Enemy Within : NRA 2018 Board Election Commentary by Marion Hammer

By Marion P. Hammer,
NRA Past President
Executive Director Unified Sportsmen of Florida

NRA Board Election Ballot Vote
NRA 2018 Board Election Commentary by Marion Hammer

USA – -(Ammoland.com)-  Once again the NRA is being threatened by the enemy within and I’m reaching out to ask for your help. Unfortunately, NRA Board elections provide opportunities for people with interests other than those of NRA, to make moves to disrupt NRA, our mission and our cause. That is happening now.

People who are on the NRA ballot for election to the NRA Board of Directors deserve close scrutiny by NRA voting members. Being on the ballot does not automatically mean a person is qualified to serve on the Board. Most of the people on the ballot were nominated by the NRA Nominating Committee in a deliberative process designed to evaluate the motives and qualifications of the candidates.

However, some of the candidates on this year’s ballot were not nominated by the Nominating Committee, but rather they placed themselves on the ballot by collecting petition signatures. Petition signers had no way of knowing the real motives or qualifications of these petitioners.

At the bottom of this column is a list of the candidates on this year’s ballot that I believe are the best qualified people to serve on the NRA Board. Not only do I believe they are the most qualified, I believe they are the most dedicated to NRA and our cause.

The NRA Board of Directors has a specific role that is often misunderstood by people who seek positions on the Board for their own personal glorification and benefit. NRA Board members have no power. The power lies solely with the Board as a whole and only when the Board is in session. That’s why NRA’s detractors and dissidents organize in an attempt to quietly infiltrate the Board and gain a majority of the seats.

From time to time in the history of NRA, activists, critics and dissenters have sought to take control of NRA. Because I’m asking for your help, I thought you should know some of that history.

NRA Board History

1977 NRA Annual Meeting in Cincinnati
1977 NRA Annual Meeting in Cincinnati

In 1977, at the annual meeting in Cincinnati, a group of gun rights activists stopped the NRA Board from moving NRA headquarters away from Washington, DC to set up shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That Board’s intent was to be near the US Olympic Training Center where they could convert NRA to an organization devoted to shooting competition. The motive of the activist group in Cincinnati was to be sure that NRA remained in Washington, DC as a driving force in protecting the Second Amendment and the freedom to exercise those gun rights.

Twenty years later in 1997, during my term as NRA President, a group of dissidents and adversaries tried to take control of NRA. Their motives were not pure. They wanted control of NRA’s finances and jobs. Pretending to be strong gun rights advocates, they wanted control of NRA’s money and they wanted to install themselves as NRA’s top salaried employees.

They had worked quietly for several years to infiltrate the Board by electing their followers to the Board. They did this through the petition process for getting on the ballot. Failing to meet the qualifications and pass the scrutiny of the nomination process, they circulated petitions for signatures to get on the ballot. Nobody noticed or suspected they were planning to take over NRA.

The 1997 group of dissidents attempting to take control of NRA during my presidency were financially motivated. Their clear intent was to take control of NRA’s money and property then liquidate the portfolio to cash and make it easy to covert NRA resources to their own purposes.

The NRA Finance Committee had quietly fallen under the control of these dissidents. Against the strenuous objections of the NRA Treasurer, and without the approval of the President as required in the NRA By-Laws, the NRA Finance Committee held an unauthorized committee meeting in late 1996. At that meeting they began formulating plans to take control of NRA and to begin converting the NRA portfolio to cash. All they needed to implement their plan was control of the majority of the NRA Board.

Thinking they had majority control of the Board, their plan was to remove Wayne LaPierre from the Executive Vice President (EVP-CEO) position, remove me as President, install their own followers and take total control.

They made their move at the NRA Winter Board meeting in January, 1997. In a marathon meeting that began at 9:00am Saturday morning and did not end until 4:00am Sunday morning, we fought them off.

As president, I remained on the podium and refused to allow a recess for meals or breaks that would have allowed the dissidents to regroup. Food was brought in and we ate while we fought. For nineteen (19) straight hours Wayne and I, and a dedicated group of board members, remained in that room and battled for the heart and soul of the NRA. We won the day.

Charlton Heston, “From my cold dead hands!”
Charlton Heston, “From my cold dead hands!”

We then brought in Charlton Heston and helped elect him to the NRA Board as the 76th Director. Next we worked to elect him First Vice President to later follow me as President to be sure we could protect NRA and our standing as the nation’s foremost Second Amendment protector.

Twenty years ago, we won that battle and put down that group of malcontents. The NRA is alive and well today because we stopped dissidents who had infiltrated the Board by the petition process.

Current Day NRA Board:

Right now, a group of agitators — some of them devotees of the 1997 dissident group – have already quietly worked their way onto the NRA Board and others are now actively trying to get elected to the NRA Board.

It is time to wake up and stop it before it begins. I urge you to award your votes to the 25 most qualified people who have earned nomination by the NRA Nominating Committee and who are truly dedicated to NRA.

Although the Nominating Committee nominated more than the 25 needed this year, they did not nominate all 35 who appear on the ballot. It is important to vote for the 25 best qualified most dedicated people to serve NRA.

Below is the slate of the 25 candidates who will get my votes and whom I endorse.

I have known and worked with most of these candidates for years and I believe they all share my love of and dedication to NRA and our members.

I encourage you to join me. I encourage you to share this slate with NRA voting members and that you will give it your endorsement as well. With Bloomberg and other antigun groups targeting NRA from the outside, it is critical that we stop the enemy within. That’s why I’m asking for your help.

