Patriot Ordnance Factory Revolution Rifle in 308 Comments ~ VIDEO


Patriot Ordnance Factory Revolution Rifle
Patriot Ordnance Factory Revolution Rifle
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Personal freedom brings-forth innovation” ~ Frank DeSomma

Follow-on my Quip on New Cartridges for our Next Battle Rifle:

As it so happens, I was hanging-out today with my good friend, Freddie Blish, out at Robar in Phoenix, AZ.
That morning, the two of us visited Frank DeSomma, CEO of POF (Patriot Ordinance Factory), also located in Phoenix.

I know Frank, but this morning I visited his factory for the first time.

The building is huge, and Frank’s production facilities are very sophisticated! He gets his barrels from a vendor, but he manufactures just about everything else on-site. Frank’s personal commitment to quality, precision, and customer service are among the best in the industry.

Frank, coming from the aerospace industry, also enjoys an excellent reputation for innovation and is famous for manufacturing high-end ARs, both Stoner-System and gas-piston (mostly gas-piston).

What caught my attention was his newest product, the “Revolution Rifle

Patriot Ordnance Factory Revolution Rifle in 308
Patriot Ordnance Factory Revolution Rifle in 308

The Revolution is a compact, gas-piston, AR-style 308 (7.62×51) rifle. No shortage of this genera on the market right now, from many different manufacturers.

What makes the Revolution stand-out is the fact that it is the same size, and weight, as an M4 in 5.56×45.

It is amazing!

How well it holds-up I don’t know, but I surely do like a genuine 308 rifle in this size and weight.

Frank also makes a Stoner-System 308 AR, which the Revolution probably renders obsolete.

I’ll take another look at the Revolution at the SHOT Show next week.

The Pentagon really needs to look at this candidate.

I’ll have a copy before long.


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They don’t give the price, because it is so overpriced.

Dave in Fairfax

About $2700 MSRP for most models.


I am in the market for an AR10 and maybe a hint of an MSRP would be nice…