CNN Analyst Insults all Women with “Carrying Guns Is Not Practical” Comment

CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes
CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes

USA – -( On February 24 CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes asked the question;

“For a woman, where are you going to hide that gun during the day?” He continued with another question, “If you wear a dress, if you wear a skirt, are you going to have to wear a jacket everyday with a belt and a holster the way a detective on duty would do?”

Yes, he actually asked those questions on national television in 2018. Dave Marris captured Tom Fuentes’ comments on his Facebook page.

It is unfortunate that someone with such a public persona and lengthy career in the FBI is so ignorant about women and our ability to carry a firearm.

Never before have their been more products available specifically tailored to women’s needs. There are holsters designed for all areas of a woman’s body that can be easily and safely concealed under everyday clothing. The traditional OWB holster that Mr. Fuentes references is used by some women who prefer to wear jackets or overshirts to cover the firearm, but that is only one option. There are quality holsters for inside the waistband (front, side, or back), corset/bellyband, bra mounted (both front and side), thigh and ankle holsters, boot holsters, and others.

Millions of women know how to evaluate a concealed carry holster for EDC safety and functionality.

Secondly, firearms themselves have become smaller and easier to conceal. It is not uncommon for women to have a variety of pistols that conceal better with different wardrobe choices or activities. We recently compiled a list of the best concealed carry handguns that our female pistol instructors carry on a daily basis. There are dozens of quality firearms on the market that are perfect for on-body carry for men and women to easily conceal. These firearms are secured safely in a holster unless the person determines, under the law, that lethal force is required.

Finally, firearm safety is not a gender issue. All people must always follow the 4 Rules of Gun Safety. There are 3 safe places for a self-defense pistol and all men and women must adhere to these principles.

Mr. Fuentes smuggly jested that a woman would leave her concealed carry pistol in her desk drawer and he showed his ignorance to the emphasis that our organization puts on the safe storage of firearms.

We invite Mr. Fuentes and his colleagues at CNN to become more familiar with female gun owners, our gun-carrying lifestyle, values, and abilities. Many women come into gun ownership with the primary purpose of protecting themselves. They turn to A Girl & A Gun for holster information and responsible firearms training. We welcome them to the mindset of being their own first responders by carrying a handgun and taking charge of their personal safety and the safety of their loved ones

A Girl & A Gun Women's Shooting League

About A Girl & A Gun

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) is a membership organization whose events have been successful stepping stones for thousands of women into the shooting community and fostered their love of shooting with caring and qualified instructors to coach them. AG & AG breaks barriers for women and girls in the area of self-defense and in pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooting sports by welcoming beginners to learn the basics of safe and accurate shooting and providing experienced shooters with advanced-level opportunities. The club has more than 5,000 members in 48 states, with chapters that host recurring Girl’s Nights Out at more than 150 ranges throughout the nation.

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Jimmy Harris

Flash Bang –


Amazing I love Dene Adams products


What’s up with the red lines through everything that says “gun” or “firearm” etc???


I think they were supposed to be underlined, but due to the program the writer was using ending up being strikethrough.


what do the feminist think of this? what about transgenders?


I hear you guys but, I personally think he is way too drunk off his kool aid to have his mind changed. Just my Humble Opinion.

Dave Brown

Well trust me I am not from CNN nor The Government, but guess what try bring this guy into Guns instead of talking about how stupid and one sided they are. Remember when The NRA used attraction? They brought me into Guns at 13 which was 52 years ago. Yet today they have lost their way. Try Attraction, if it works great, if it fails don’t worry at least you tried to do something, anything to help educate them. Course why your at it how about trying to help These Kids find a way to protect our schools? I ain’t… Read more »


I agree. Making fun of people and calling them names gets us nowhere.


Where in this does the author make fun of anyone? You may have missed the point of this article. The writer is showing how ignorant the left is concerning guns.


Maybe it’s just me but I found this article informative and helpful. I saw no name calling or making fun of people. I did see the author educating someone who, given his position, should clearly have known better. Maybe you see what you are looking for