1. Scott L. Bach, New Jersey [endorsed by AmmoLand News]
2. William A. Bachenberg, Pennsylvania
3. Ronnie G. Barrett, Tennessee
4. Robert K. Brown, Colorado [endorsed by AmmoLand News]
5. Dean Cain, Malibu, California
6. David G. Coy, Adrian, Michigan
7. John L. Cushman, Patchogue, New York
8. Edie P. Fleeman, Durham, North Carolina
9. Joel Friedman, Henderson, Nevada
10 David A. Keene, Ft. Washington, Maryland
11. Herbert A. Lanford, Jr., Columbia, South Carolina
12. Carrie Lightfoot, Scottsdale, Arizona
13. Duane Liptak, Jr., Austin, Texas
14. Carolyn D. Meadows, Marietta, Georgia
15. Bill Miller, Beckley, West Virginia
16. Owen Buz Mills, Paulden, Arizona
17. Grover G. Norquist, Washington, D.C.
18. Robert A. Nosler, Bend, Oregon
19. Kim Rhode, Big Bear Lake, California

Marion P. Hammer
Marion P. Hammer

20. Wayne Anthony Ross, Anchorage, Alaska
21. Don Saba, Tucson, Arizona
22. William H. Satterfield, Birmingham, Alabama
23. Ronald L. Schmeits, Raton, New Mexico
24. John C. Sigler, Dover, Delaware
25. Robert J. Wos, Sarasota, Florida

Marion P. Hammer is past president of the National Rifle Association and is executive director of Unified Sportsmen of Florida.

  • 247 thoughts on “Enemy Within : NRA 2018 Board Election Commentary by Marion Hammer

    1. Hey Marion,
      Why can’t we post comments on this propaganda piece about you?

      “Do You Know Who the NRA’s Marion Hammer Really Is?”

      Who’s Glen Rubin? How much did you pay him to write this puff piece? Why did he write it in the first place? Did your “Enemy Within” article not go the way you expected it to? Was the heat too much for you to take?

      And once more – why can’t we post comments at that article?

    2. I joined the NRA so I could sign the petition nominating Richard Riley for election to the BOD. Dick was one of those who fought for the Cincinnati reforms. He was later elected as NRA President. Mrs. Hammer, I remember Dick proudly introducing you to the members of GO-NH as the person who would be the first woman to become President of the NRA. What happened to you? Shortly after that Dick was not renominated for election to the BOD and the other two BoD members from New Hampshire also left. When I asked one of them for an explanation he said Dick had been asking questions about the finances of the NRA and Wayne had decreed that hehad to go. Thank you, Mrs. for providing a list of those who can NOT be trusted with my vote.

    3. You’ve convinced me, Marion…I’m voting for Adam (whose forum I attended at the Atlanta convention), and none of your candidates.

    4. David Gross: I’m going to add a little more to the discovery process and shedding light. In 1980, when NRA was still at 1600 Rhode Island Ave., NW, in DC, Wayne was head of ILA and NRA had its own Public Affairs division headed up by John Aquilino. A report was done comparing the cost differential between having NRA keep the publishing part in-house and contracting it out. The conclusion was that, at that time, tens of thousands of dollars would be saved each year if it was kept in-house (translated to millions today). The report was unwittingly given to Aquilino who, when he saw it, turned white and, literally, tossed it in the trash within 24 hours after making Wayne aware of it. Speculation was that a deal had already been struck between Wayne, Ackerman-McQueen and certain members of the Public Affairs Dept. that if they would grease the rails for A/M they would all be given high paying jobs when the Public Affairs Dept. was taken over by A/M along with the publishing of the American Rifleman. Little did anyone know that when you make a deal with the devil you’re bound to be burned. Ackerman-McQween came in alright and then saw to it that the entire Public Affairs Dept. was fired. No bodies were left behind and some very good people were put out on the street along with three that thought they were going to pull a fast one on everybody else.

      Now A/M not only had the publishing division but the PR division as well. They were in fat city and continued to grow. Publication of books? All A/M! Not a word of those books with Wayne’s name on them is written by Wayne, all ghost written by A/M writers. Books bought up in stores by A/M to keep the ratings numbers high. Follow the money. Ask the publishing house to open its books and show where the checks have gone. Because it’s supposed to be a work product of NRA Wayne isn’t supposed to get any royalties. Let’s see where the distribution goes and for how much. Let’s see the money trail from NRA to A/M, yes TO them. Members dues are flowing to A/M like water through a sieve. And there’s a lot more.

      Next chapter could be on Marion Hammer and the Seattle Meeting. That would provide for some very interesting reading Marion may have forgotten about, or at least would wish everyone else had.

      1. I noticed the cities/states of her recommendations and most come from liberal country.
        The only way the liberals can stop the NRA is infiltrate. It’s way too powerful to fight head on.
        Marion and her communist friends need to be cleaned out. Like any true Democrat/Communist/Progressive or whatever they call themselves now days, they talk a good talk but they are wolves in sheeps clothing.

    5. David Gross: You were pretty doggone close except the magazines are not owned or run by NRA or employees. They are wholly owned and run, content and all, by Ackerman-McQween and they reap the financial benefits – – all of them.

      1. Thank you. THAT was my point, actually. Tony Makris also “managed” Charlton Heston, which was a convenient two-fer for him and for Ackerman-McQueen. We never could actually document the kick-backs, patronage deals, nepotism, and such which simply HAD to be there for things to be directed as they were and to run so smoothly. We got close, but the stonewalls went up, using NRA resources to block volunteer, individual efforts. Power uses its power to keep it. Never strike the King lest you not slay him. Nobody ever said that these people were stupid or not skillful. NRA was being diverted, distracted, and drained. Those printing and mailing contracts, for example, were huge, as well as a waste of money, resources, and credibility. They didn’t lose money, but NRA didn’t gain; only the contractors gained in the “churn” of the members.
        The Internet, of course, has changed everything. But the inside game remains played by the insiders. Marion intends to keep the outsiders outside by whatever means necessary.
        I so miss Neal and the organization he provided. He was brilliant, as well as dedicated and persistent.

