Republicans Maintain Control Of The House In Virginia

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Republicans Maintain Control Of The House In Virginia

Virginia – -( Delegate Yancey won the drawing this morning to see who would represent Virginia's 94th House district and we congratulate him!

If Delegate Yancey had turned in a Virginia Citizens Defense League candidate survey in 2017, it is quite possible that we wouldn't have needed a drawing this morning to break a tie.

The Republicans now have a 51 to 49 majority in the House of Delegates and will choose the Speaker, most likely Delegate Kirk Cox.

Gun owners are far from being out of the woods for the next two years, but with the unfortunate anti-rights bent of the Democrat leadership, this is good news.

Anti-gun bills are pouring in to infringe on our right in just about any way imaginable when the General Assembly convenes on January 10 2018. I will have an update on those bills soon. The Virginia Citizens Defense League Lobby Day is January 15 2018. We still have room on the buses from Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Roanoke, and Lynchburg.

Virginia Citizens Defense League

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):


Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). Virginia Citizens Defense League is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Republicans Maintain Control Of The House In Virginia

    1. well.
      i have been a LIFE MEMBER OF THE NRA FOR YEARS NOW, and they do as best as they can in trying to protect our 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.
      but we DON’T get our rights from govt, and that’s the PROBLEM WITH ANTI-GUNNERS AND THEIR IDIOT FOLLOWERS.

      1. Protecting our 2nd Amendment is different than selling guns that don’t belong on the street and have nothing to do with our rights – but only to kill as many women, children, and men as possible. It’s not the anti-gunners as you say, but people who need to be educated. Power and money run this show…nothing more or nothing less. It’s like folks that believe Trump likes the middle class or poor – he BS’d those folks – sadly the narcissistic POTUS is horrible.
        Also, talk to front line compact vets…and most will tell ya a BS war we are in – for money for the rich. SAD…..

        1. I am a retired United States Navy veteran and in my entire military tour I never heard of a ‘front line compact veteran.’ Are they members of a select group or is that what you call warriors of diminutive size?

          If “compact” is not what you meant, I would suggest that you proof-read your comments before you hit submit.

          Be prepared to cast an election vote for DJT in 2020; we don’t need or want another anti gunner POTUS anywhere near the White House.

          1. My apologies – meant front line veterans – the ones who take the shots and get killed for the wealthy asses in this Country. If you think our current POTUS is here to help any vet I have some swamp land for ya. So sad…..

    2. I know just as many Democrats/Independents that are gun owners. I don’t think Republicans have a stance on this. People need to be responsible and the NRA needs to get out of the business of paying off Congress/Senate to get dangerous laws. Sadly – the NRA is about making money for the gun manufactures – not educating folks and passing reasonable laws.

      1. LOL…ya right, NRA out of congress, BS. God bless all NRA members, the true patriots of our country, not welfare recipients like you and your Liberal party

        1. You just showed your ignorance. I was a NRA member – let it go. Welfare recipients? Really?? Has the government ever helped anyone in your family or yourself? Again, ignorance and stupidity abound. This isn’t about Liberal or Republican – it’s about being smart with guns – knowing how to use them – educating oneself. As a Southerner – I grew up with guns/hunters etc…believe me folks need to learn how to use them and teach their kids. Please read or educate yourself.

      2. Oh yeah, Char, but the other 7000 registered lobbyists in Washington District of Corruption are OK! What a laugh. Absent the NRA our firearms would have been gone years ago. Our enemies do not fear our tiny armed forces, but they fear 300 million armed Americans.

      3. The NRA is the voice of all who recognize and support the Second Amendment for what it is; a guarantee that the people of The United States Of America have a right to protect themselves and other innocents against possible death or extreme bodily harm from any assailant, male, female or any other live animal.

      4. @Charlotte, there are no reasonable “gun laws”. Any so called laws that are a limit or an infringement on our Second amendment enshrined Civil Right to keep and carry firearms are null and void.

    3. OK, but how many of those Republicans are closet Democrats and globalists? Wait until the first few elections and then you will see.

    4. Northern Virginia has morphed into a socialist welfare haven for bums and left wing nuts. The Western and central counties have to vote in mass to maintain their freedoms.

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