Democratic Leaders, Why Do You Find Patriotism Divisive?

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Democratic Leaders, Why Do You Find Patriotism Divisive?

U.S.A.-( Did you ever think you'd see the day when a prominent political party would accuse the president of being divisive and exclusionary for saying “America” too many times during his State of the Union speech?

The American Civil Liberties Union made that very complaint. No, the ACLU is not the Democratic Party, but their positions on such matters are virtually indistinguishable. Besides, many prominent Democrats and media liberals made similar objections after the speech.

MSNBC host Joy Reid brazenly trashed traditional American values and institutions with her tweet accusing President Trump of trying to force the normalization of himself by using “terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for” — namely, church, family, police, military and the national anthem.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called Trump's unapologetically pro-America speech, which was widely approved by the American people in flash polls immediately afterward, “dangerous.”

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., who recently compared Trump's presidency to a time “right after the 1932 elections when Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor,” took umbrage at Trump's statement that Americans, like the immigrants whose parents brought them here illegally as children, “are dreamers, too.”

Fox News analyst Juan Williams was deeply disappointed by the speech, saying that this was an opportunity for Trump to reach across the aisle and bring us together but he didn't take it. More bizarrely, Williams said in response to Trump's statement that “Americans are dreamers, too,” “David Duke and the KKK would love that.” Seriously?

Obviously, today's Democratic Party (at least its leadership) has a problem with raw expressions of patriotism, because Democrats can't seem to look at America through anything but their distorted prism of Balkanized identity politics.

They assume that when Republicans promote church, family, police, the military, the national anthem and wholesomeness and goodness, they are somehow dog whistling to white supremacists, or some such nonsense. Democrats said Trump delivered a “wedge speech,” one that “inflames the cultural divide.”

Perhaps their habit of divining code language in our every pronouncement is simple projection. For all of Trump's faults, he pretty much says what he believes. His SOTU speech was no exception. Probably the most consistent message he delivered on the campaign trail was his belief in an America-first philosophy — not certain groups in America at the exclusion of others but all Americans.

What these kvetching liberals can't grasp is that we conservatives don't view our heartfelt expressions of patriotism as exclusionary or divisive. Indeed, by definition they are not.

Liberals say we promote white privilege. We don't. They say our policies disfavor minorities, but they don't; they are race-neutral and aimed at lifting up all people. They say immigration enforcement advocates are driven by nativism and bigotry. We aren't; we are animated by a love for America and the American idea, which is enshrined in our founding documents. We don't believe that America is the greatest nation in history by accident, and certainly not because of ethnic demographics.

Rep. Joseph Kennedy, in the official Democratic response to the SOTU, audaciously quoted a U.S. motto, “e pluribus unum,” meaning “out of many, one” — though every other thing out of his mouth and that of his Democratic colleagues undermines that precept. Conservatives, though, actually believe in a melting pot and equality of opportunity and equal justice for all.

Sadly, Kennedy and his Democratic leaders view America only through race-conscious eyes. They are the ones who deliberately divide us, by constantly agitating over race, gender, sex, religion and any other category that will incite their base into a frenzy.

America was mired in a perpetual malaise under Barack Obama, and the Democrats' goal, when Obama's scapegoating of George W. Bush had finally extended even beyond the Democrats' willing suspension of disbelief, was to delude Americans into accepting economic stagnation as inevitable and the new normal.

Already, in one short year, with Trump's tax cuts, his deregulation, his business-friendly policies, his recommitment to America's domestic energy industries, and his overall contagious optimism and bullishness on America, this nation is roaring back, and Democrats are conspicuously vexed about it.

They have no viable alternative agenda; everything they tried under Obama failed. Yet they're still promoting the same destructive ideas. That is why they have reduced themselves to ad hominem Trump slanders, bogus charges of collusion with Russia and blanket smears of conservatives as bigoted extremists.

Democrats are the ones who have become more extreme every year. Yesteryear's liberal extremism is far too conservative for today's Democratic Party. With Democrats' constant westward shifting of the goal posts, they regard mainstream conservatism as radical. Proof of their extremism and intellectual bankruptcy is their maniacal rhetoric, such as accusing Trump of being a dangerous dictator.

Their emotional breakdown over innocuous and uplifting presidential expressions of patriotism and traditional American values — with their perception that such inherently unifying ideas are divisive and exclusionary — screams volumes.

