend ANY board meetings in the past three years, I believe that he thoughts should be taken with a grain of salt. THE NRA needs to move forward and simply reinstalling people who believe in tye status quo is, quite simply, no longer acceptable. We need new blood on the board. Personally. I will not be voting for anyone who has an attendance record of less than 70% and will instead be voting for those who have a desire to make positive changes within the organization. I am a benefactor member and I will be voting.

    39. Such bad form to suggest that anyone that obtained the required signatures from voting NRA member is the enemy. Maybe it’s time to drain this swamp.

    40. She must have looked in the mirror because she is the enemy within.
      No more Stand By The NRA so The NRA Can Stand and Capitulate.

      Gun Owners of America for the Win !

      1. While I agree with some of your sentiments, GOA will never be viable as a political organization in DC. Their hyperbole has alienated too many of the people that we need on our side to ever get anything positive done for us.

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