Democrats Make War While Republicans Make Nice

Democrats Make War While Republicans Make Nice
Democrats Make War While Republicans Make Nice

U.S.A. –-( The battles for these United States are all around us. The Republicans are losing because they have not begun to fight. When Democrats are elected, the media and bureaucrats tell us we should follow the decisions of our elected leaders. When Republicans are elected, the media and bureaucrats say that the office holders are illegitimate. The claim is that all Democrats are virtuous, even when they are rapists, while all Republicans are evil, even if they are enforcing laws the Democrats passed. It is time to fight back.

The battles for these United States are all around us.
The battles for these United States are all around us.

Trump helped cut taxes. Suddenly the democrats discovered fiscal restraint. It was called a sin against humanity if we kept more of our money.  Both the Progressive pols and their media forgot that Obama doubled the US debt. I didn’t hear a Republican point out their hypocrisy.

Democrats claim that sanctuary cities are simply ignoring unjust laws. I love this approach to violating federal law. I want to do the same thing. That way, un-sanctuary cities can ignore birth-right citizenship. While we’re at it, un-sanctuary cities can ignore laws that give illegal immigrants government funded schooling, housing, food and medical care. Let’s also disallow the labor expenses paid by companies that hire illegals. (The wages paid to illegals are company charity, not a deductible business expenses.) Democrats only want the rule of law when Republicans are willing to play hardball.

The Obama Administration fought against the interstate sale of handguns. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration continued to pursue some of these unresolved cases. I blame Attorney General Jeff Sessions for continuing to pursue the case and ruling against gun owners. If the roles were reversed, then the Obama Administration would have deliberately killed the case.  Refusing to use the political powers abused by your predecessor isn’t about fairness, justice, legality or “good sportsmanship”: it is unilateral surrender.  Ask yourself, WWOD. (What would Obama do.)  That rule doesn’t impose much moral restraint. I’d have a long lists of plaintiffs who would sue and settle. That is what Obama did.

Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster

Democrats are out for power while the Republicans are hoping for approval. Trump understands these political contests. The President knows that Democrats and their media will dump hate on him no matter what he does or doesn’t do. Meanwhile, the RINOs are uncertain.

These gutless Republicans can’t withstand the criticism thrown at them by the Dems and their media. These Republican politicians-for-life would rather lose than fight. Get them out of office before we lose our country.

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The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 13 thoughts on “Democrats Make War While Republicans Make Nice

    1. What right do these ILLEGALS have to protest and cause trouble, they are not citizens. They have no rights in this country, legally. I have seen this picture before and it has been a while ago but I think it is real and factual. It makes no difference, round them all up and put them on a direct course to return home. I’ll bet they are not as abrasive there.

    2. here is one suggestion. take that creep with the big sign, demanding all that free stuff, and put him in prison, where he’ll get ALL that stuff, every day, for no cost to him. Then,after perhaps a month, ask him whether he’d prefer to stay there, or be sent back to from where he came.

      The FACT that the message begins with “America YOU OWE US” says it all: the ones protesting and holding the signs are not part of us.. they see two entities.. America, and them. And that right there IS the problem. Their country of citizenship owes them more than does America. Let them go back home and collect on that debt.

    3. Rather the sign is real or fake there’s enough without it to say illegals of all nationalities need to be removed. The whole America was built on immigrants argument is 250 yrs old.
      Now we are a nation of laws and principals. Break the law and the principal is equal punishment to all. So, GTFO. and stay out. Leave it to me and once you enter illegally then you are barred even from legal entry. Including work visa.

    4. Could not find anything to confirm nor deny the photo as being real or faked, but several sources identified the area the picture was taken being in Los Angeles near The Times building. The first appearance of it was back in 2010. One other interesting bit is there is a sign in the background with the letters AZ on it, but with magnification, it is so badly pixelated, it is unreadable, but that would add credibility to the first sign, even though the protest was in LA.

      What is also odd about the sign is that the top part is a separate sign, and the one in red lettering is on different paper, but the letters do appear to be written by the same person. There is similarity in the “r”s and other letters. The image on this site is a cropped version of the ones I found.

      Interestingly, even though the sites that called into question the part about shooting police as being possibly faked, they found no issue with the message at the top of the poster. So they obviously don’t care that these people want us to support them and their families for eternity. Yes, illegal immigrants all are so hard-working and only want a better life here. We have enough bad people that are citizens, we don’t need any more from anywhere else.

    5. I’ll say 1 thing !
      If the person with that sign didn’t get ,
      questioned by cops then Arizona is in deep $h!t
      (we will shoot more cops in Arizona till we get free ? )
      they need a bounty on illegal emigrants turn them all in .
      If the democrats vote against Trumps offer, the second it fails,
      ICE should do their Job Grab up any and all un-documented
      and deport them ASAP like now ! then listen to them beg and plead
      to take the offer he gave them.

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