Busting the Lies & Myths of a Trained Armed School Staff

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Busting the Lies & Myths of a Trained Armed School Staff

USA – -(Ammoland.com)-There has been more national and local news coverage about arming school staff in the past two weeks than we have ever seen.

Along with that record amount of coverage comes plenty of statements, from people opposed to the idea of armed school staff, that are either untrue or misleading.

Here are the top 8 armed school staff myths:

Myth: We shouldn’t require teachers to carry a gun.
Fact: No district is requiring any school staffer to carry a concealed firearm. When a school district decides to authorize staff to carry, they ask for volunteers. And most districts get far more volunteers than they thought they would need.

There is not currently a requirement for anyone to carry, and no one is talking about making it a requirement. It would be an equally ludicrous suggestion to require all citizens to carry a concealed firearm, where concealed carry is legal.

Myth: Teachers don’t want to carry a gun, they want to teach.
Fact: Many teachers already carry a concealed firearm in the rest of their lives. Absent being authorized to carry on campus, they must disarm for work.

Myth: We can’t train teachers to be police officers; they don’t have the right mindset.
Fact: No one is suggesting they be made into police officers. Authorized school staffers are extremely well trained in stopping an active killer, and stopping the bleeding for those who have been injured. Both of these skillsets will save lives.

When you talk to those school staffers who have been trained and carry on campus today, they are insulted by the suggestion that they don’t have the mindset to stop someone trying to kill their kids.

Myth: Cops won’t know who the bad guy is if teachers also have guns.
Fact: A vast majority of these mass casualty events are over before law enforcement arrives. Staffers are trained on how to account for potential confusion in the 911 call, and how to advise law enforcement who the armed defender is. Schools that have armed staff already talk to their local law enforcement to advise them just who on campus is armed.

Myth: Kids will be frightened if they see their teacher with a gun.
Fact: Kids don’t see the firearms. Armed school staff carry concealed, and no one is talking about them open carrying. Some school children interviewed actually appreciate armed staff because it makes them feel protected.

Myth: Our school has a School Resource Officer (SRO) or other armed and uniformed security. We are protected and don’t need additional armed staff.
Fact: Having armed and uniformed security staff on campus is better than no one being armed. If a campus is large enough for an SRO, it’s a large campus. In the 2013 attack on Arapahoe High School in Centennial, CO, there was an SRO on campus. When he confronted the killer, the coward killed himself. But it was not in time to save Claire Davis. The SRO responded at full speed to the sound of gunfire, but in the 45-seconds it took him to get there, it was too late to save Claire. Had there been an armed staff member closer than 45-seconds away, they just may have been a chance to stop him before he was able to kill her.

In Parkland Florida, there was an SRO on campus and that was neither a deterrent nor a guarantee against the loss of innocent life.

Myth: Based on the low “hit rate” of law enforcement when they fire their service weapon, there is no way an armed teacher can hit the killer.
Fact: Most of these killers commit suicide when confronted with an armed defender, without a shot being fired. And in a situation where an armed staff member would have to engage the killer, any chance to stop him is better than no chance to stop him.

In addition, FASTER trained school staff members pass a qualification test that exceeds the test that law enforcement is required to pass in their respective states.

Myth: Schools can’t afford school supplies, how can we expect them to afford guns and training?
Fact: Groups like FASTERSavesLives in Ohio and FASTERColorado in Colorado raise private money to help schools afford the very advanced training. Schools spend a lot of money on SROs, video systems, and other school security measures. Training armed school staff is a very small expense in comparison.

Laura Carno
Laura Carno

Laura Carno is the Executive Director of FASTERColorado.com, an organization that trains armed first responders in schools to stop the threat and stop the bleeding.

  • 44 thoughts on “Busting the Lies & Myths of a Trained Armed School Staff

    1. The next time a troll brings up deadly “high capacity magazines” ask him if he’s interested in a little demonstration by law enforcement:

      One of the best I’ve seen so far. Trolls need not reply.

