Spike’s Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union Attacked for Anti-Antifa Ad

Spike's Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union Attacked for Anti-Antifa Ad
Spike's Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union Attacked for Anti-Antifa Ad

APOPKA, Fla.-(Ammoland.com)- Spike’s Tactical, a national AR-15 parts and weapons manufacturer based near Orlando, Florida, and Pipe Hitters Union, an international apparel manufacturer based in Austin, Texas, were attacked by Newsweek on Monday for an advertisement the companies recently ran in SKILLSET Magazine and posted on Facebook earlier this week.

“Our advertisement, NOT TODAY ANTIFA, is meant to be pro-American and against those who would suppress freedom of speech and the rest of our constitutionally protected rights, including the right to bear arms,” said Kit Cope, spokesman for Spike’s Tactical. “We offer zero apologies to anyone that is offended by this advertisement that depicts armed, but peaceful, patriotic Americans standing up against socialist, anarchist and communist rioters.”

The dual-page ad, which was designed for and is scheduled to run in RECOIL Magazine for the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, was commissioned as a joint advertisement between Spike’s Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union.

“We had no idea this ad would become so controversial, but let me be very clear about one point – We are not and do not support Nazis or any white supremacist movement in any shape or form,” said Lincoln A. Osiris, president of Pipe Hitters Union. “Every year we do a centerfold ad together with Spike’s Tactical for SHOT Show, and this year, after the rioting in several cities throughout the U.S., we decided to address those who are anti-American, anti-government and anti-democracy in our advertisement. We believe that anyone who supports this great nation, the Constitution and our democratic republic supports our stance.”

According to Osiris, that stance is that the people who are behind the Antifa movement are anti-American.

“They often incite violence, cause property damage and commit crimes, while hiding behind a veil of anti-fascism, but in reality they are no more than an unorganized group of domestic terrorists.” Osiris said.

According to representatives from both companies, the Newsweek article contains several errors, one of which is the claim that the group of masked protestors in the advertisement are unarmed. The image clearly depicts the protestors holding weapons. Additionally, the article insinuates that Spike’s Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union support neo-Nazis and white supremacists, which is categorically false.

“Neither of our brands support anything other than America, our military and members of law enforcement,” said Osiris. “Many of us at both companies wore the uniform and swore an oath to defend this country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and that oath doesn’t have an expiration date.”

Additionally, Newsweek accuses Spike’s Tactical of using anger over Antifa to sell, “dangerous assault rifles to only one side,” and says anti-fascists are worried that it fuels a desire to kill leftists.

“We would never advocate violence, unless it is in the form of self-defense,” said Cope. “And for the record, our rifles are available for sale to any responsible person who is legally allowed to own a firearm, regardless of how they register to vote,” said Cope.

Furthermore, the writer for Newsweek says that neither company responded for requests to comment, however, he attempted to contact the companies after business hours and published his article that evening.

About Spike’s TacticalSpike's Tactical logo

Spike’s Tactical was founded the day before 9/11 by Mike and Angela Register and is headquartered in Apopka, Florida. The family-owned business employs around 40 people and all products are made exclusively in the USA and assembled in Florida. Spike’s Tactical is regarded as one of the premier AR-15 manufacturers in the world. Their mission is to build the highest quality products and offer them at the best possible price to the consumer. Spike’s Tactical weapons are designed to military specifications for civilian, law enforcement and military use. All products manufactured by Spike’s Tactical feature a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

About Pipe Hitters Union

Pipe Hitters Union is a disabled combat veteran-owned and operated small business, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Austin, Texas. PHU was founded by a small group of special operations combat veterans that shared a common belief in the unity of cause, the willingness to face extreme obstacles head on and the absolute refusal to backdown in the face of adversity. Since then, the message has spread to like-minded individuals from all professions and walks of life. Whether military, law enforcement or civilian, Pipe Hitters throughout the world are pushing their limits daily and making their mark. The PHU brand is a mark of distinction and a call for others to join us.

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    1. I can gaurantee non of these rioters have ever set foot out of this country other than maybe Cancun for a one week alcohol consumed vacation!

      They’d be crying for mommy if they had to live in some of the Asian, African, Baltic and Middle East countries. I’m sure they’d like to pay 1 1/2 times more for a car, plus another 15% tax and $8.00 per gallon for gas. That’s if owning a car was even allowed. Or living in a country where snake, rat,dog and cats were main source of protein. They haven’t a clue because they hang out at Starbucks thinking they actually matter.

      After having traveled the world for my work for 40 years I’ll stay here and protect the good old USA from anyone who thinks otherwise. 308, 5.56, .45 9mm thank you!

