PA Game-Lands Access Enhanced For Those With Mobility Issues

Disabled Goose Hunt
PA Game-Lands Access Enhanced For Those With Mobility Issues

USA -( The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today adopted a host of improvements that enhance public access to state game lands by persons with mobility challenges.

The package was developed through an extensive review by Game Commission staff of public access to game lands – a process that included opportunities for public comment and a series of meetings at which the public could learn about game-lands access and offer input.

Central to the initiative is creation of a Disabled Person Access Permit, which allows mobility-challenged game-lands users to use ATVs, golf carts and other mobility devices on designated routes on game lands.

This permit will be free, and separate from the existing permit that allows disabled persons to hunt from motorized vehicles and ATVs. A wider variety of applicants might qualify for the new permit.

The new permit is for the operation of mobility devices on designated routes on game lands. Mobility devices must meet specific requirements to ensure the protection of game lands while accommodating mobility-challenged hunters and trappers. Permit holders cannot possess loaded sporting arms while in or on a mobility device without obtaining an additional permit.

All ATVs or snowmobiles used as mobility devices need to be registered with the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and display a valid registration plate or decal.

Pennsylvania Game Commission

All mobility devices permitted by the Game Commission are required to display a sticker issued by the commission. And all mobility devices must stick closely to designated routes.

With the permit, a hunter using a mobility device could traverse a maximum of 100 yards perpendicular to the designated route.

Meanwhile, the measure establishes that hunters in wheelchairs are free to traverse anywhere on the game lands where pedestrian foot travel is authorized. Hunters using wheelchairs to locate and flush game, however, could only possess loaded sporting arms on or in wheelchairs if they possess the permit that allows them to hunt from vehicles.

Otherwise, manual or electric wheelchair users on game lands don’t need a Disabled Person Access Permit.

  • 6 thoughts on “PA Game-Lands Access Enhanced For Those With Mobility Issues

    1. @Mark DV that part of the article didn’t sink in until I read your comment. That is a real crock. I went back and read it and they seem to imply that they are being generous to people who are disabled. What could be their idea in doing this. Glad I don’t live in PA.

    2. That all sounds like a bunch of farphinmulky !
      1st if your in a wheelchair ! you have to unload ,
      to travel 20 yrds or risk going to jail ! Average
      people walk while hunting with loaded weapons
      as part of the hunt. BUT ! if your in a chair (like me)
      you have to get a permit . If like at times, I will flush,
      for my wife and if I as all ways have a pistol on my hip.
      I have to unload it or go to jail because I don’t have a
      permit to hunt from a vehicle !!! UNREAL
      That’s making me pay for being wounded all over again !
      Thank Heavens I don’t live there and won’t ever !!!!!!!!!!

      1. Did you check to see if the “unloaded” gun applies to one carried for self-defense? There are many States where there is an exception for that. Before you get all upset why not check? If there is no exemption why not ask if that was an oversight and if so work toward getting it reversed.

        1. @ V40
          I was just pointing out some stumbling blocks .
          I don’t live there , but I if I did would push back,
          on this as it’s worded. Maybe some folks who,
          live there IN that situation may be able to open
          their eyes on what is needed. I’ve found it’s kind
          of hard doing something for a good reason if you
          can’t picture the true need of the person or people
          you wish to help !

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