New This Week on Shooting USA – Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship

Cowboy Fast Draw
Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship

Nashville, TN – ( – It’s the shootout sport that Hollywood created… the Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship from Fallon, Nevada with the best who can draw and thumb their single actions in a fraction of a second.

Plus, Honored American Veterans Afield celebrates 10 years of helping wounded vets get back to the range.

And Savage Arms introduces the AccuFit Kit to match you to your best shooting position.


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  • 6 thoughts on “New This Week on Shooting USA – Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship

    1. @Johnnie or Jim Scoutten or anyone else. What is the difference between this and the “Leather Slap” contests that used to be held?

    2. It’s fast draw with a safe round of wax in a 45 shell casing. There’s a shotgun primer that sends it downrange at close to 750 feet per second. The wax bullet hits a metal target with a sensor on it. It’s timed from the instant a light comes on in the center of the target and then you are pulling the 45, cocking it simultaneously, pulling the trigger and sending the wax bullet down range – hopefully hitting the target – from the hip. Fastest time hitting the target gets the win. It’s harder than you think.

    3. Michael. I’m not quite sure if I know what you’re referring to here? However, for an example, you could put a 44-40 or 44 magnum, in a rifle that was actually better known to be a revolver round, and then technically you could call that a rifle round. Of course, those are just two caliber examples of this, as there are many others that fit the bill as well. I suppose you could put a “rifle round”(i.e. 30-06 30-30 ect) in something like a Thompson Center Contender single shot pistol, and it truly would be better know as a “rifle round” even though it’s being shot in a hand gun However, if what you are talking about is the rifle round in that persons ammo belt, then I would compare that to Josh Randall – Steve McQueen of he series “Wanted Dead or Alive” who had a gun belt full of 45-70 rounds, even those he was using a Mare’s Leg which was designed for the 44-40 pistol round of that time. Go figure huh… In this case referring to the gentleman in the photo above, it would be anybody’s guess why he has a bottle neck style rifle round in his belt? Anyway, that’s just my take on this. .

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