    2. Front Sight in Nevada has kept up their offer since Columbine to pay travel and lodging and training and free gun, for any school staff to come for their courses.

      US DOJ numbers show that civilians who use guns in defense are less than 20% as likely as police to use guns wrongly or cause undue harm.
      And that civilians with CWP are among the best most law-abiding of any segment of the population. better than politicians, judges, or police officers.

      Cops bust civilians for doing 1/4 or less the sh!t they let each other get way with. Shooting a little dog and then their mayors and unions and chiefs back them up when they say they felt real cause for fear for their life.

      Too many instances to count, for police demonstrating the worst handling and shooting. They’re not doing themselves any favors saying the police “hit count” means anything but that we should rely on civilians. Civilians aren’t trained to “observe and report” and to stand back and await reinforcements “for officer safety”.

    3. @Noah: I forgot to add to my last response: Before you and the trolls come out from under the bridge again please respond to the points I made (that should keep you busy for a while).

      1. Wow. Very comprehensive list. Thanks for all the work you’ve done to expose the crisis mongers for what the are, a group with an agenda…

    4. @Noah: Yeah, you replied with the same garbage replies we’ve been hearing for so very long it’s depressing. Here’s a few stats for you: from 1982 thru 2018 (so far) we’ve had 95 so called mass murders. Broken down, 77 of them were in gun free zones where law abiding citizens were prevented, by law, from having the means to defend themselves, 4 mass shootings were the result of a regular crime, such as a robbery of a store, gone wrong, 1 was by a police officer and 1 was the result of an intentional arson. The rest, 18, occurred in open or unconfined areas.

      And if you think digging that info up was easy, it wasn’t but it was pretty telling for one reason, Gun Free Zones = Murder Zones. There was a different study that showed that in countries where guns have been severely restricted the number of attacks, assaults and murders by acid, bombs, knives, machetes and vehicles has increased dramatically. Your statistics are meaningless.

      The only point that you unintentionally do make is that our Right to defend ourselves, guaranteed to us inherently and reaffirmed in our Constitution must never be allowed to be abridged by politicians or trolls like you.

      BTW, I see you bemoaning the use of guns but where were you when terrorists and non-terrtalike used vehicles to commit mass murder and injury? Didn’t hear a peep out of you then did we? Why, because you’re really not interested in the people who are killed, only the object used to kill them. The true definition of a hypocrite. Here’s that list for you:

      1981 Iraqi embassy bombing, Beirut, Lebanon (not ramming pedestrians: ramming a specific building then exploding)
      1983 Beirut barracks bombings, Lebanon (building ramming + exploding)
      2001 Azor attack, Israel (ramming people, mostly soldiers)
      2001 Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly car bombing (building gate ramming + exploding + gunfire)
      2002 Lyon car attack, France (building ramming + fire)
      2006 UNC SUV attack, University of North Carolina, United States (ramming people)
      2007 Glasgow International Airport attack, Scotland, United Kingdom (building ramming + detonating gas cylinders)
      2008 Jerusalem vehicular attack , Israel (ramming vehicles and people)
      2008 Jerusalem bulldozer attack, Israel (ramming people)
      2011 Tel Aviv truck attack, Israel (ramming vehicles and people)
      2011 Tel Aviv nightclub attack, Israel (ramming + stabbing)
      May 2013 Murder of Lee Rigby, London, England, United Kingdom (ramming + stabbing)
      2013 Tiananmen Square attack, China (ramming people + bursting into flames)
      May 2014 Ürümqi attack, China (ramming + throwing bombs off the vehicle)
      2014 Jerusalem tractor attack, Israel (ramming people + bus)
      2014 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu ramming attack, Canada (ramming)
      October 2014 Jerusalem vehicular attack, Israel (ramming people)
      November 2014 Jerusalem vehicular attack, Israel (ramming + hitting with a metal crowbar)
      2014 Alon Shvut stabbing attack, West Bank (failed ramming + stabbing)
      2014 Dijon attack, France (ramming people)
      2014 Nantes attack, France (ramming people)
      2016 Nice attack, France (87 killed ramming people + gunfire)
      2016 Ohio State University attack, United States (ramming + stabbing)
      2016 Berlin attack, Germany (shooting truck driver + ramming people)
      2017 Jerusalem truck attack, Israel (ramming people; 4 killed)
      2017 Westminster attack, London, England, United Kingdom (ramming + stabbing; some victims were thrown off Westminster Bridge by the ramming; 5 killed)
      2017 Stockholm attack, Sweden (ramming people; 5 killed)
      June 2017 London Bridge attack, England, United Kingdom (ramming + stabbing; 8 killed)[31]
      2017 Finsbury Park attack, London, England, United Kingdom (ramming people; 1 killed)
      June 2017 Champs-Élysées car ramming attack, Paris, France (ramming a police car; 1 attacker killed)
      2017 Paris mosque attack, failed car ramming into crowd in front of Creteil mosque in revenge for ISIS attacks[32]
      2017 Levallois-Perret attack, Levallois-Perret, France (ramming soldiers; none killed)
      List of suspected terrorist attacks Edit

