Uberti USA Brings History to Life with Outlaws & Lawmen Series

Uberti USA Outlaws & Lawmen Series

ACCOKEEK, Md. -( The romance of the Old West cannot be separated from the individuals who lived and died on their way to becoming legendary.

Valiant sheriffs and the outlaws they chased; card sharks and cowboys; soldiers and proud warriors – the history of the Old West is gritty and harsh and smells a lot like spent gunpowder.

Uberti USA honors the famous men and women of the Old West with its new limited-edition Outlaws & Lawmen Series. Each piece in the collection draws its inspiration from the actual gun carried by the historical figure after which it is named. Only a limited number of each will be produced each year, making them as rare and collectible as they are fun to shoot.

The legend of Jesse James lives on with the 1873 Colt that bears his name and is included in the first group of Outlaws & Lawmen models.

As a fierce outlaw, Jesse owned and utilized a wide array of revolvers, but this stern six-shooter is decked out with an all-black finish and black, simulated bison horn grips to create the ultimate Western antihero revolver.

Like his brother, Frank James also lived his life beyond the law, wreaking havoc on the Old West until he surrendered to the governor of Missouri in 1882.

A replica of the revolver he surrendered – an 1875 Remington – is also featured in the Outlaws & Lawmen Series. Frank's gun is a true attention getter: it has a 7.5-inch barrel, is fully nickel plated and features simulated ivory grips with a lanyard loop.

One of the most beloved gamblers of the Old West, Doc Holliday is best known as a friend of the legendary Wyatt Earp. Though a gambler who operated outside the boundaries of the law whenever it suited him, Doc would serve as a lawman from time to time at the side of his friend Wyatt.

Doc's revolver featured in the new Outlaws & Lawmen Series is based on his Lightning revolver, but built atop the more reliable 1873 action and chambered in the more powerful .45 Colt with a fully nickel-plated finish and simulated pearl grips.

Uberti USA Outlaws & Lawmen Series

Jesse 1873 Single Action Cattleman New Model

Jesse – 1873 Single Action Cattleman New Model

Frank 1875 Single Action Army Outlaw

Frank – 1875 Single Action Army Outlaw

Doc 1873 Single Action Cattleman New Model

Doc – 1873 Single Action Cattleman New Model

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