We Already Arm Teachers in Public Schools

Already Armed

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- After the murders in a Florida public high school, President Trump said we should allow some school staff to be armed. The Socialists were entirely predictable in the way they responded. They projected their personal fantasies onto armed teachers. That isn’t necessary because we don’t have to fantasize about what will happen when school staff are armed. We already know how armed teachers behave. We have armed teachers in schools today and have collected several thousand man-years of experience. Those facts don’t stop the detractors.

  • With one breath the progressives said that school attacks were a new epidemic of dangerous proportions. Then they said that school shootings were so unlikely that an armed teacher would probably never be needed.
  • Opponents of armed staff said teaching is an honorable and valuable profession so teachers shouldn’t have to carry guns..but if we did let teachers go armed then they would probably go nuts and shoot someone.

It is too easy to make fun of the talking heads, so let’s look at the facts instead.

10 states allow licensed gun owners to carry on college campuses. Some allow school staff to be armed and some prohibit it. As you would expect, nothing happened and you can’t remember which states allow armed staff and which states forbid it.

We put more armed teachers in K to 12 schools after the murders at the school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. We armed teachers for the same reason we put some armed pilots in planes after the 911 attacks.

Before the murders at Sandy Hook, well before the murders at Parkland, some states already allowed armed staff in K to 12 schools. No teacher has ever been ordered to carry a firearm in a school, but some school districts looked for teachers who already knew how to live with a gun. They quietly asked if teachers had their concealed carry licenses and were already carrying outside of school. Some teachers were asked to take additional training and to carry on the job.

That training costs money, and most districts haven’t put physical security into their district budgets. Fortunately, a few private organizations raise funds to train teachers. Unfortunately, the training slots fill up in minutes as thousands of teachers compete for hundreds of training slots each year.

That training costs money, and most districts haven’t put physical security into their district budgets. Fortunately, a few private organizations raise funds to train teachers.
That training costs money, and most districts haven’t put physical security into their district budgets. Fortunately, a few private organizations raise funds to train teachers.

I’ve called them teachers, but that is an overly simplified shorthand. These armed volunteers come from every position, from bus drivers to district superintendents. They come from every grade level, from pre-K to 12 grade. They work in every kind of school, including charter schools, private, religious and public schools. They are all volunteers who take self-defense and medical training during the summer.

We can look at the two examples I mentioned to understand why staff want to be armed. In both the Sandy Hook and the Parkland attacks, teachers used their bodies as human shields to protect their students. Teachers already knew they would run toward the sound of gunfire. They wanted to protect the people they loved at school the same way they protect the people they loved at home.

They wanted to be armed at school because they want what we want, a chance for them and their students to survive.

Today, we don’t have to guess how staff would react if they carried a gun at school. We already know. These volunteers already knew their jobs with the school. They had already lived with a gun when they were off campus. We’ve accumulated many thousands of man years of experience with armed school staff in the last few years. Call it dozens of lifetimes of real world wisdom. We get more experience every school day and it never makes the news.

The school staff carry concealed, and what is out of sight is out of mind. The sheriff and the school board knows, but parents and students don’t know which teachers are armed.

We know that teachers don’t go nuts when they carry on campus. Believe me, the media would have made sure we knew about that if it ever happened, but it never did.

We don’t have to guess what happens when teachers are armed. We already know. The people you trust with your children live up to that trust..every single day.

I know one thing about armed teachers. They are in our schools today. I know there will be more of them tomorrow.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Dr. Bob Thomas

I taught high school mathematics on the Arizona boarder with Mexico for 27 years. I was armed for 26 of those years while in my classroom. The year I had to wear a vest was the year I received death threats for breaking up a drug buy in the men’s room. The vest was recommended by my principal, the arresting officer, and the prosecutor. On my summers I was an U.S.Army Reservist and served during Desert Storm. I had extensive training with a side arm as I was a combat medic. Side arms were the weapon of choice at that… Read more »


I went to NCAA College football games, the Raleigh PD had an armed uniformed officer at the top of each seating section, NC HP officers at lower levels plus NC State Police Officers all over the place.

Bill Nye

I carried every day in grades 7-12 and college + graduate school. Is was a different time in that I purchased a little 32 automatic in the hardware store when I was 14. I put it in a small case with an extra clip and never had anyone ask what it was. After taking it out and plunking cans for a couple of weeks, I took it out to clean and make sure it still worked. The legallity never occurred to me and carrying was automatic. The only time I pulled it out was when some of my Persian students… Read more »


Very valid points, very logical. I’m sure it will raise the hair on the folks who drink the coolaid.. I fear after the recent school shooting given the anti-gun sheriff who delayed entry of his four deputies, that those who seek to profit from the anti-gun Globalists will continue to sabotage reasonse to mass shootings for political gain. I also fear those who seek to discredit armed volunteers: those who stand to gain from commercial armed guards in schools. I have learned over the past decade and in reading numerous historical accounts, that there are many profiteers who will do… Read more »


About the same time as Bill Nye, my oldest sister could take a firearm safety as an extracurricular program.
Does anyone here know how many…or any high schools offer firearms training? With our minimum gun age?