      File:2017 Charlottesville vehicle-ramming attack.webmPlay media
      Video of the vehicular ramming at the Unite the Right Rally that killed one person and injured 19
      2017 Charlottesville attack, during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States (ramming people; 1 killed)
      2017 Barcelona attacks (ramming people; 13 killed)
      2017 Edmonton attack, Canada (ramming + stabbing; none killed)[33]
      2017 New York City truck attack (ramming cyclists and runners; 8 killed)[34]
      List of non-terrorist incidents Edit

      1973 Olga Hepnarová case, Czechoslovakian woman using a truck to go on a rampage
      1995 Shawn Nelson case, plumber using a stolen tank to go on a rampage
      2003 A Mentally ill person kills one and hurts eighteen in Stockholms old town. A second death later occurs in hospital.[35]
      2004 Marvin Heemeyer case, welder using an armored bulldozer to destroy buildings
      2006 San Francisco SUV rampage, 2006 case of a paranoid schizophrenic man from Afghanistan using an SUV to go on a rampage
      2008 Akihabara massacre, mass murder using a truck and a dagger
      2009 attack on the Dutch Royal Family, case of a man driving into spectators on Koninginnedag 2009 in Apeldoorn, Netherlands
      2010 Hebei tractor rampage, 2010 mass murder using a bucket loader
      2013 Tumon[36]
      2013 Venice, Los Angeles (one dead)[37]
      2014 Sopot attack, Poland[38] (ramming people)
      2015 Graz van attack, mass murder using an SUV and a knife
      2016 Scunthorpe road rage[39]
      2017 Balneário Camboriú road rage[40]
      2017 Heidelberg attack[41][42]
      2017 Müllrose, Germany, drug addict kills two cops while fleeing in stolen car after stabbing his grandmother to death[43]
      2017 Krewe of Endymion incident[44]
      2017 Antwerp attack, failed car-ramming in Belgium[45]
      2017 Guatemala City, a car rammed into a student protest: 13 injured, one dead.[46]
      2017 Venezuelan protests, several cases of vehicle rammings during opposition marches by security forces or government supporters.[47][48][49][50][51]
      2017 Times Square car crash[52]
      January 2017 Melbourne car attack in Melbourne, Australia in which six people were killed and 36 injured.[53]
      2017 Sandy, Utah attack, car-ramming and shooting in Sandy, Utah[54]
      July 2017 Helsinki attack, Finland, ramming people[55]
      August 2017 Helsinki attack, Finland, failed ramming[56]
      2017 Sept-Sorts attack, France, ramming a pizzeria[57]
      December 2017 car attack in Perth, Australia, with one dead, four injured, three seriously.[58]
      December 2017 Melbourne car attack in Melbourne, Australia in which 18 were injured and one person died.[59]
      February 2018 car attack in Perth, Australia, with two injured, in suburban Mullaloo.[60]

      1. Jeez, did anyone read that? Me neither. Guess you don’t have much to do with your time. Your loose relationship with facts and truth in all you posts is probably why no one pays much attention to you!