        1. @David M Gross, Ammoland boasts more than thirty thousand readers per day. You will never have a better forum to name names, and expose Wayne, Ackerman-McQueen and the rest. I am in the edge of my chair.

          1. If you want to hear about what really happened, gunriter Dean Speir penned an article about all the illegalities and bylaws violations that Hammer and her coterie committed, including utter violation of a court order from Fitzgerald v. NRA (1974) by publishing a shameful, soviet-style “do not vote for” list in the membership publications. And it does name a fair number of names.
            The article is online at
            Unfortunately, the page is a collection of a number of independent posts from a given time period and Dean’s article is not the first one — to find it, search for the phrase:
            NRA’99: What Happened to the 1998 Member Initiated Bylaw Amendments? (fwd)
            which appears about 60% of the way down the page.

    6. I’m a Lifer and I vote. Insulting Adam’s petitioners is proof positive it’s time for a regime change. Ma’am, you are an embarrassment and I don’t care to be embarrassed…. Your comments are sure to garner much support, against you.

    7. @Question …I have to wonder how many of these absentee B M’s have just signed their proxy over to La Peaire ? (sp) I know.

    8. Comment… One last thought on the NRA “setting up shop” in Colorado Springs . Seems to me that would have been much closer to Colorado Resort Areas . HMMM

    9. I ran for the NRA Board of Directors – via petition – for two years in a row. I was attacked and harassed by current board members because I was an “outsider”, even though I worked for the organization and served as it’s spokesman. Odd, right? It’s because of current board members like Hammer who are unwilling to change and make progress for the organization that the NRA is stuck in a rut. Being rich and famous are the top qualities that the Nominating Committee looks for when selecting their chosen candidates. Those of us who bring a fresh perspective – but aren’t wealthy – have an uphill battle to fight the machine. Good luck to candidates like Tim Knight and Adam Kraut!

    10. Good morning, all.

      The way NRA ballot voting works, the fewer names you mark on the ballot, the more your votes are worth (mathematically). There’s a reason it’s not advertised. 😉

      Vote Kraut & Knight and that’s all. We need warriors, not celebrities and swamp creatures.

      -R.A., NRA Life Member

    11. I have been a Life member for 32 years, once had trust in the NRA ideal and leadership. I have seen my rights gradually taken away with limited gain in those years either Legislatively or in the courts. Blowhard members of the board like Tom King from NY are part of the problem, time for some changes. I will review my choices carefully and vote for the board that will best serve an aggressive defense of gun owner’s rights, not just lip service anymore.

      1. So, this proves my point about infiltration. How the crap did he get in in the first place? How many more anti-gun morons have infiltrated the NRA. What the crap is anyone from NY doing in any position of power in the NRA??? I’d venture to say that anyone from NY with any kind of power/influence/money will be anti-gun.
        There you have it!
        For the record, I was seriously thinking of paying for the life membership. But, not until every single person in power at the NRA is vetted and the whole thing cleaned will I put in the money.
        I was a member for a year. Paid for 2 years and they applied my payment to the wrong person. I gave up. But was going to get the lifetime membership until I started seeing some evidence of enemy infiltration.
        Publish a list of decision makers, their place of residence and their voting records and anything else to expose these cockroaches. Then, I’ll consider the lifetime membership.

        1. @Robert Pollard … Have been watching this for sometime , the only reason I keep my life time is for voting rights . Plus it’s paid for .

    12. I was there for Cincinnati. In a private conversation Max Rich assured me the fight was about money. He was wrong. The fight was about member control.

      I was there for Seattle. The fight was about member control or insider control. At Seattle the insiders made sure a Cincinnati style member’s revolt at the annual meeting could never happen again. No matter who says it the fight wasn’t about money. I do not say that Neal Knox had all the right answers. He didn’t.. I do say Neal Knox had all the right questions. The insiders wanted insider control for reasons of their own. The NRA can advance the member’s interests or the NRA can advance the insider’s interests. The NRA cannot do both. The insiders should have answered the questions.

      Now the insiders want to keep the members from taking control of the NRA by taking control of the Board.

      The question is whether the NRA is to be a member’s organization or an insider’s organization. Based on this ad hominum and error filled attack by an insider I cannot support the insiders in control.

      I’m the NRA and I vote!

      1. Clark E Myers: If you’ve been there that long then you are well aware of the incredible power that Ackerman-McQueen has acquired since, about, 1981. They virtually control every word that is written or spoken from within or without NRA. They made Wayne what he is today, from a lowly Hill person who worked for Democratic Legislators and remolded him into a figurehead and someone who is known within the walls of NRA as the “Ghost” because he’s so seldom seen.

        Ackerman-McQween is the monolith that needs to be thrown out of NRA along with Wayne, Chris, Josh and all the little clones running around. It’s going to take a very big broom to sweep this house clean and start spending the millions of members $$ where it should be spent instead of six and seven figure salaries and 7 series BMW’s, all while claiming “take our survey and please send us desperately needed dollars”.

    13. Bonus: The author of this fantasy propaganda piece is a board member and a “consultant” to the NRA making a substantial amount of money from the current regime hasn’t even attended an NRA Board Meeting in the past 3 years… *rolleyes*.

      1. By substantial you mean $130,000 per year, right? And that’s for doing almost nothing. Just to set the record completely straight Rob, you used to be very much against open carry. That doesn’t earn you very many credits in my book, in fact it gets you zero. Now’s the chance, do you still feel that way?

