Hendrick Outdoors Starts Building Custom Rifles

Hendrick Outdoors Starts Building Custom Rifles
Hendrick Outdoors Starts Building Custom Rifles

Weatherford, TX (Ammoland.Com) – Hendrick Outdoors LLC, a Texas hunting and wildlife company, has started building custom rifles for private individuals. Michael Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Outdoors LLC, started building custom rifles for Bullets & Broadheads, his TV show that aired on The Sportsman Channel & Pursuit Channel. He then began building similar rifles under the name Guardian Tactical for local law enforcement agencies. Hendrick is now expanding his business, Hendrick Custom Rifles, to include private individual sales of custom AR-15s and bolt guns.

“We started with building ARs for the local agencies and law enforcement, and have recently received more orders from private individuals,” said Michael Hendrick. “We talk to people one on one about what they want – color, scope, stock option – to build their custom rifle.”

Usually, custom rifles can start as high as $4,000.00, said Hendrick, but we start our base models as low $1,750.00. Those who want a custom rifle will be able to choose the stock in the color or finish they desire, including choice of barrel, caliber, length, rate of twist, and fluting patterns.

Hendrick Outdoors Starts Building Custom Rifles
Hendrick Outdoors Starts Building Custom Rifles

Currently, Hendrick Custom Rifles is in the finishing stages of building a new facility. Custom rifles can be ordered at (940) 859-8592. Visit Hendrick Custom Rifles at www.hendrickcustomrifles.com. Tactical can be ordered online through Guardian Tactical at www.guardiantactical.com. Hendrick Custom Rifles is a Class 3 dealer and manufacturer for suppressors.

About Hendrick Custom Rifles

Hendrick Custom Rifles, in association with Guardian Tactical and Hendrick Outdoors LLC, is a full-service custom gun maker, retailer and law enforcement dealer in Weatherford, TX – located just west of Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Whether it’s a classic hunting rifle or a modern arms sporting rifle, we can customize it. Built to withstand all of the abuse of severe hunting conditions, it lives up to our motto of accuracy and dependability, every time.

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Mike Carroll

Amazing,someone else that thinks they can charge a fortune for a AR-15.

William D Bell

Exactly. I can build my own for tons less. Than I know the nuts and bolts about it. People to busy to bother building an AR.

Don L. Bailey

Mike you can build a $600.00 AR-15, but you have about $600.00 worth of quality in it too. When you start adding refinements, then you can see your groups reduced in size. Everybody has their own ideas about a quality AR when you start picking your bolt, trigger groups, and being selective about your barrel, but in the end it still comes down to dollars and bullets. Oh, and skill too.