        1. The point of my post, and I try not to post things that put people to sleep, is that trolls like Noah like to spew out meaningless facts while ignoring the real statistics. So, just a couple of times I have posted all the instances where cars and trucks have been used as weapons of mass murder, far exceeding that of firearms. Noah, however will never respond simply because he can’t, he’s a troll.

            1. The ‘trolls’ totally getting under your skin! It doesn’t help that they are using facts to do this, which I guess is all the more annoying to you, but just ignore them and they will go away.

              the fact is he keeps saying the truth about the number of mass school shootings. Guns, and a particualr type of gun, are used. These murders are unacceptable and a national disgrace. It is also a particularly American problem. if you cant acknowledge this there is something wrong with you, not the troll.

              it doesn’t matter what your view on 2A or AR-15s is, you are arguing with a guy saying mass school shootings are bad. when you argue with him it looks like you are saying mass school shootings are not bad and are relatively unimportant. you come off sounding like an idiot and lose all credibility. Super long posts do much the same…

            2. They’re not being paid at all. there is no need, people express their opinions for free. like you’re doing it for free. Arent you?

    5. A teacher has fired his gun to save his students before. His class escaped the building unharmed. But died in the attack.
      see 1.57 minutes into english you tube video

      This is 4.03 minutes long. Not in english. But after watching I understood it.

      There is also a 1 hour long special about chemistry professor syed hamid huassin, who used his own gun to defend his class. I’m sorry if I miss spelled his name.

    6. Who Chooses who Gets the Training ?
      Who Ever Is Chosen Better Be Ready
      For Boot Camp ! If Not It Will FAIL !
      People By Nature Will Not Kill Another Human.
      Ya Ya Ya There are Some Who Are Wired Wrong.
      But Those Of You Who Have Served In The Military,
      Think How You Were Brain Washed Into Becoming
      A Killer ! DON’T Like The Term SORRY But True !
      Di s Screaming at You Range Instuctor’s Repeating
      Over and Over 1 Shot 1 Kill . With out that , Alot of
      Men Could Not Do What Was Needed in Combat . KILL !

      1. READ the article. It plainly states the only ones who get the training are the ones who VOLUNTEER to take it.

        We’ve seen how DISARMED teachers respond to school shooters.. Columbine, Sandy Hook, and now Parkland all revealed teachers who did all tjey could by standing up under fire and placing their own bodies as sheilds for some of their students, all giving their lives in a desparate attempt t save some.

        Dontchya think if any or all of these three had been armed, they’d have done less to save their beloved kids? How if each had been armed and skilled? We’d have dead perps and a whole lot more live kids, and, most likely, these three still alive, pouring themselves out for their charges.

        I’ve read in depth about the FASTER training in Ohio. I wish I could afford such training. It is intensive, comprehensivel and covers far more than just “how to stop the threat.”. It involves extensive live fire training in dynamic situations, far more than LE get. And in order to get the cert to carry in schools, staff have to shoot a qulifying score far higher than do any law enforcements. And must requalify on a regular basis. You should go to one of the FASTER websites and learn about the traning. Ohio started it first, the guys from Buckeye Firearms Association put it together in answer to the Scammy Crooks shooting in Newtown. It works….. and costs taxpaers NOTHING. Although, for the outrageous salary that rent a cop coward SRO at Parkland used to get the entire school district could get as many volunteer staff trained in FASTER as they could find. THEN see what happens net time some feakazoid opens fire.

    7. It all comes down to this. THEY CAN (carry) YOU CANNOT(carry) .The next generation needs just as much (even more) PROTECTION ,than those PROGRESSIVES in congress . They (progressives ) are NO better than the rest of US .