      2. Not sure if what you say is true but infiltration into organizations by the globalist elite (Dems and Reps) is happening in politics and organizations.
        All I know is, I’m done with the NRA. I’ve seen too many instances lately of them slowly leaning left and it’s very subtle but not hard to see.
        I’m not putting any more money into them. I’ll find an organization like GOA, etc. that fights legislation that matters and keeps the members informed 100% as to some of the sneaky things the Dems have been trying to pull lately.
        Goodbye NRA…

        1. Robert: That’s the wrong tactic. If you walk away you can’t vote. If you’re a Life Member OR have been a continuous Member for at least five years you can vote and you CAN change things. I’m telling you that changes are in the works. There are a few of us that have figured out how to do it but we need voting members exactly like you in order to accomplish it. It’s going to be a step by step process and it won’t be overnight but we’re dedicated to change.

          My recommendation to all: keep your membership in good standing, not one extra cent in donations, NO magazines. Did you know that NRA does not own America’s 1st Freedom? Nope, Ackerman-McQween owns it lock, stock and barrel including all the content and editorials. All those nice editorials under Wayne’s and Chris’ signatures? Written by Ackerman-McQueen employees who have OFFICES inside the NRA building. They aren’t even NRA employees!

          When you pay for those magazines all that money goes straight to Ackerman-McQween. And there’s so much more, but that’s for another day. It’s high time the layers of this onion got peeled back, and members saw how, where and to who their hard earned dollars really are going.

    14. Marion hates me. I was on the NRA Board for 9 years (1991-2000).

      After a 1 vote victory in Seattle, the Old Guard proceeded to purge every person who wanted the NRA to push a STRONGER approach to defending your and my rights. Wayne wants, and gets, 76 “yes” men who have raised his pay to $4,000,000 per year in 2016.

      The Board at 76 members, many celebrities who seldom attend, is too big to effectively govern. Continuing to elect “agitators” is essential to keeping it honestly pro-RKBA. The NRA is not the National Republican Auxiliary.

      1. @J. E. Olson, Are you Joe Olson from St. Paul that did all that historical research for the Heller case?

        1. Bill, Joe Olson is the guy who established Academics For The Second Amendment (A2A) in 1991 which organized and coordinated the historical research and intellectual basis for Scalia’s brilliant opinion in Heller v. Washington, D.C.. Now, to be fair to NRA, A2A was supported by NRA, back then, because people like Neal Knox and Tanya Metaksa saw the benefit to the movement of solid, honest academic/intellectual/historical support, as opposed to back room, expedient, evanescent political deals without uniform guiding constitutional principle.
          What really happened in the mid-90s was the abdication of the direction of NRA by the volunteer, part-time Board to the tender ministrations of the paid, full-time headquarters staff who created a false narrative against the “Knoxinistas” who wanted NRA to stop playing footsie with politicians and start fighting for the members rights under enduring constitutional principles. The Board of Directors became the Board of Followers. Staff controlled the magazines, the content, the timing, the narrative. People like Howard Fezell took NRA to court, and won battles, but lost the war. Marion’s piece, here, is an excellent example of the imaginative narrative of the NRA establishment.
          The battle for the soul of NRA began over fiscal mismanagement and misdirection and misallocation: fiscal rape of the organization, including insulting fundraising efforts which benefitted only the mailing houses (run by and through staff connections?). It is interesting to see that, after the so-called dissidents were expelled, the Board adopted, over the next few years, many of the proposals of those that they had expelled, rewarding themselves with huge sinecure, like Wayne’s ridiculous salary, milking the huge NRA cash cow. The Internet and the democratization of communication was still a few/many years away.
          The only thing which has motivated NRA to fight the fight has been competition from Alan Gottlieb and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) and the Second Amendment Foundation from Bellevue, WA. It was that principled competition which dragged NRA, kicking and screaming, reluctantly into the fray on the right side of it.
          Even Wayne couldn’t fumble the political football in 2016. The choice for gun owners was stark. It was as simple as A-B-C, Anybody But Clinton. And Trump was the clearest choice on that. He was the very “unqualified outsider” whom Marion now decries in the NRA elections. I hope you see the irony of such a petard.
          The battle continues. Just my two cents. David M. Gross (Minnesota), NRA BOD 1992 – 1998.

          1. @David M. Gross, I only asked because by happy circumstance I know Prof. Joe Olson (although I am not sure that he would admit to having friends in low places), and I was going to say hello.

    15. You are selling us out. I refuse to give you anti-gun cockroaches like Marion a penny. Pushing the ATF to rule by fiat, without Congress is a slap in the face to everything that our Republic stands for. Back door deals, made to only enrich yourselves while stripping innocent people of their rights throw your glaring hypocrisy and lack of integrity into sharp relief. I am personally disgusted by this dishonest agenda you are pushing and I will do everything I can to make sure you are exposed for what you are. I hope you can live with yourselves.

    16. If you conclude that a bump stock is a full-auto “conversion” device, then you must also infer that a rubber band or a belt loop is a full-auto “conversion” device. If you conclude a belt loop is a full auto conversion device…you are a flaming idiot who should kindly see yourself out of the NRA board room.

    17. Okay, right from her article is the following:

      In 1977, at the annual meeting in Cincinnati, a group of gun rights activists stopped the NRA Board from moving NRA headquarters away from Washington, DC to set up shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That Board’s intent was to be near the US Olympic Training Center where they could convert NRA to an organization devoted to shooting competition. The motive of the activist group in Cincinnati was to be sure that NRA remained in Washington, DC as a driving force in protecting the Second Amendment and the freedom to exercise those gun rights.

      So, it appears the powers that were wanted to move to Colorado to convert the NRA to shooting and not the 2A? And a group kept them in DC? Am I reading that right?

      Clean house.