Dave Brown

It is the 21st Century, and someone has noticed we have armed Teachers. Time to get your head out of the sand. Arming Teachers, ain’t a bad idea provided they are Up To The Task. My guess is only about half of our LEs are actually ready, and they want to be in play. Teachers Teach, Cops Protect & Serve, my guess is armed Teachers is better then nothing, or better then the same old same old. However, I can think of a lot better ways to protect our schools. We spend a lot of money protecting Government Buildings, so… Read more »


Why always look for new ways to spend taxpayer money. You think that all teachers use a cane and are near blindness from reading books? Don’t underestimate citizens, even if they are teachers, in their ability to handle a gun wisely and well. Why is it so bad to have citizens defend themselves, and always think that the professionals will always do it better. Again, think, “Broward County deputies,” hiding behind cars and staying way back from the danger. Any ready teacher on the spot would have done so much better! Just give the existing and willing players suitable training,… Read more »

Wild Bill

, I concur, and if we followed the Constitution, then teachers, janitors, parents would already have the proper tools kept and borne on their person already.


Yes, we certainly DO know how armed teachers/staff will respond to lethal threats. We’ve seen how DISARMED teachers do. Columbine, rmember the teacher who covered some of his students under a table in the library, and took some of their bullets for them so they could live? Imagine if HE had been armed and trained. Sandy Hook, that woman teacher who was in the first classroom the dirtbag entered…. she did what SHE could with her body to protect HER beloved students. Imagine if SHE had been armed and trained? Then, we have the shining example of Mr. Aaron Feis,… Read more »

Sam W.

Our schools have become a political training system with one goal train all to become liberals. The U.N. is now trying to require their beliefs to be taught. Including gun control and “tolerance”.The administrators of many schools are the “socialists” referred to by this article.


New York State , with all its liberals , would most likely not allow it . Just try to get a carry in N.Y. and not to say anything about New York City.

Wild Bill

, From where does the notion that government “allows” or forbids people from carrying firearms? If a teacher’s contract requires that teacher to refrain from carrying a firearm then the teacher must decide for themselves to enter the contract and not bear arms, or not enter the contract and continue to bear their firearms.


@WB: I’m with you brother. I’d rather be judge by ’12’ than carried by six anytime. Pass all the Marxist anti-gun BS you want but my rights will always trump all of that. The right of self-preservation, 2A + nine!

Ammoland 2A Defenders: We are AC130s. Something that screws left, right, up, down, coming and going!

Hey commies and jihadis… we’ll get you, your friends and your little dog too. Reapers a reaping.

Phil Elliott

Look at the Israeli system of arming their teachers. It !works


Isreal does not arm the teachers
Those people you see, who often women, carrying M one carbines during the school field trips are armed guards, not the teachers
That is a common misperception

Don L. Bailey

Most of the female/male Israeli teachers we see armed, are seen carrying an M-4 carbine.


I do believe that Front Sight has offered to train teachers for free for several years.


Maybe we should STOP saying “we arm teachers”? That seems to be scaring everyone. Let’s say “WE ALLOW TEACHERS TO BE ARMED”. Not forcing anyone to do anything they do not want to do. Unlike the Russian Democrats.


Teachers that live with firearms and carry outside school or work are not a danger to anyone except an idiot .
Those that conceal should be allowed to carry any where , especially if they are a teacher .
A Gun Free Zone is an invite for a mass Killing . I don’t support or shop at places that don’t allow my freedoms .
My firearms are all friendly . I know this because they have never shot anyone .

Marc DV

Right on the Button !
I posted an opinion on another story that falls
in line with this one. About the chosen ones ,
having to be ready for Boot Camp and be trained
to Kill . Those that Enlist for this choose to become one.
Sounds Harsh but True !

Marc DV

sent a reply but got blocked
guess they don’t like me any more

Jacob M. Opperman

We need more sign like the above and less signs the state GUN FREE ZONES. It is time we demand every damned GUN FREE ZONE sign be ripped down and replaced with one like above and with signs that state, IF YOU ARE LEGALLY CAN CARRY A GUN YOU ARE WELCOMED. I WILL NOT GO INTO ANY BUILDING THAT WILL NOT LET ME CARRY MY WEAPON UNLESS I DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE. I do not like the idea of not being able to protect my self when the time might come. I hope I never have to pull it… Read more »


Texas already allows school systems to place armed teachers, staff, janitorial, and coaches as school safety marshals. Most schools don’t announce they do this, and don’t identity who. Not even students and parents know who is trained and armed. Some school systems do put up signs.


Before I retired I never felt the need to be armed in class. But our culture has drastically changed. If I were teaching today I would silently be armed.

Bobby Brasher

We train them every day. http://www.spearsafetysolutions.com


Spell your website name correctly…

Tim Keppler

Bobby – I can understand your desire to publicize your company. Your link does not work because you have an extra “s” at the end. Once folks realize that, they will be able to see your web-site. My only hope would be that your web-site is NOT representative of the training you provide. I looks very unprofessional. I do applaud what you are trying to do – for the safety of my grandkids!