    8. The “special training for teachers” has not been specified yet. But teachers will be defending the classroom and the students. Teachers will not be doing room searches, that is a job for SWAT. Teachers will not be doing trauma surgery but after the teachers have been armed some first aid such as basic compression bandages and tourniquet application to keep the wounded alive until the professional EMTs are allowed in by the police.
      The armed teachers should be carrying in deep concealment, a compact 9mm such as a GLOCK 43 or Ruger LC9. But handguns are easy to carry and hide. Perhaps rather than “Oh no!, a gun” maybe some teachers should have a SBR available and the teacher can carry a 20 round PMAG for the carbine.
      The country has tried Gun Free Zones since 1980, almost 40 years. They have failed. Time to read the fiction Congress wrote to pass GFSZ again after the Supreme Court declared them to be unconstitutional [ in Lopez if I recall correctly].

      1. Hi there Jim, the training is very well established. We brought it to Colorado from Ohio where they have been training it for 5 years to over 1,300 school staff. Check out wwwFASTERSavesLives.org for the OH site. Lots of resources!

      1. I agree with pistol Pete
        I would be glad to buy two M and P 15’s and a case of ammo for my local school with my own private funds

    9. Fact: Most career teachers begin to see their students as if they were one of their own. That is the mind set that prompts their defense response when their students are threatened. To question the mind set of some of the most dedicated and well educated people on earth is foolishness. If trained and allowed to be armed they would be a formidable and trustworthy line of defense for your children . I say this as a retired teacher who spent a good portion of my life in the class room.

    10. Tell me again what democrats/socialists are proposing/offering to prevent or mitigate criminal shootings. Banning guns will work no better than did prohibition and the war on drugs. Criminals will make lots of money selling banned items and have guns. Law-abiding citizens will not. How much will it cost to require teachers to take first-aid classes from local EMTs?

      1. Well, in Kommieforniastan they had DICTATED that NO SCHOOL may have armed staff. The Democrats ruling this state WANT kids bodies to push their anti-gun agenda. Wishful thinking doesn’t make things so, only people willing to stand up to evil make things happen.

    11. We are going to hell for not doing the right thing here. Wehave venerated the gun and valorized its usage. America is violent and the gun is a preferred instrument of that violence. More guns inschools is the dumbest attempt at a solution ever. And you smart ones who are repeating such drivel are an afront to God.

      1. Noah, we are here because too many people in power/ authority have turned the Nation away from GOD while others have gone along. Remember, the nation that forgets GOD is turned to SHEOL. A big part of SHEOL is confusion.
        So, instead of condemning , go back to Jesus, repent , and ask for wisdom. We are commanded to bless , not curse.

      2. You need to reaquaint yourself with what it is the God actually says and requires of us.

        Psalms 144: NASB
        Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;

        Luke 22: NASB
        [35]And he said to them, “When I sent you out with no moneybag or knapsack or sandals, did you lack anything?” They said, “Nothing.” [36] He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one. [37] For I tell you that this Scripture must be fulfilled in me: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors.’ For what is written about me has its fulfillment.” [38] And they said, “Look, Lord, here are two swords.” And he said to them, “It is enough.”

        Dr. Daniel R. Thomas Ph.D.

      3. There have been two intelligent replies to “Noah” so far. If we see no reply from “Noah” we can be certain of one thing, he’s a troll who, like most, utilizes the “hit and run” approach.

        1. Vanns is correct that most paid propagandists from the Anti-Civil Rights Movement use hit and run tactics because they have so many websites to go. We, ourselves, are experiencing a biblical flood of them recently.

      4. @ah…No, America is not nearly as violent as other countries, so where do you get your statistics? What are your qualifications for speaking for God? First you say “We” then you conclude with “..you smart ones..” So which is it? Are we together or is it you versus us?

      5. Wow. Noah, I cannot determine whether your post is sarcastic, facetious, ignorant, muck-raking, or an outright lie.

        1) Who the hell is the “we” that you accuse of “venerating” inanimate objects?