      Life Member since 1985

    18. This is the same anti-gun clown that had an internal email leak which gives you REAL insight into NRA’s thinking. Here is Marion Hammers internal leaked email:

      DATE: October 9, 2017
      TO: My Fellow Board & Council Members & Friends
      FROM: Marion Hammer, NRA past president
      RE: Misinformation and Distortion Anger Me

      In 1934 the first federal gun control law in America was passed. The National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) became the law of the land. The NRA was asleep at the switch. Most of us hadn’t even been born then. It is not of our making but like all good, honest, law-abiding Americans, the NRA obeys the law. The NFA regulates fully-automatic firearms and has done so for 83 years.

      The “bump-stock” device, used by the killer in the Las Vegas shooting, converts a semi-auto rifle to a full-auto rifle. Anyone who has ever used a bump-stock or watched a video demonstrating its use, can only conclude that it is a converter.

      If you listened to an audio recording of the shooting during that horrific massacre, you must have concluded that it was full-auto fire. You were not alone, many firearms experts and law enforcement professionals came to the same conclusion. It was not until later that information was released disclosing that bump-stocks had been used to convert semi-automatic firearms to perform like full-auto firearms.

      In spite of the seemingly noble reason the manufacturer claims for developing it, the bump-stock circumvents federal law. Regardless of the quality and reliability or lack thereof of this device – it converts a semi-auto to full-auto when installed.

      Do you have any idea how many people were shocked out of their minds when ATF decided bump-stocks were not subject to regulation and APPROVED them for sale and use? That was under the Obama administration for crying out loud. Your mind is forced to run wild wondering why.

      Once the ruling was made, what would you expect NRA to do? Do you think NRA should have said, Oh! No, ATF is wrong, ATF made a mistake?

      It doesn’t matter what laws the NRA doesn’t agree with or doesn’t like, the NRA must abide by the law. For decades, over and over again when the enemies of the Second Amendment have tried to capitalize on tragedies by calling for more gun control, NRA has called for enforcing existing law. That is exactly what we are doing now.

      Make no mistake, the NRA has NOT cleared the way for more regulation. If it were not for ATF’s wink and nod to the manufacturer of the bump-stock, it would already be regulated under federal law. NRA has tossed it back into ATF’s lap where it belongs. NRA has not agreed to any new legislation nor has NRA said we agree with any existing NFA legislation. NRA has not agreed to a ban. NRA has not agreed to anything. NRA simply insists upon enforcing existing law.

      The enemies freedom and the Second Amendment are spewing hysteria from the podiums they have planted in the blood of innocent victims. These anti-Second Amendment heretics are using these victims as their stalking horse to get some new gun control legislation on the floor of the Congress.

      These victims have fallen and are suffering because of the evil acts of a deranged madman who could have carried out his destruction even if bump-stocks were not available under ATF’s approval. He would have found another way.

      Don’t blame bump-stocks, don’t blame ATF, don’t blame anybody but the evil people who perpetrated this crime. No law, no regulation stops those with evil in their hearts.

      The frantic cries from antagonists who want to take your freedom are intended to stampede you and Congress into supporting more gun control.

      But it doesn’t stop there. Is it not clear to you that, just like the media, some members of the NRA Board are misinterpreting what the NRA has said?

      Additionally, there are “Trojan horse members” who are deliberately misinterpreting what the NRA has said. Just like having an (R) after your name doesn’t make you a conservative Republican, having an NRA membership card doesn’t make you an honest member.

      Be very careful of anti-NRA people claiming to have many supporters who are merely standing in a hall of mirrors and seeing their own reflections. Don’t be fooled.

      This fight is not about the personal financial interests of NRA Board members. This fight should not be used by any individual Board member to attack NRA as a means elevate their own popularity with dissidents and “Trojan horse members.”

      This particular fight is about following existing law. If you don’t believe that bump-stocks convert semi-autos to full-autos then you have not seen what I have seen. While the conversion may be reversible by removing and replacing the device, it none less makes a semi-auto perform like a full-auto when installed.

      We do not need new legislation, we do not need new regulation, we simply need ATF to review it’s previous approval and enforce existing law. That’s what NRA said. That will render bump-stocks irrelevant. There is no need for Congress to be stampeded into doing anything else. No matter how you twist it, or what your own personal agenda may be, the NRA has not compromised.

      If ATF won’t do it on its own, President Trump should order ATF to review it’s ruling made under the Obama administration.

      We should stand united. We need to enforce existing law. We don’t need any new gun control legislation. Any member of Congress who wants to sacrifice more of our freedom under the pretense of providing safety should know that we don’t forgive the betrayal of freedom or the Second Amendment and we won’t give a wink and a nod to political eye wash as a substitute for backbone.

      The only legislation we need to see on the floor of Congress right now is carry reciprocity and elimination of suppressor regulations.

      Marion Hammer

      The NRA is pushing the ATF to redefine what constitutes a machine gun without an act of Congress by adding language to the GCA of 1968 that says any “rate increasing device” will be subject to the NFA. This rule change, coming down Jan 25th, doesn’t say what a “rate increasing device” is and is so open ended that a future anti-gun administration could, by executive order, ban all aftermarket trigger modifications or other devices.

      The ATF is also expected to define a “standard rate of fire”. If this is allowed, and they put the “standard rate of fire” at something like 1 round fired per second, then everything from JP match triggers to Geissele 3-Gun triggers could be banned with the stroke of a pen (no act of Congress). This could be misused to ban magazines over a certain capacity as they would allow the shooter to exceed the ATF’s arbitrary “standard rate of fire”. It’s SO incredibly dangerous, and it’s about to happen thanks to the NRA and even many turncoat Republicans, that in 20 years we’ll live under gun laws that mirror Canada’s. It’s not about the stocks, stupid. Stop listening to the NRA propaganda.