Such utterances of national pride cannot credibly be depicted as divisive. Likewise, Democrats' quest to force-fit identity-tinted lenses on all Americans so that we can see one another only as members of certain groups cannot be spun as uniting or constructive.

It would be refreshing if Democrats could at least be truthful about where they stand, but as of now, they are saying one thing and at the same time, well, saying another. Please keep it up through November, guys.

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  • 17 thoughts on “Democratic Leaders, Why Do You Find Patriotism Divisive?

    1. Comment…With all of this division this would be the perfect time for the progun community to unify and start voting as a block. By the way lets make it all outdoor loving community and include archers, fishermen, knife aficionados, include all in one brotherhood . Let the snowflakes divide and we will conquer.

      1. @ oldvet

        When I judge a potential candidate for any office,I search out their thoughts on the 2 nd. as a rule it gives me their thoughts on the rest of the Constitution and whether they deserve my vote.
        So in away I’m a block voter and suspect many others among our ranks vote this way.

        1. @GMB…Don’t disagree with you was meaning get off our butts quit sitting on our hands . I’m sure you are right everyone checks candidates out , figure our concerns are all similar our choices are probably going to be similar. I’ve heard that “my vote won’t count” all my life, tired of it.

          1. @ Old Vet

            Didn’t take it that way.
            This past Tuesday I spent time at our state house I was pleasantly surprised by some and disappointed by others.
            However to your point until we get together as a block and all take the threat to the 2 nd. and the Constitution seriously the left will take what they can.

    2. It’s part of the push for “globalization” and global government. Ruination of national sovereignty is part and parcel (see also: TPP and other trade agreements which force countries to surrender national authority to trade courts/tribunals).

      Ridding powerplayers of the burdens and restraints of national sovereignty further removes them from responsibility to the populace being “ruled”.

    3. Yea – everybody divided – thus 5 separate responses to the SOTU. Kennedy in a trade school full of Hispanics. – Maxine on BET the next night – One for Climate change one for LGBT . . . whatever comes after that, and some just bashing TRUMP. everyone at odds – everyone with a reason to hate the racism and misogyny of America.
      Patriotism IS dangerous to progressives achieving their intended endgame for our country.
      If EVERYONE HATES AMERICA – Dissolution of our constitutional republic is easy to form a post constitutional North American Socialist Union – sister union to their EuroSocialist Union – and what would’ve been their East Asian Socialist Union if TRUMP didn’t kill their TPP, it was the first step toward the EASU.

    4. Possibly, if they keep up their current method of operation the only ones that will vote for them is the 12 year old crowd or younger.

    5. The country must remember that members of the DEMOCRAP party does not respect America and what the country stands for. They are border line communists and full blooded socialists. The only time they support the USA is when they can collect a personal benefit. They expect any gain to be for them only. They have imported all these illegals and have educated them to believe the same way. Do the clintons, pelosis or feinsteins do things to help the country and or the citizens? NO. They only do things that will help them personally including taking taxpayer money for themselves and their families. The DNC is the the DEMOCRAP CRIME FAMILY.

    6. David, you are an intelligent writer, but you still make one simple mistake in your article. They are Democrats and part of the Democrat Party not to be confused with democratic principles or ideals.

    7. Dividing the nation. Remember the DEMOCRATS (aka)KKK Yes they were one and the same . There only though is POWER , not of the people but themselves. TELL A LIE LONG ENOUGH and fools will believe.

    8. A better analogy for the differing views on immigration would be that, Conservatives believe in a melting pot, Progressives believe in a TV dinner tray. Assimilation vs division.
      Conservatives believe that you fashion your spoon and fill your own bowl from the opportunities at hand.
      Progressives believe that you stand in line and your food is doled out by the government standing on the other side of the food line.
      Doles and food lines, exciting prospects, aren’t they?

    9. We all now know that the Democrats don’t represent the values of the people they so called represent they o ly care about tearing down the American way of life ,they value nothing of the way this country was founded so if they don’t like it here there are plenty of facist ran country you can go to,then you can spew you government control agenda to people who have not experienced freedom as we do, so in short if you don’t like here just leave you won’t be missed , signed WE THE PEOPLE

    10. Liberal Democrats ignore facts better than any group in history. If any information or data does not meet their predetermined agenda, it is completely ignored. The Democratic party needs “victims” or they lose their base. If we lift up our great Nation as a whole, the Dems lose any power they may have. The less “victims” our Nation has, the stronger it becomes at home and abroad.

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