New Hampshire | Gun Ban to be Heard, Action Needed

Concealed Carry Teachers
Concealed Carry Teachers

New Hampshire-( The entire Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is deeply saddened by the murders that occurred in Parkland, Florida. However, we reject the concept that the acts of a criminal who violated Florida's gun free school zone law and then committed murder, in any way justify increased gun control on law abiding gun owners anywhere.

I know that we have been sending a lot of email, but we are working very hard to keep gun owners engaged with events that are happening in Concord. We don't send email just to send email; each message you receive from us will have an action item.

Last week, in a sneak attack, reminiscent of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Senator Martha Hennessey, without warning offered a floor amendment to SB 357 that will create, for the first time ever, a New Hampshire law that will allow local school boards to ban guns. Senator Hennessy appeared to have caught many other senators off guard and the amendment was referred to the Senate Education Committee for “study”.

Senator Hennessey is blaming you, the law abiding gun owner for the acts of a murderer. She is attempting to curtail your civil right to be armed because of the criminal acts of a murderer. I find it hard to believe that someone who plans to commit murder will worry about a ban on gun possession in a school.

It has recently been reported that an armed Broward County Florida Deputy Sheriff was at the scene of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but instead of engaging the shooter and attempting to save lives, the coward, Deputy Sheriff Scot Peterson waited outside for at least 4 minutes while people were murdered.

And in case you haven't heard, his boss Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is calling for new gun control, this call comes after his office failed to investigate reports that the alleged shooter was planning this attack and amid updated news reports that are now indicating other Broward Sheriff's deputies might have also displayed acts of cowardice instead of acts of heroism.

Senator Hennessey seems to be answering that call and pushing gun control right here in New Hampshire.

But we don't need gun control in New Hampshire, we need to continue to allow legally armed adults to carry guns. That is a powerful deterrent.

The good news is that legislators and local school boards are finally admitting that they do not have the authority to ban guns in schools.

The bad news is that the anti-gun left will be working over the next week to convince Senators to support the Hennessey gun ban amendment which will not be considered by the Senate Education Committee before March 6, 2018.

The facts are quite simple, when law abiding adults are not deprived of their Second Amendment Civil Rights, lives are saved. Why? Because the criminals do not know who is armed and who will be able to offer an armed response to an attack. Gun free zones are free fire zones that cost lives. Here are some recent mass murders that occurred in presumably gun free zones:

  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland Florida – 17 murdered because the state of Florida prohibits possession of a firearm by anyone other than law enforcement in a school. Coach Aaron Feis was murdered shielding students from gun fire. If gun possession was not banned Coach Feis was the type of person who may have carried a concealed gun. Sadly, the state of Florida did not give him that choice.
  • First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, Texas – 26 were murdered for voluntarily obeying the church's gun ban. The murderer was stopped by a neighbor who was armed with an AR 15 type rifle and who is also an NRA Certified Instructor.
  • Pulse Nighclub, Orlando, Florida – 49 people were murdered because the state of Florida bans the carrying of guns at anyplace where the primary business is the sale of alcohol for consumption. Pulse was primarily a bar, not a restaurant so guns were banned and no one was able to offer armed resistance to the murderer.

I think you get the idea that gun free zones cost lives and legally armed citizens save lives. Here is what you need to do to stop the Hennessy gun ban:

Send this prewritten message to all members of the Senate Education Committee:

Dear Senators,

Please vote NO on Senator Hennessey's amendment allowing local school boards to ban guns. This amendment has been offered in response to the murders in Florida that were a direct result of law enforcement's failure to act as well as cowardice by some Deputy Sheriff's. We do not have a problem in New Hampshire schools precisely because we allow law abiding adults to carry guns. That is a powerful deterrent. Please do not act on emotion, but rather on facts, and the facts are that guns, in the hands of law abiding people, save lives.

Thank you,


Chairman Senator John Reagan, , 603-271-4063 email [email protected]
Vice Chairman Senator Bob Guida, 603-271-3074 email [email protected]
Senator Ruth Ward 603-271-6733 email [email protected]
Senator David Watters 603-271-8631 email: [email protected]
Senator Jay Kahn 603-271-8631 email: [email protected]

If any of these Senators write back to you please forward a copy to me at: [email protected]

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  • 9 thoughts on “New Hampshire | Gun Ban to be Heard, Action Needed

    1. best thing to do in a liberal state is vote all the liberal do nothings out ,then vote in nra people with brains

    2. Why do legislators insist on attaching a filthy dressing to a wound in our society. Laws have not stopped drugs, rape, robbery, theft, illegal aliens, and yes mass murder. We have a metal health management issue. We just look the other way. It is so obvious that we have a society problem, not a gun problem.
      Why do educated, intelligent , “ELECTED” people still try to fix a problem without a solution? These are rhetorical questions that will probably never be answered. As long as politicians focus on re-election rather than true leadership we are in a downward spiral like the water going down your toilet. Our founding fathers were brilliant people. They had seen and heard all this garbage before. They set us up to have a free society. They knew dangers of government squashing it’s people. Many died for what we cherish today. Maybe the revolution really is coming. Let’s protect our children. Let’s educate the new progressives on how this country really survived. Thank you John Moses Browning.
      May the 2nd ammendment remain written in stone.

    3. I suppose they showed that picture of a teacher improperly concealing her weapon as a way to show how it would be dangerous or ineffective to have untrained teachers carry. To clarify, her hand should not be behind her weapon but either using her other hand or changing the position of the weapon so as to grab it properly from the outside.

    4. I totally agree with ras’s viewpoint. I live in Ct. and the liberalism is rampant in this state! our elected officials kill more unborn children than the misuse of guns ever will. yet that is okay!

    5. Perhaps Hennessey should require that the ‘no guns allowed’ be larger with ‘no-no” signs so the idiots could read it.

      What is up with my neighbors in NH? You seemed to have been following VT’s lead, even tho we have the antis trying hard. The head of our ‘gun sense VT even comes from NH, and was mad that she couldn’t even testify at our hearings in Monpelier last week as an out of stater. Please don’t follow MA’s lead or you can kiss all your rights goodbye.

    6. So much for the “Live Free or Die” state. It seems to have contracted the CT, MA, and NY liberal virus that is spreading across the northeast like the flu. The 2018 mid terms will mark a turning point in gun ownership in NH if more liberals like Senator Hennessey are elected. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    7. I definitely vote NO on Senator Hennessey’s amendment. Perhaps Senator Hennessey should be banned from politics along with the rest of the anti-gun Liberals who believe that removing guns from society, as a whole, is the answer to all gun violence in this country. Removing guns from the possession of law abiding, American citizens will never remove the threat of gun violence from society!

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