      NRA tells you to your face “we’re protecting your 2nd Amendment rights” while behind closed doors they’re negotiating for little anti-gun laws to pass here and there, like this ATF ruling that’s coming in a week or so. Once NRA gets this on the books, they will blow up your email inboxes and mailboxes with letters begging for money to fight off the Boogieman THEY CREATED.

      I’ve seen how the NRA spends our dues, I got an inside glimpse. They spend it on temples to themselves (their extravagant HQ building), lavish parties, outrageous salaries, etc. Very little of your dues go to anything even remotely resembling fighting for your rights. The NRA is sham designed to fleece you out of money so they can live high on the hog and maintain incredible power.

      The Board of Directors is NOTHING. They have NO POWER. Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox aren’t elected, but they call all the shots. The board of directors doesn’t have any say in what Chris and Wayne do. As a matter of fact, the elected presidents primary role is to keep the board of directors away from Wayne and Chris. The board elections are a farce designed to give the membership the false belief they actually have a voice in how the NRA works. The board has no power, they’re a placebo. Worse, many of them like Tom Selleck don’t even show up for votes.

      The only way we, the People, can regain control of the NRA is to defund them. Stop paying your dues. Stop sending them money and ultimately, organize boycotts of companies that donate millions of dollars so they can win silly awards and get coverage in the American Rifleman magazine.

      We need the NRA, what we don’t need are the likes of Marion Hammer, Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox.

    19. Just making sure I understand- you don’t know someone’s position…but you think we should banish them because of it. That’s kind of the definition of ignorance and prejudice. Is it not?

      Gotta wonder what their afraid of? “All these “outsiders with their new fangled ideas”. Next thing you know…..they’ll be wanting us to get rights BACK from the government. Can’t be having any of that silly nonsense get in the way of our big checks.”

    20. I think Ms. Hammer is out of touch. Not only did she recommend people I wonder about, she left off really good people. I think if anything, people that go through the grass roots effort to get on the ballot, they have connected with the true members of the NRA. I will be voting for people like Timothy Knight that put his money where his mouth is and help fight off anti-gunners in CO and helped recall anti-gun elected officials. Also Jolie Golob and Kristy Titus will be getting my votes.

      Tony Sanders
      NRA Benefactor Member

    21. This is an amazing re-writing of History and Spin Job. The introduction of Charlton Heston in 1997 was itself a coup against the leadership (including those who had prevailed in 1977!) orchestrated behind the scenes primarily by those who stood to gain financially… and have for two decades since.
      Today, the “enemy within” is the Executive Leadership who has only managed to get significantly less than 10% of American Gun Owners to join the NRA in their best years. The current Leadership is a punching bag for everyone talking about guns Around the World and in every corner of our country except the most socially conservative gun owners… a small fraction of the people who we should have proudly standing up for the most important gun rights lobbying organization in the world. We need better representation. The NRA needs better Leadership. The Board of Directors is far too large and almost completely powerless, but voting out the Status Quo Old and voting in the new is what it needs.

      1. Rob:

        I seriously want to see who you will be voting for in the election. A lot of us who believe the BoD has lost its way want your insight. I am a Benefactor and paid for two additional life memberships. I have been an NRA member for over 40 years and am dismayed at the lack of leadership I have seen for at least a decade. NRA board members need to take their responsibilities to Heart and actually attend the meetings, not just give lip service.

    22. That list is pretty much a list of who not to vote for. Hammer for $300,000 a year stopped open carry in Florida as well as campus carry. Hammer has not been a friend of gun owners in many years. Hammer is all about pimping Hammer. Again the NRA is out of touch with members. I have been a life member for 30 years. I am also an enemy of Hammer as I collected signatures this year in an attempt to get on the ballot. The NRA needs to modernize and get younger members with fresh ideas on the board.

      1. Stopped Open Carry in Florida? I have been following the efforts pretty closely and she did the opposite.
        Actually what stopped OC in Florida was a GOP Senator who was literally sleeping with a Democrat senator and got her to vote against ALL pro gun bills.

        I have the feeling that you might be drinking the GOA or Dudley brown’s KoolAid.

    23. Benefactor NRA member here. I signed Adam Kraut’s nomination petition with full knowledge of who he is and what he stands for. The assertion that those of us who signed his petition are ignorant of the man is completely false. There is a swamp in DC that needs to be drained. There is also a swamp at the NRA that also needs to be drained.

      I’m the NRA and I vote.

    24. Agree with Dave in Fairfax above on all points. Another item to look at is board mtg attendance. Some have never shown up to meetings. Why are they even on the board if they aren’t willing to invest the time? (rhetorical).

    25. The NRA stopped being a 2nd Amendment group and is now a professional lobbying group that uses the 2nd Amendment for fund raising purposes. They have compromised our Rights away far too often and recently begged ATF to illegally reinterpret the law to restrict “bump fire” stocks. I stopped supporting the NRA after their failed attempts to derail Miller/Heller in 2007. I guess if Hammer means that the discontents want to actually fight the fight and stop fleecing the NRA members… I’m with the discontents. I’ve not been an NRA member for over a decade. I refuse to be an NRA member until they uphold their promises that they have conveniently forgotten. We have the MG ban because of them. We have open interpretation of the law by Government agencies because the NRA won’t fight for our Rights. They are all talk and no walk. They coat tail on other successes and claim them to be their own. They did it with Heller and other situations. I don’t trust the NRA any more and I’m still waiting for them to do what they promised in April/May of 1986.