        2) America is not even in the top 140 countries in the world in terms of overall violence and crime… and is not even in the top 25 in terms of just firearms-related violence. Guns are not the “preferred instruments,” since more than half of all US violence involves other weapons (fists, ropes, feet, hammers, knives, drugs/poison, etc). In America, we nonchalantly sell the world’s most powerful non-nuclear explosive at every gasoline station. All the materials necessary to make chemical weapons are sold (with no questions asked) at every pool supply and hardware store – and all the knowledge to use these items for evil purposes is freely available to anyone who can 1) surf the internet, and 2) understand a highschool-level chemistry text. Criminally-violent lunatics and fanatics – who, by definition, do not obey the law – will always be able to find the means to commit murders, any and all laws be damned (and firearms are not the most efficient tools, as just pointed out).

        30 Just “more guns” is not being advocated… more guns “in the hands of responsible citizens” IS advocated. If you fail to understand the difference, you need mental health treatment… and a keeper.

        4) God specifically told the Jews that any man who failed/refused to protect his family and his tribe was to be forcibly removed (excommunicated?) from Jewish society. Jesus told Peter not to use a sword offensively, but that the disciples would indeed need swords with which to defend themselves when they spread the Gospel. Actually READ the Bible next time, before thumping on it and pontificating out of ignorance. [Abraham Lincoln admitted that he had no patience with anyone who claimed to know the exact details of the Divine Will. He would not have liked you very much.]

        1. Hi Joel
          I looked it up.

          USA is ranked 50 in the most violent and dangerous countries in the world.

          There is not a single other first world country in the top 50, In fact, you need to get to 91 before you get to the next first world country.

          By any measure this is bad news.

          We are number 11 in gun crime. number one is school shootings. and the highest number of mass shootings in the top 50 (the stistics you claim elsewhere are also wrong)

          Everyone else – free free to look all this up. Joel’s stats and facts are baloney.


          1. You “looked up” information from rabidly liberal sources (Vision of Humanity, Atlas & Boots, etc) – and you certainly knew exactly where to get the Leftist-biased results you were looking for – then you claim that MY information is “baloney”… forgive me…

            Perhaps I should research National Enquirer history files… so that my information will be as high “quality” as yours.

          2. Of course. “Gun crime,” not “crime,” not “murders,” or anything objective about the well being of a nation. That’s how propaganda works, so why not make use of its deceit?

            And, of course, the solution to preventing carnage is to make sure that anyone needing defense is disarmed. Typical liberal logic. Crazy idea, letting people defend themselves.

          3. HI @Noah! Now, take your atlasandboots.com statistics and also use the actual statistics, which are partially incorrect and remove the shootings and killings from this 10 Democratic strongholds, all of which have stringent gun laws: St. Louis, Mo, Baltimore, MD, New Orleans, Detroit, Cleveland, Kansas City, Memphis, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Las Vegas
            Once you take these 10 Democratic Party controlled cities from the statistics, then tell me where the United States ranks worldwide in firearm deaths and violent crime overall!
            Have fun, and you will find the US does not even hit the top 100, in fact it will be near the bottom.

    12. If just a half dozen teachers had been armed in Florida, it likely would have reduced the outcome of injury and death. A gun-free zone offers security and confidence to the killer in those first few minutes, with them knowing there is no chance of retaliation. A least there is a fighting chance to those teachers already trapped if they are armed. Just wounding, scaring or injuring the killer would give some precious time to the police. Ideally, they would shoot the killer early in his visit to the school.

    13. In addition:
      Saying that teacher/staff ‘don’t have the mindset’ or ‘don’t have the training’ to protect the students in their care ASSUMES they will also NOT protect themselves (or SHOULD not be allowed to protect themselves).

      This is the height of conceit…it presumes that the ‘government’ is the only answer…and what is the question?
      Is it that teachers, staff, and children don’t deserve the same protection afforded to law makers at their place of work?
      Is is that teachers and staff DESERVE to die, simply for working at a school?
      Is it that teachers and staff cannot be trusted to protect themselves and their students, even though we trust them with the kids in the first place?
      Is this about control?
      When and who decided that firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens was a bad thing? And, when was the imaginary line laid down at the perimeters of the school? Oh, yeah, the Clinton Administration…Democrats/Progressive/Socialists that believe every step taken should bring ‘government’ more control over our lives.

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