Mother of Dead Armed Robber Wants Her Son’s Shooter Jailed ~ VIDEO

Michael Grace, Jr
Police said Michael Grace, Jr was armed and he along with two other people tried to rob a Pizza Hut in the 3200 block of Freedom Drive.

USA – -( “Why in the hell did this guy [pizza employee] have a gun?”

That’s the question Temia Hairston is asking in the aftermath of her son, Michael Grace, Jr., being shot and killed while trying to rob a North Carolina Pizza Hut restaurant with his own gun.

While we weren’t there, we think we can answer the question pretty definitively for Ms. Hairston; that Pizza Hut employee was carrying a firearm because of people like her son.

Police said Grace Jr. was armed and he along with two other people tried to rob a Pizza Hut in the 3200 block of Freedom Drive. During the incident, an employee fired his own handgun and killed Grace Jr. …

The parents are angry that their son was shot and killed by an employee. They don’t believe the full story has been released to the public.
Apparently Ms. Hairston believes there’s some kind of conspiracy surrounding the fact that a Pizza Hut employee chose to carry a concealed gun while working in a retail operation that’s open late into the night. She can’t fathom why someone who’s working for a living would violate his employer’s policy by packing while on the job.

Hairston thinks there was something more going here. Her son had worked at that particular Pizza Hut in the past and was no doubt a model employee.

She said her son was shot in the head, and she thinks the shooting may have even been personal, citing past conflicts Grace Jr. had had with other employees at the restaurant.

“This wasn’t a body shot. This was a head shot. My son was shot in the left side of his head just behind his ear. A head shot is personal,” said Hairston.

Besides, no one has the right to use deadly force to defend himself and other innocents during the commission of a crime. We can’t have people shooting armed robbers who threaten them. Only police officers should have that right.

“If there was to be a death, it was not the place of the employee at Pizza Hut. That is the place of law enforcement,” said Hairston.

Because as we all know, police are always able to be at the scene of every crime, right when they’re needed most.

So while Ms. Hairston doesn’t condone what her son did, she says the employee who defended himself and his co-workers’ lives needs to be held to account for his actions.

Hairston said she thinks the employee who shot her son needs to be in jail, and wants all parties involved in the situation to be honest about what happened.

We couldn’t agree more. A little honesty about the death of her son would be a breath of fresh air at this point.

Dan Zimmerman
Dan Zimmerman

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    1. Here is the policy. You intend to rob or kill people in a restaurant, you run the risk of being shot and killed. If you are committing a felony, you have forfeited your rights. He sucked at being an armed robber, sorry, but you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. The guy working at Pizza Hut is not the issue, what he does at Pizza Hut makes no difference. The now dead felon attempted to commit a crime, instead it ended with no one other than the criminal getting hurt. I would call that successful. No you can not sue the kid who was working and earning his money. Are you more mad that the police didn’t shoot him, so you could claim some sort of police bias and get a check?

      1. amen brother its funny how someone goes to commit a crime gets killed its racist or the guy
        was a model citizen its like the law doesn’t matter in america anymore everything is the fault of the
        white guy

      1. LOL! opps
        There it is.
        Too bad he wasn’t armed. Oh, he was, because he WAS an ARMED ROBBER!
        That’s why people dealing with Money are Armed. Perfect reason for 2nd Amendment, Concealed Carry, Stand Your Ground!
        You sure brought him up well Momma. Pat yourself on the ASS.

    2. It’s great that that guy is dead, he deserved it. A local pizza place here in Texas was being robbed(with a toy gun). An employee had a real gun and shot and killed the robber. Fortunately, the employee did not face charges.

    3. There is no law against using like force when defending oneself.
      The worker has a U.S. Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and with that the right to use arms to defend one’s life.
      The worker may have been violating company policy by carrying a concealed weapon into the workplace to defend himself against people who would threaten to kill him, so at worst, call for him to be fired.
      As for the head shot? I won’t even begin to imagine how this shooting went down. I know not where and in which position the robbers and the store employee were standing as the employee reacted and defended his life. Fear, adrenaline, amount and type of training… too many imponderables to consider. I am sure it wasn’t a long drawn out and calculated shootout, but rapidly quick and instinctive.
      I am sure the presence of the robber’s gun was accompanied by a verbal threat that if the employee did not hand over the money somebody would be killed. That wasn’t an implication, nor a misguided request…it was a direct threat met with a direct response. Blame your kid, wish for the company to fire the employee, and hope to get some shakedown settlement from Pizza Hut as if they somehow owe you for your son’s criminality.