    26. I am sick of NRA leaders holding up copies of 200 year (plus) muskets proclaiming “From My Cold Dead Hands!”. Hold up an AR-15 (AR-10, etc), or an AK copy and do it. Better yet an AR in the off hand (It is lighter) and an AK type in the strong hand. Add a 60 Round AR mag or a 75 or 100 round to the AK type for serious bonus points.
      I read a personal message by some now retired NRA Board Member how “Heller” was a mistake before it became well known enough that serious money came from OUTSIDE THE NRA to push it hard, and ultimately to victory.
      I appreciate the NRA’s past victories and the fact the AW Ban back fired on gun control forces though it was considered a “Loss” then. With no cheap imports and easy ways around the 3 feature test there are now more G-3 types, FAL types, AK types and AR-15’s and gun built from flats or unfinished receivers (no 4473 records) than you could ever imagine. How many have a flat or 80% (or less) receiver and the imported parts kit laying around and the skills from building other semi guns to make what the like or think is 100% necessary later? How many new guns from domestic makers without foreign junk dumping to make research and new models not economically viable and now building innovations?
      They took the Brady Bill from a piece of crap waiting period to an instant system (Most states, not all) where you can walk out with a gun in 20 to 30 minutes.
      Now though they are mired in the “It’s a horrible danger, send cash NOW!” for every idiot gun law ever talked about of file, with chances of passing in the negative numbers. Stop taking about things and DO SOMETHING!! If the Fudds are too strong for silencers (And 922(o) repeal!) then go whole hog on National Carry. Don’t allow the BATFE to create law on bump stocks or binary triggers. There is no part of the law that allows these things to be the same as NFA machineguns. The NFA was amended in the 1980’s to stop open bolt guns and cover devices or parts that convert guns to full auto easily and they are specific. A bump stock or binary trigger is not in that definition.
      They need to completely oppose ANY changes to the NFA to allow this kind of expansion to. They need to push the repeal of 922(o) and maybe a concession of a $1,000 making tax on a new MG transfer for the first time to a civilian. If it fails they will be attacking, not stuck forever in defense. If you are not advancing you shortly be retreating unless the enemy completely surrenders. Anti-gunners will never surrender so fight for MORE rights. Repeal bad laws (Like the “Sporting Purpose” import crap) and amend existing ones to stop people from having to get a lawyer and a migraine trying to understand what the hell is legal to make or change on guns.
      The old management is stuck in the “Be nice, Don’t be rude or pushy, the other side isn’t bad” when they (anti-gunners) clearly lie, cheat, and manipulate to pass their agenda. You need to charge forward, and if the Bloomburg or Brady weasels end up with dusty footprints on their clothes and a bruised pride, screw them. Fight back with truth and show legislators they can lose their seats in primaries or elections to clear pro-gun candidates.
      The old guard/board is NOT willing to do that. Lawyers AND lobbyists need to press the pro-gun agenda 24/7. Lawsuits are judged in civil court, with it’s “Preponderance of the Evidence” and “For the Public Good” judged by judges who are lifetime statists. You need to find non-felon(s) convicted under bad gun laws and get them the best lawyers possible with solid Second Amendment skills to fight for them.
      The “Same Old, Same Old” is NOT going to do that. Dump these people on Hammer’s list unless they are proven hard chargers and willing to fight back.

    27. I to am a Life member of the NRA but it is not for the purpose of letting them stand for my “Rights”, it to keep my instructor certifications current.
      It is not and never has been in the best interest of the NRA to have the issue of the 2nd Amendment settled as they would loose 10’s if not 100’s of millions of dollars in revenue from the sheeple who think the NRA is standing up for their “Rights” when if fact the NRA has been responsible for putting us in the position we are currently in, with their compromises for the sake of expediency and keeping an army of lawyers employed.
      It time for the dissidents..

    28. I take Ms. Hammer’s comments as much as an attack on me and my father as they are an attack on Adam Kraut, so for those of you who have asked; YES, I will be offering a formal response here at Ammoland.
      I suspect Marion’s commentary is in part a response to https://www.ammoland.com/2017/12/fixing-nra/#axzz54NRnQDlE
      which appeared her a few weeks ago. Please read it for my NRA Board endorsement and more.

    29. Will the NRA publicly denounce amnesty for illegals?

      Will the NRA publicly describe the threat to all our civil rights that amnesty and current “immigration policies” are known to be, and how the vast majority of “immigrants” are strongly in favor of GUN CONTROL?

      Will the NRA publicly and repeatedly denounce the licensing scheme for CCW as an infringement to the 2A and fully support Constitutional Carry?


      1. @AZwild, I don’t think that the NRA will opine on the immigration problem issues. That is not their issue.
        @ OV, It really got cold here, snow in fact. And thanks for the heads up on the gasoline prices. We topped off the vehicles and ranch fuel barrel.

        1. @WB…You are welcome on the heads up . I use an app called gas buddy , stay up on the prices and keep reserves here to . (although not as much as I would like ) I know it can get cold there . I like to say I spent two winters there one year while I was in USAF tech school at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls TX. Stayed around 13 F here all day with wind chill in the minus numbers. Stay warm .

      2. How can a regular guy like myself, a life member, and staunch supporter of Constitutional Carry, get on the ballot to help preserve and push the fights for more of our Rights ?

    30. Comment…I for one appreciate Ammoland posting Hammer. The heading says it all…The enema from with in .

    31. The “enemy within” has spoken!
      The current leadership of the NRA IS what is wrong with the NRA!

      The NRA, nor anyone else, has the rightful authority to deal with our Rights as “poker chips” on the “playing table” of politics. Our Rights belong to each and every one of us, individually, and no one has the authority to deprive any one of us of any of our Rights to gain a political advantage. So, either fight for our Rights, ALL OF THEM, or get the **** out of the way before we run over you.
      From one Life Patron Member to the power hungry horde, NRA board, with personal progressive agendas!