    2. @ RC and Corey Booker. First of all RC, it is not hard to tell that you are from Boston because you are an a$$hat that has a non American view of things. Who will do your fighting for you when, or if, the one world order takes over this real estate and decides you need to be exterminated like a bug. Troll, you are full of it get out of your mommie’s basement and do something worthwhile.
      Corey Booker, fake name, the black lives matter movement have already shown their true profile with all the strong arm tactics they use to intimidate people. One of these days they are going to pick on a concealed carry person that will put them toes up and horizontal. Can’t wait to see that happen.
      Both of you, which may be one, need your diaper changed and get the sticky stuff off your keyboard. Douchebags.

    3. Any help in the North Carolina area? I am being targeted and harassed. I believe it is deep state/shadow government. Too much power and people involved. Trying to make me look crazy. Nothing they have done can be pointed to one individual. I am a veteran, 50+, Christian, white male, who believes in the Constitution, and my oath to this country. I believe we are under attack by deep state, shadow government, NWO and their recruits! (ISIS. ANTIFA and others. I think our President is doing a fine job under the circumstances as he is under attack from both sides of the government and our elected officials.

      God Bless you all!

    4. Well done, Spike’s Tactical. You set a fine example that I hope will encourage others to stand up to the chronically offended Left.

    5. Thank you Ammoland for covering this story
      I have not heard anything about it even on gun blogs
      Another attaboy to Spikes for refusing to apologize
      I have a Spikes lower on my AR with the slide fire stock
      They make a great product
      I will buy more from them because of this pro freedom stance
      Never heard of pipe hitters

    6. Oddly enough, this is more or less what happened in Charlottesville. Militia in tac-gear standing between Antifa/BLM and the demonstrators. The police ordered the militia to disperse and then herded the demonstrators into a Antifa/BLM gauntlet.

      1. So Spike and the Pipe hitters ( Hmm sounds like drugs) are standing up to those who stand against White Nationalists!

        Guess I know whose Bigoted parts and clothing I will not be using!

        1. It’s uneducated people like you that are the problem. This has nothing to do with race and all to do with the protection of this country, constitution, rights and safety of law abiding good people. I sir am a veteran and took an oath a long time ago to defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic. I am also being attacked because of my beliefs and speaking up. I am sick and tire of it……..

          1. And I stand with you brother! This clown that made the post you replied to has no clue about freedom or anything this nation stands for. If he doesn’t want to buy Spike’s Tactical products, good riddance to him. We don’t need no stinkin’ snowflakes anyway.

            And to Ron M. – Hey dude – my rights DON’T end where your feelings begin!

          2. Great, you’re a veteran. Woo-hoo! What that means is probably your useless town had nothing going for it, you were a below average student, and you couldn’t get into a real college, so you joined up in the Army and went to the desert to rearrange piles of sand so smart, old white people who invest in stocks could get rich.

            In Boston, the racist douchebags who showed up with Nazi flags got their asses handed back to them and sent packing. No wanna-be fat slobs in camo tacticool gear stood between them and Antifa so they turned tail and ran.

            Being a veteran doesn’t give you an extra vote. It just means you were a tool of the government, who used up your best years and returned you to substandard health care a shitty job, and a suicide rate 22x the national average.

            And I’m supposed to listen to you MORE for making that decision voluntarily?

            1. @ RC – Better to be a tool of the government who actually defended your right to spew this crap, than just a TOOL such as you have proven yourself to be. Stop being a Helmet and pull your head outta your rectum for once. We vets talk about freedom and defended it, and we have laid our lives on the line for a principle that our Forefathers passed to us. Not like some little College puke who thinks just because they read a book or two, they are just loads smarter and can tell other people how to live. To them I say “Blow it out your butt!” NO ONE has the right to tell me how to run my life except for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now I know that I probably just offended you by what I said, but I really don’t care! If you are standing with the Leftists and Communist flag wavers – you are my enemy. I shall look for you on the field, but you probably don’t have enough sack to show up when its for keeps. You like to troll websites and spew crud at men who have bled to keep your scrawny (or fat) ass free. You are the worst sort of individual, please don’t call yourself an American as it is an insult to those who believe in this nation. By the way moron, I enlisted back during the time it wasn’t popular to enlist. It was more popular for college scumbags to burn draft cards and smoke dope. What a bunch of losers!

              “Not too long ago, Americans were embroiled in a level of domestic strife never before seen in this country. The issue was Vietnam. The counterculture morphed into a diverse mix of fiercely anti-war, simply apathetic, and eagerly drugged out youth who checked out of the traditional American lifestyle. The old and new was splitting. And in the middle of both stood a group of people who, simply put, answered the call just as previous and future generations had. But unlike previous and future generations, they received an abhorrent amount of backlash from the very people they swore to protect. At the height of the Vietnam conflict, America watched her troops come home only to be treated as second-class citizens. Other Americans from the same age group alienated these young men to the point that they were forced to hide their service. This has never happened before or since in American history. Humans are blessed with the convenience of hindsight. Its easy for us in the 21st Century to recognize the folly of our ways. We can swear we won’t let it happen again. We can downplay the abuse suffered by Vietnam Veterans. But what we can’t do or, more accurately, won’t do is put ourselves in their position. Its not just a sad part of American history for them. They lived it. And although most have moved on, they won’t forget it. When it was cool to burn draft card, there were still men who remained loyal to their country. They answered the call when most avoided it. For that reason, they share a bond that the majority of collective war generations will never have.”

