Open Letter to Florida Legislature from Florida Carry General Counsel

Gun Free School Zone
Gun Free School Zone

U.S.A. –-( As the State of Florida mourns the loss of innocent lives on Wednesday in Broward County, I mourn too, but I am also angry. I am angry that the Florida Legislature has once again enabled an evil individual to take innocent lives because the Legislature refuses to acknowledge the fact that that evil people will not follow the laws it passes. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Legislature acts as if the laws it passes will stop criminals. Laws punish wrongdoing, they do not stop wrongdoers. Yet Florida continues to prohibit licensed law-abiding citizens from possessing the tools to protect themselves and their children from mass murder.

Despite the repeated failure of so called “gun-free zones”, the Florida Legislature has taken no steps over the past seven years to protect our children. While the responsibility for Wednesday’s events rests solely with the actions of the evil person who committed this act, it is the Legislature that has enabled such tragedies to occur. It is the Legislature’s inaction that has made such tragedies worse.

The Legislature has ignored the repeated requests of Florida Carry, other civil rights groups, and the law-abiding citizens of this state to give up the fallacy of “gun-free zones”. This body has left our children and their teachers defenseless. It has kowtowed to anti-freedom groups and has blocked or refused to hear common-sense legislation to protect our children and the professionals to whom we entrust our children’s care on a daily basis.

It is a well-established fact from numerous such events that bad people with guns will only stop their carnage when confronted by an armed response. Every second until that response occurs allows the murderer to kill and maim more innocents.

From 1987 until now, every time the Legislature has acted to restore the rights of law-abiding citizens to protect those for whom they love and care, those citizens have responsibly exercised the trust placed in them. Every time, those citizens have proven the claims of the anti-gun forces to be lies. Every time, the claims of dire consequences for returning rights to the people have proven false.

This case was not a failure of law-abiding citizens to act responsibly. This was another failure of law enforcement to investigate and stop a deranged individual. People did SEE something, and people did SAY something, but law-enforcement failed to fully investigate and prosecute the shooter for prior crimes. Just as in Sutherland Springs, law-enforcement’s failure is being blamed on law-abiding citizens and their legal firearms. Law-abiding citizens cannot rely on law enforcement to protect them and must be given the means to protect themselves.

The time for half-measures and incrementalism is over. It is past time to give ‘we the people’, our teachers, and the parents volunteering in schools the ability to defend themselves and stop these tragedies.

The time to act is now. For years, many in the Legislature have touted their NRA ratings. They have claimed to be on the side of the law-abiding citizens with licenses who, for over three decades, have proven themselves more law-abiding than even the police officers who heroically responded Wednesday. Why then, should these same citizens be left defenseless while they await law enforcement’s response?

In every state that has allowed law-abiding citizens to carry in schools, the citizens have proven equal to the challenge. None of these states have suffered what Florida suffered Wednesday. Those state have eliminated a favorite target of the deranged individuals who commit such evil.

Florida Carry hereby calls on the Legislature to immediately:

  1. Pass emergency legislation to eliminate gun-free zones for law-abiding concealed carry licensees;
  2. Pass emergency legislation authorizing all teachers in public schools who possess a CWFL to carry their licensed, concealed firearm if they so choose, without repercussion;
  3. Provide immediate funding of one million dollars in grants for county school boards and sheriffs to implement pilot programs of the Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response (FASTER) Program in the State of Florida.

Though the Legislature’s inaction enabled Wednesday’s events, errors of judgment can be corrected if good people are willing to admit they were wrong. It is time for those who support the Second Amendment, who recognize that armed citizens are an asset, and who truly want to protect our children, to recognize and admit that evil will not obey laws. Evil will not respect gun-free zones. Evil will not be stopped by anything other than armed response. The longer that response, the more innocent lives lost.

I am reminded today of the teachers at Sandy Hook who died trying to shield the children they loved from evil. An unarmed person is just another victim. An armed person is a force who can stop the carnage. It is within the Legislature’s power to make sure that if it happens again, the response will be faster and fewer innocent lives will be lost.

As a father of two public school children I cannot wait any longer. I want my children to be safe when they are not with me. I will not rest until the Florida Legislature takes action to protect my children and their friends. If it will not be done by those already in the Legislature, it will be done by those who replace them.

About Florida CarryFlorida Carry, Inc.

Florida Carry, Inc, is a nonprofit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental civil right of all Floridians to keep and bear arms for self defense. Their website is

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The liberal legislatures are not stupid. They quickly realized that their laws would make schools killing fields, which would result in the eventual passage of universal firearm restriction ending in confiscation from civilians. Wake up people! The grand socialist plan is working at the expense of children’s lives. ” ..The ends justify the means..” The innocence must be sacrificed for the benefit of liberalism.


You are absolutely right! The FBI was aware of this guy and the threats he openly made yet nothing was done. Let a parent swat their child in public and all hell breaks loose, but they can’t do anything about a sociopath? Those that want to destroy our Constitution and our Nation refuse to do anything that does not foster their own agenda, which is removing firearms from the hands of our citizens. If your kids die in the process they consider it “Collateral Damage” to further their cause.


The democraps and RHINOs are already back on the Russian thing. That is much more important to them than our kids getting slaughtered in school. Even DACA is more important. I know it is crazies that do these mass murders but I think there are a vast number of crazies in our government, also. Is it going to take another civil war to sort all of this out? IF we did lose our identity and become part of the “one world order” I would be willing to bet the powers to be would not give a rats a$$ for any… Read more »


Stay alert. Stay armed. Practice. The police will only show up AFTER your dead.


Those signs only mean one thing. If you want to shoot a lot of people, we are doing our best to see that no one shoots back.