    32. What does Ammoland have to say about this? Yes you’ve endorsed some candidates, but what about Hammer herself? Is she telling the truth – or her version of the truth. Is Ammoland endorsing Her? You’ve published her article – so what does that say about mixed messages?

      1. As far as I can tell, Ammoland doesn’t take sides or censor viewpoints. That’s why you see articles that you disagree with now and then.
        Kraut and Knox, Yes.
        My wife and daughter and I are all NRA Lifers, As well as VCDL and GOA.

    33. Comment …It would be advantageous for all those up for election to post their positions on Ammoland as Timothy Knight has done. Else ms Hammer’s list may become a DO NOT vote for list . @ Ammoland please don’t be bashful about endorsing candidates . That would go for those of you who post here who have knowledge of appropriate candidates.

    34. The notion that only the nominating committee is worthy of evaluating BOD members is exactly what is wrong with current leadership. Expect an even bigger push to alienate the grassroots members by the entrenched, out of touch leaders.

      Please vote for Adam Kraut, he is one of US!

      1. I agree. Drain the NRA swamp. Vote for a proven activist in the gun rights community. Vote for Adam Kraut.

    35. I have never met Ms. Hammer so I don’t know where this came from. I am disappointed and I am concerned her message sounds too much like an official statement from the NRA. But I shall march on. I was proud to be nominated by both the NRA Nominating Committee and by member petition for the 2018 ballot. I have never missed a board meeting since the members elected me in 2015, and I am proud to stand with the members. I was not on the Board in 1977 or 1997. I have not sought any documents nor do I sit on the Finance Committee. I don’t speak for the NRA; my job is to listen to the members. I shall continue to do so as long as the members keep me. I have also been endorsed by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.


      1. Tim Knight should definitely be voted for. He was elected by petition last time and he’s the guy that took his own time to organize a recall election for the CO democrats that got the mag ban passed, even when the NRA refused to help him.

        I’ll be voting for Knight and Kraut and no one else.

    36. Marion Hammer and the list of APPROVED nominees need to go. If I see no change in the direction of the NRA by next election I’m out and my slogan will be “NOT ONE MORE PENNY”

    37. As an absolutist on the 2A, and voting life Member of the NRA- I will be voting AGAINST Hammer’s agenda. In fact, Ronnie Barrett s the only worthy candidate on her list. My mission is to destroy the candidacy of all FUDDS. If you won’t unequivocally support the unfettered proliferation of “black rifles”, Constitutional carry, and the repeal of the NFA, GCA, including the Hughes Amendment, you are a treasonous enemy to freedom and the 2A in particular. I will be voting for Adam Kraut again this year.

      1. Duane Liptak is one of the Directors for Magpul. Look at all they did to try and fight the Colorado mag ban, and then putting their money where their mouth is, and moving after it passed. He is also worth considering for your vote, along with Adam Kraut, who I will also be voting for.

    38. So…how do we know what was going on with those others…..and, other than Ms. Hammers’s position – who is REALLY best for the NRA? There’s two side to every story.

      I’d vote for Ben-Hur again, if he was on thie list…..

    39. The NRA is doing everything it possibly can to ensure that a “Cincinnati” style revolt can never happen again, all the while being, more and more, run by the man behind the giant screen or I should say company behind the screen, Ackerman-McQween. This company has made a fortune from YOUR subscriptions and membership dollars and they make sure that absolutely no one rocks their boat.

      If you want truly independent RKBA, gun rights folks who want to get the NRA/ILA back on the track it left years ago I suggest you follow Jeff Knox’s suggestions for Board Members. YOU are the NRA, not Wayne or Chris or Marion, YOU. You decide what direction to take it. Do you want the status quo, with minor victories here and there but more and more Blue States and more and more RKBA fights or do you want an all out assault against those who deny us our Rights with the main objective of doing away with gun laws?

      The simple question to define the current NRA’s position is: Do you support repeal of all gun laws? It’s a simple yes or no question and the answer should be a resounding YES because we have existing laws already covering everything that gun laws pretend to cover and protect us from, rape, murder, assault with ANY weapon. However, they won’t answer and that should tell you everything you need to know.

      Again, it’s YOUR NRA, not theirs.

      1. @TennX, Well said, And I am in a mood to rebel against the leadership of a Rights organization that does not advocate repeal of major federal statutes that infringe on our Civil Rights. Come on Jeff, organize us and lead us.

        1. I can’t find your response to my voting isn’t doing any good comment but your response to @TennX is what I’m talking about. I’m not a leader that has all the answers and can lead us to victory over the evil empire. But, being that the NRA is (or was) THE most powerful gun rights advocate group, and that the Democrats have clearly targeted it for infiltration, somebody better think of something and get moving.
          VOTING, my friend, has gotten us to this point so far. The NRA has been infiltrated. And, this propaganda piece, along with a past president that made $300,000.00 per year and didn’t go to any meetings for 2 years proves she’s a Democrat and or an Establishment Republican.
          It’s ironic that she chooses the words “The Enemy Within” as there’s a movie and a book with that name that names of all the Democrats in Congress that have affiliations with Communism. It’s on Netflix or Amazon Prime I believe as I watched a while back. This article is a SOP tactic for Communists to get you on her side and vote for whom she suggests…
          You did have a good suggestion to @TennX.

    40. Adam Kraut – absolutely
      Grover G. Norquist – not so much
      It seems I remember the position being taken that illegal aliens, NOT immigrants, being something that shouldn’t be argued against. Suicide by any other name.
      Power was taken from the membership and given to the Board in changing how hard it is to try to change things in the last set of elections. ALL governments try to consolidate and maintain their power. It’s in THEIR best interests,not those they rule.
      The NRA has become untrustworthy as a rating organization for politicians. They frequently give A ratings to back stabbers.

      Think before you vote.

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