            2. RC thinks he is an equal. Yet, he has done nothing for his country or nation. He is jealous and prejudiced against those who have. He has a Bachelors in dross, a Masters in dudgeon, and a PH. D in agitprop.
              All his guesses about town, education, age, and demographics are all wrong. His pontifications telling. In fact, he is reminiscent another invective filled illiterate that used to get paid to troll here.

            3. @Real Childish, Well, take up arms and revolt against the government if you hate it so much. Come on show us something more than keyboard courage.

    7. Excellent article !! Spikes Tactical, and Pipe Hitters, stand against these cowardly, little antifa, bastards, make me proud to be a American !! New Week should practice truth in advertising , and change the name of that rag to News Weak, and all fake !! Seeing a add like this does not make me want to go out and start shooting the little coward, but seeing them burning, and looting, with their faces covered up, now that is a different story !!

    8. You just got to love it when the snowflakes, etc., just goes nuts when others go against their thinking.

    9. I would be happy to buy several of those ads if they were printed on shirts or hoodies or something.
      I especially like the ‘NO APOLOGY’ statement by the owners of Spikes. !!!!!
      All my boys have the “spider” on their uppers…..and they like them !!!


    10. My comments follow many that has already been posted. Thank you for taking the fight to the terrorists and thank you for not backing down to Noiseweek. I didn’t know it was still in business, either. Must be they are several steps below the commie news network. We need more companies that are not afraid to tell it how it is.

        they are the REAL NAZIS.

        1. James,

          As a BLACK Man it’s acceptable to stand by your race, but why hate if Black Americans stand by theirs. We have Black Americans who fought for this county and the same rights as Whites? What did Antifa or BLM do to you? Black Lives Matters is a named group only to protest the mistreatment of minorities, its not a hate group. Minorities just want equal fair treatment, what’s the problem with that, or is the primary concern of BLM haters just a racial stance hiding behind fake patriotism to express their discontent of minorities? Just posing a question.

          1. might have been that pigs in a blanket ,fry them like bacon meme …perhaps that colored (pun intended )the world view of the blm ,when you start calling for the death of the police you might inpire those who don’t really want to live in anarchy,to form a negative opinion of blm i know i have ,btw you do know eldrige cleaver is a republican party organizer in kansas city now ,doing the same work obama did for the dnc in chicago before being a senator….might ponder on that a bit (are you old enough to even know who cleaver is)

    11. there is a war coming for these flag burners,antifa,paid for by soros,the question is are they willing to die for that anti american soros ?? well done spike tactical,we are with you guys !!!!!

      recon sgt.
      vietnam combat veteran….

      1. A couple of them will brother. Then the rest will run like cockroaches when the light gets turned on. Its why we of the Vietnam vets and Vietnam Era vets can say -” don’t let the gray hair fool ya, we can still kick ass.”
        By the way, I own the Spike’s Tactical Crusader model and love what it says on the receiver –

        Blessed be the Lord my strength,
        Who teaches my hands to war,
        My fingers to battle. – PS 144:1

    12. thanks spikes tactical,it’s about time that some body is standing up to these anti american domestic terrorists,being a combat vet,i’m with you ,i took an oath to this country & the american people to defend this country & no one has relieved me of that duty as of yet !!

    13. quote: “in reality they are no more than an unorganized group of domestic terrorists.”

      I strongly disagree with this statement. Any group that can put, on relatively short notice, hundreds of operatives, into action at a given place and time, dressed similarly, focussed on the same agenda, and holding signs quite obviously printed well before the event, is NOT “unorganised” Add into the mix that there are funds deployed for travel hourly wages for protestors, and help for those arrested, and it is certainly not only NOT n”unorganised” but startlingly well organised. Keeping their cover and passing themselves off as ‘unorganised” further strengthens my argument thay are not “unorganised”. Make mo mistake, these barstids are better organised than most prior communist and/or nazi revolutionaries.

    14. News Week ? Is that still being published when no one reads it ? That`s to bad the ad deserves more exposure , Think’s for printing the article and making me aware of these two companies with the balls to take on Antifa .

    15. I’m subscribed and follow both companies and I’m proud of what they said and how the companies operate. Well done Spikes and Pipe Hitters.
      Also thank you Ammoland for running this story!