      1. I is amazing that people this completely stupid not only walk among us but are allowed to reproduce. But at least darwin took care of her POS son. Good riddance to bad rubbish

    4. “in the aftermath of her son, Michael Grace, Jr., being shot and killed while trying to rob a North Carolina Pizza Hut restaurant with his own gun.”
      “During the incident, an employee fired his own handgun and killed Grace Jr.”

      Well, Whose gun did he get killed with, his gun or the store employees gun?

    5. When you try and rob someone , you take on the risk of getting shot and killed. I don’t care where this guy got hit, it is his fault for robbing someone NOT the employees fault for protecting himself and others.

    6. Nothing ticks me off more than an ‘article’ written as if the news is recent, but the actual event happened A YEAR AND A HALF AGO.

      If you can’t be bothered to start out right from the top and give the DATE of the event you are discussing, when you are going back so far in time, then you are promoting CLICK BAIT. And I **HATE** click bait.

      So I am sinkholing this domain, never to visit again. I can get my gun news from non-clickbait sources. In the future, when you are rehashing ANCIENT news, be sure and say so up front.

      Buh bye.

    7. I will say this I feel and think that any one who works any where at night or even over night should have the right to be able to protect them selves. Any company who does not let any one on or in there building do so and this or other employees are kill or injured with doing there jobs should be suited by the families or employees them selves if they survive. I would not nor will take a job at night with a company who would not let me carry to defend my self in case or armed robbery. This man and his friends got what they deserved, no one told them to commit armed robbery they thought it up them selves and got the consaquences of there actions. I feel sorry for this Mother but it is all on her son and no one else.

      1. I’m not gleeful at her grief or loss. Anyone who has lost a child can feel her pain. And should. I never want those feelings. To that end, we taught our children the difference between right and wrong and emphasized the need to do right, and the dishonor of doing wrong. This death would have been avoided, if the kid had kept his job at Pizza Hut, instead of learning from his friends that robbing ‘be cool, man.’

      2. gk,

        Not certain whether or not your comment is sarcasm… but MY “glee” has absolutely nothing to do with gloating over her sense of grief (which may actually exist – although I am not certain of that, either, because her cultural/moral/ethical values are different than mine). My happiness, satisfaction, relief, etc is solely and specifically from the fact that an existing (obvious, undeniable) danger to society has been completely negated. In fact, I am ecstatic about that tiny – but real – improvement in my grandchildren’s world.

    8. This is the type of mother we get in today’s Entitled liberal nonsense. Had she done a better job at raising her son he might still be alive.She claims that he had worked there previously and the other employees might have an agenda. Did she ever think that He might have had an agenda and was there to kill someone there out of spite?Why do the parents of criminals always try to place the blame on anyone and everyone but their angel child?

    9. Better that robbers should have to choose between death and giving up robbery than that good people should have to choose between death and submission to robbery.


    10. I’m assuming that most people will take it personal if someone points a gun at them, loaded or not. I’m also assuming that anyone with even half a brain realizes that if they point a gun at someone (especially during the commission of a crime) the person having the gun pointed at them is very likely to do any and everything possible to circumvent the situation, by whatever means available to them.

      If you really don’t want to get shot (preferably in the head), don’t point guns at people, idiot!

    11. This kind of thing is sickening. It would seem that people born and living in the U.S.A. would be able to do a self correction on themselves based on how others in this country live. I’m sure they are voters that the dems. bus to the polling station and give them all their free stuff in order to keep them as slaves to the party. In the picture of him, he looks like he is three sheets to the wind and not a specific ethnic person. Where did she find a last name for him, maybe it was one of her client’s name. You can’t make this type of thing up.

    12. When she was asked about his father she said she wasn’t sure who he was as she was servicing many clients a day during the time of her son’s conception. Some people don’t think that it be like that; but, it do. Good shoot.

      1. Your F-cked up son walks into a public establishment with a gun and a criminal history, with maleintent in mind, and you are that ignorant to ask why? Kudos to the employee for ending a possibly horrifying ending and saving tax payers thousands for court and jail costs.

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