PETA Massacred 1,809 Dogs & Cats in 2017, Body Count Exceeds 38,000 Animals ~ VIDEO

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PETA Massacred 1,809 Dogs & Cats in 2017, Body Count Exceeds 38,000 Animals

Washington, D.C. —-( Today the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) announced that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has continued to slaughter pets by the thousands at its Norfolk, VA headquarters for yet another year.

According to documents filed last week by PETA with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), its so-called “animal shelter” killed 1,809 adoptable pets in 2017.

View PETA’s public report here.

PETA’s kill rate stands out an alarming 74%.

While other Virginia shelters won’t have to turn in their numbers until the end of February, last year the euthanization rate at comparable private shelters was only 9.4% and the overall state average was 17.3%.

An inspection of PETA’s records by the state found that PETA kills the vast majority of animals within 24 hours—not even giving them a chance to find a new home. And PETA doesn’t even necessarily wait to get back to its shelter to kill the animals. Last year, PETA paid nearly $50,000 to a family after its employees snatched the family dog off of a porch and then killed it in their van as they sped away.

PETA co-founder and president Ingrid Newkirk has made disturbing remarks against pet ownership in the past.

Newkirk has said, “Pet ownership is an absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation” and, “I think it would be lovely if we stopped this whole notion of pets altogether.”

“PETA is running a slaughterhouse under the guise of an animal shelter,” said Coggin. “You can’t spell ‘death penalty’ without ‘PETA.’”

For more information and to see the evidence, please visit

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LOL! You triggered morons are hilarious. I can’t tell if you all are legitimately stupid and believe these headlines, or if you just like getting together and acting this way for the “lolz.” Either way, followers of this page sound like the type of people that eat tide pods.


PETA believes that ALL pets are abominations created by humans through selective breeding and that these animals have no right to be alive. If these cowards applied the same “standard” to humans, then they would euthanize any and all mixed race individuals and their prodigy…hell, their ethos likely would have spared us Obama. At least PETA, unlike HSUS, has a mission, no matter how deplorable and inhuman, that does not involve only making money for the asses that run it by tricking naive people into thinking their donations go to rescue animals. PETA lies by saying they are saving animals… Read more »


Sounds like PETA is finally doing something right!!jmiller


Wow, psychotic!

Chuck Johnson

Our intire family for 4 generations has followed the ethic that “If you kill it you have to eat it”. These ass***s should be made to eat everything they kill. By the way in our family PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. Dogs and cats aren’t tasty!


So you’ve tried them?

Joseph Martin

Just another group of brain-dead sick SOBs who are polluting the human gene pool and need to be euthanized for the human population.

James Higginbotham

couldn’t AGREE MORE.


We are euthanizing the wrong animals!

Keith Langer

PETA seems to have adopted that classic line from the Viet Nam War:

We had to kill the animals in order to save them………..


The hypocrisy of the left. Is anyone actually surprised?