    16. I’m subscribed and follow both companies and I’m proud of what they said and how the companies operate. Well done Spikes and Pipe Hitters.

    17. NEWSWEEK !! ?? Don’t worry about THAt rag – no one…NO ONE reads it. The entire magazine sold for ONE DOLLAR….not per copy – for the whole frickin Company a few years ago….

      Press on !! Ignore such drivel from such a worthless rag…..

      1. My parakeet used to read it, but then he took a fit of laughing one day after reading their insanity, keeled over, went toes up, and died. So no more Newsweek for him.

    18. Attacking gun owners is the only way Newsweek can sell magazines, I’m surprised they’re still around.

    19. Yes, no regrets, no apologies, the ad says what it means and means what it said.
      The MSM can’t handle truth in any form.

    20. Thank you Ammoland for making us aware of this story. As other commentators stated, I too applaud the “no apology” statement from the companies. Nice to see someone who doesn’t wilt under scrutiny.

      Wonder just how many negative stories Newsweek has run regarding Antifa? My bet is somewhere between zero and one. I wouldn’t know myself, however, since I wouldn’t bother to read their agenda-driven propaganda.

    21. Nice to see Newsweek is following the righteous and honest attempt to report accurate, up to the minute news like their counterparts at CNN and the rest. LOL I have a much higher respect of both Spike and Pipe Hitters Union. This is the ad of the year. BRAVO

    22. Fantastic ad by a couple of great companies. There are Spike’s Tactical components in nearly all my MSR’s.
      I’d buy a poster or t shirt. Please make it so.

    23. As a retired Police Office and current Chief Firearms Instructor I APPLAUD YOU both. These idiots forget that we are there to protect their dumb a$$$. Keep up the great work, thanks for the support you give the men and women carrying the torches.
      The wicked flee when no man pursueth, Bu the righteous are as Bold as a lion
      Proverb 28.1

      1. @Jeffery Mclane, That is exactly the problem: the police protect their dumb a$$s and idiot prosecutors protect their dumb a$$s. If the police and prosecutors would not protect them we could clean up that mess in a single encounter.

    24. They are only putting to paper what we all think. I see nothing wrong here except the thugs who are willing to cause trouble but unwilling to show their faces. What do they have to hide?

    25. Thank you Kit, Spikes Tactical and the Pipehitters Union for not apologizing for “offending” some unknown, unidentified group of useless anti-American fascists!!!! I will be supporting your companies as often as possible!!!!! If more people stood up and blocked their activities and showed what true hypocrites they are and the damage they are doing to our country the faster we can be rid of their scourge on our country. Thank you for doing what is right!!!

    26. Please. Oh please, make me a t- shirt, A casual shirt , and, finally a dress shirts . Please. Michael

    27. They attack American citizens, burn, loot and destroy property. Yeah I’d say that’s un-American. Whereas most of us are decent people who live and bring up the community and hold decent lawful jobs and support the economy which makes us good Americans.

    28. Dear Spike’s and Hitters,
      Please make this advertisement into a poster for purchase! I would buy several.

    29. F*** antifa. I don’t know about pipe hitters but I know Spike’s Tactical makes a hell of an AR.

    30. You both just gained another customer !!! Keep the faith never back down to those who would steal our freedoms.

    31. Newsweek had to work really hard to twist antifa into the victim. One constantly sees antifa thugs dressed in face masks the first to strike people at gatherings, but “… Newsweek accuses Spike’s Tactical of using anger over Antifa to sell, “dangerous assault rifles to only one side,” and says anti-fascists are worried that it fuels a desire to kill leftists.”
      Oh, if only there were no law enforcement for one week.

    32. “The ad, which anti-fascists worry is fueling a desire to kill leftists,”

      If this was a actual threat,one would think that what with all firearms owners and firearms in circulation and 5- 10 million rounds of ammunition,it would have been a bone of contention by this point.

      1. “says anti-fascists are worried that it fuels a desire to kill leftists.”
        That particular desire was around long before this ad ran. It’s been around ever since they started their Bull Sh*t and started attacking others and waving their Communist flags around. Any true red blooded American just wants to close with these enemies of freedom and “whip the snot out of them.” But we will hold our peace until they open the ball, then we’ll call the tune.

        Blessed be the Lord my strength,
        That teacheth my hands to war,
        My fingers to battle.” – Ps. 144

      2. “5-10 million rounds”…….Boy! Are you from New York City or sumptin? There a BIG, BIG BOATLOAD more that 5 – 10 million rounds out here……….

          1. HAHAHAHAHA
            I’d bet that BIG BOATLOAD of $$$$ that there are more than 10 million rounds in my little town of Dallas, alone !!!!

      1. i love it ! It should be on highway billboards across the nation. This is exactly what the anti American, Soros backed trouble makers should run into. I agree 100% with the AD OF THE YEAR comment !

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