Transcend Robotics New Partnership Expands Next Gen ARTI VANTAGE Robot

Transcend Robotics and AndyMark Sign $15M Partnership to Save Officers’ and Suspects’ Lives with New Dependable and Affordable Robotics. Through this manufacturing partnership Transcend Robotics and AndyMark will bring dependable, effortless and affordable robotics to market at volume.

Transcend Tactical ARTI VANTAGE stair climbing robot for law enforcement
Transcend Tactical ARTI VANTAGE stair climbing robot for law enforcement

Oakland, CA –  -( Robotics, a machine mobility company that develops patented “automatic stair climbing” technology, and AndyMark, a leader in mobile robotics and parts manufacturing, are combining strengths to deliver a high volume of life-saving first responder robots.

Transcend Tactical, a division of Transcend Robotics in partnership with AndyMark, will expand the availability of the next generation of the ARTI VANTAGE robot starting January 2018. Utilizing Transcend’s patented technology any operator can simply move the robot forward and automatically ascend stairs and other obstacles into dangerous situations.

ARTI VANTAGE Video. Click the image to see it climb!

Phillip Walker, co-founder and CEO of Transcend Robotics explains, “The first responders’ robotics market has been filled with frustrating and expensive quasi stair-climbing robots typically costing tens of thousands.”

“The ARTI VANTAGE delivers more for less. With a starting price of $8,000, the ARTI VANTAGE provides dependable stair-climbing, three cameras including a FLIR thermal camera, and hauling capacities of over 150 lb. Life-saving robots need to be affordable and they just need to work.”

Transcend Tactical customer Sgt. Jacob Faw of the Peoria, Illinois SWAT Team explains why this robot is critical, “Traditionally, robots are frustrating to learn and operate while costing as much as a vehicle. The ARTI VANTAGE has no learning curve to climb stairs and is immediately affordable, unlike any other robot on the market. Anyone on the team can use it with virtually no training.”

Andy Baker, President and Owner of AndyMark has spent over a decade developing, manufacturing, and distributing quality robotics parts at affordable prices.

“Transcend’s technology has removed much of the cost that makes stair-climbing robots inaccessible, and has made the experience effortless,” says Andy. “We’re excited to bring our 80,000+ square foot facility and operational expertise in large scale mobile robotics manufacturing to the partnership.”

About Transcend Robotics Company:

Transcend Tactical, a division of Transcend Robotics, makes dependable, effortless and accessible robots for dangerous situations. Transcend uses its patented stair-climbing technology for reliable mobile products that anyone can afford and use. Emergency response teams across America can trust Transcend Tactical to provide safe solutions for mobile awareness.

About AndyMark Company:

AndyMark, Inc. located in Kokomo, Indiana with over 80,000+ square feet of manufacturing space develops, manufactures and distributes mechanical and electrical parts for the mobile and competitive robotics market. Established in 2004, AndyMark aims to support and grow the mobile robotics market through innovation.

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