Tink’s, Dead Down Wind, Rack One Exhibiting At SHOT Show

Tink's, Dead Down Wind, Rack One Exhibiting At SHOT Show
Tink’s, Dead Down Wind, Rack One Exhibiting At SHOT Show

COVINGTON, Ga. -(Ammoland.com)- Attendees of the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas are invited to visit the Arcus Hunting booth (#11019) to see the lineup of exciting new scent lures and scent dispensers from Tink’s, scent control products by Dead Down Wind and the new premium whitetail supplement system from Rack One.

Tink’s recently unveiled a wide variety of options for dispensing deer scents, including the Dial-A-Dripper adjustable scrape dripper, the Scent Reel and it’s super absorbent 10-inch wick, Scent Sponges that expand up to three times their size for maximum soaking and the E-Scent, an advanced vaping dispenser that emits up to 400 “puffs” of enticing Tink’s #69 Doe-In-Rut, #1 Doe-P or Trophy Buck synthetic scents.

Tink’s will also be showcasing the new Boost 73 Power Station, a hanging attractant with the intense aroma of Boost 73.

Dead Down Wind has improved its all-natural formula with 50 percent more odor destroying enzymes and will be exhibiting it’s new Laundry Bombs, an easy water-soluble soluble multi-chamber detergent pack, alongside new user-friendly liquid detergent bottles with large handles and an easy-pour cap and drain-back port.

Also featured are the popular Evolve Field Spray products, freshly upgraded with new High-Efficiency Triggers, maximizing every squeeze for full coverage. The new WindScout from Dead Down Wind detects the slightest wind direction using advanced vapor technology.

The WindScout dispenser emits up to a remarkable 400 “puffs” of smoke per cartridge. An included USB charger keeps the battery topped off, while a lanyard ensures it’s always at the ready.

The Rack One Whitetail System is a year-round, feed-based system designs to unlock the genetic potential of whitetail deer. Rack One consists of three different phases: Grow, Scout, and Hunt. The Grow Phase includes both the Thrive pellet and Xcellerator mineral products, which provide necessary nutrients to support antler growth 365 days a year.

The Scout Phase features Amped, a premium whitetail attractant that can be used as a standalone product all year round. The final phase of the system— the Hunt Phase— includes Rut Fuel, a premium whitetail attractant intensified for the hunting season.

Each product package has a useful diagram to show consumers when each phase takes place and what product to use over the course of a year.

The Rack One Whitetail System is the brainchild of Chris and Casey Keefer: hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and hosts of fan-favorite shows like Outdoor Channel’s Dropped and Rival Wild on the Sportsman Channel. Combining their passion for hunting with their land management background, the brothers developed Rack One as a systematic process to grow trophy racks and improve herd health from year to year.

Chris and Casey Keefer will host a meet-and-greet in the Arcus Hunting booth noon-1pm on Thursday, January 25.

About Arcus Hunting:

Arcus Hunting is an acquisition and organic growth platform seeking to build a strong portfolio of leading brands in the bowhunting and archery category. Through its brands, Tink’s, Dead Down Wind, Obsession Bows, Ramcat, Trophy Taker, Rack One, and Big Game Butter, Arcus markets and manufactures a range of leading deer lures, attractants, scent control products, premium bows, arrow rests, broadheads, replacement blades, quivers, and other archery accessories.

For more information about these brands or products, please visit their website.