But they’ll NEVER force citizen disarmament if armed responses stop mass shootings.
Just like NY after Sandy Hook
Once the “LAW” is in place – GOOD LUCK REVERSING IT!
Gun free school zones are the best way to ENSURE that there are NO GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS on the premises to get in the way of the HIGH BODY COUNT


A good article but I think it rests too much on the citizens to protect these kids. The cost of one officer per school is nothing in comparison to one child’s life that has been taken by a crazy. When the parents get done with this school district they may wish they had protected these kids.


One LE per school is a bad idea. Never mind the cost Easy to identify and take out. Easy to separate from his weapon. When ANY adult who already works at any school is suddenly allowed to continue to work there but do so armed, the same as he goes about all his other daily business off campus, then the putative perp will have no idea who is/is not armed, and thus a threat to his evil plan. No, the adults who are already AT the schools, who have worked hard to develop longstanding relationships with their students, are by… Read more »


To clarify the statement I said about a Resource Officer in school I was thinking about a school with the approximate size that we have in this area. It does not compare to the size of that school in Florida. You would think they would have a lot more security based on the size of the school. How did someone just walk in and move about at will? I think the school board that said no weapons on school property will have to answer to the parents after they recover from their losses.



Your comment is valid. Many people in this school, the FBI, and others ‘dropped the effen ball’ each one making their own contribution to this extremely sad, but avoidable event.

Rick in TN

As the man said. “If it will not be done by those already in the Legislature, it will be done by those who replace them.” Mid-terms coming up shortly, Know your candidates, vote your conscience..

Dave Brown

Well Folks the biggest Gun Free Zone we have in The USA is every single Government Building including I believe every Cop Shop. Now Why in the Heck is That? I know why, yet I am not 100% oppoised to Gun Free Zone for people like ME. I have carried for about 39 years now, and I don’t like leaving it in the car, but I do. Now I do not respect State Lines, but I might in CA or NY, but I think I will carry anyway. So what is my point, well first off I guess I lean… Read more »


Anyone else notice how whenever ‘Gun Control’ starts losing popularity in this country we have a mass shooting event?

Just wondering.


I am so sick of completely out of touch with reality politicians and their folly of “gun free” zones.


That sign is a big easy kills here sign. Do they think a criminal is not aware there are repercussions for doing what they “plan” on doing. Key word being PLANNING. The fact sort targets like schools and churches and mass gatherings areas are targeted is because they know,
1. There are numerous situationally unaware targets.
2. Gun free zones offer little resistance and retaliation.
3. Since people in these zones are expected to flee and possibly provide cover for escape by way of jumping into a place where they can ditch the weapon and blend.


“While the responsibility for Wednesday’s events rests solely with the actions of the evil person who committed this act…”

You’re doing it wrong! Don’t you know, you are supposed to blame the gun, not the person who had control of the gun and made the decision to kill people. Geez! 😉

Wild Bill

Every state has a state police or bureau of investigation, so why does not every state have a telephone number to call to report these kinds of potential incidents, people’s Facebook statements, and other clues to an investigative group dedicated to this sort of thing? This is clearly a Tenth Amendment police powers situation, and would not take much to set up. It could be done within already ongoing programs and budgets.

Marc DV

FBI Blew it !
Why ? They had a Name , A State .
and NICS. They had his address , what Guns
he purchased, When he purchased them .
Not Enough Info…..BULL $HIT THEY BLEW IT !

Wild Bill

DV, The Fat Boy Institute was too busy picking the next president for us. The Flaming Bunch of Idiots could not stoop to the level of the local police to make a coordination. Find out who failed, and send that individual to Shirley Temple School. Then demote the supervisor. Then fire everyone up the chain from the supervisor to just below Wray. Wray gets a pass due to being new, but just this one. We the People have to start demanding results from the Famous But Incompetents.


Excellent. I suggest NRA National School Shield.


Home school – take the education and money back from the Libs.


The most powerful points made here are, “…evil will not obey laws.” “Evil will not respect gun-free zones.” But, unfortunately these are also the most ‘common sense’ statements, and liberals avoid common sense arguments at all costs. I was recently in Ohio and noticed the infamous GUN FREE ZONE circles on a grocery store window. I asked the proprietor the reason for the sign and his amazing answer was to keep bad people with guns out. I told him he was a fool that the reason they call us ‘law abiding citizens’ is because we will obey laws, AND, bad… Read more »

Marc DV

Those That Might Be Able to Help ! Don’t Go There .
For Risk of Jail or Fines . Plus Their Not Wanted There !
Where I Go, It Go , Where It Go – I Know !!!

Cassius Goode

Finally – ‘common sense’ firearms legislation I can support!


Teachers and administrators who have taken classes and received their Concealed Carry Permit from the local Sheriff or Chief of Police should be allowed, if he/she desires, to carry that firearm in their daily duties as an educator. The on-duty police officer at the school was apparently in another section of the buildings when the shooter began his three minute rampage and then escaped among the fleeing students. Had one of the teachers on the scene had a gun available to him, the outcome may have been different because the criminal may have gone elsewhere for an undefended target or… Read more »


The first evaluation given to someone who wants to be “voted into a public office” IS; Do they believe the Second Amendment IS relevant today for Americans!
The second criteria is: Does this person believe the Constitution is relevant today!
The third criteria is: Does this person want to allow Law Abiding Citizens the RIGHT of self protection!
The forth criteria is: What does this person plan to do for Americans within his/her district?

Mike S.

Alarm bells should go off the instant they announce “I support the 2nd Amendment, BUT . . .”


Excellent, I also contacted most of the Florida legislators and Senate with the same concept. They need to wake up from their pre-election coma and act.