Porter Abuse Scandal is a Black Eye for Chief of Staff John Kelly

Chief of Staff John Kelly's abuse continues after firing White House staff secretary Rob Porter.
Porter Abuse Scandal is a black eye for Chief of Staff John Kelly

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Chief of Staff John Kelly's abuse continues after firing White House staff secretary Rob Porter.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Porter Abuse Scandal is a Black Eye for Chief of Staff John Kelly

    1. My first thought was , Could someone else have given her the black eye just for added emphasis? (including her lawyer for instance)

      1. Why would anyone Take Pictures of
        Someone they Gave a Black Eye ?
        If He Took the Picture as He Claims,
        Why ? To Put Himself in Jail !
        Makes No Sense. Plus, Didn’t the Ex’s
        Get Interviewed Before He Took the Job ?
        Either they Lied then or Are Lying Now !
        Why Wait to Get the Word Out , Say it Fast as
        Possible. Not Years Later. KINDA HINKY to me.

      2. @oldvet Hi haven’t heard much from you for a while. Anyway, I agree with what you say the black eye could have been staged in order to get back at him. Ten or fifteen years ago when this, supposedly took place why didn’t she get a police report on it. This nonsense of just taking a woman’s word for an act that will really mess a guy’s life up is wrong and not lawful. I think a person still has the right to face their accuser in a court of law. The “me too” movement is another liberal wet dream and so far it is working. I’ve always felt that a man that hits a woman is a coward because that was what I was taught.

    2. This cartoon could be dead wrong! We don’t know what Kelly knew or when he knew it. The FBI could have been setting on it’s hands again (kind of like they do on background checks)! Gotta’ love people that jump to a conclusion without knowing the facts! Didn’t we just have a president for eight years that did that? Didn’t we learn ANYTHING!

    3. Let’s look at what is “Domestic Abuse”. My ex had her attorney accuse me of “Domestic Abuse” during the divorce to up the ante for more alimony and to deprive me of my gun rights. The ONLY abuse in 20 years was the 2 times right before she filed for divorce when I told her, “NO”, when she wanted more money to waste, or in this case, stash before she abandoned me and the kids.
      It is easy for a woman to falsely accuse a man of anything and get away with it in the U.S. Courts, usually without incurring any penalties for her actions. However, depending upon the false accusation, as my attorney put it, “Some stinks won’t wash off, even if untrue”. This could be the same situation here, so don’t buy the media story out-and-out about the abuse.

    4. I am a retired Army CSM with over 30 years service going back to Viet Nam in 1965/66. While still serving I was a member of a rifle squad that won a number of individual team trophies at Installation, FORSCOM, Winston Wilson and All Army matches. I am a builder, collector, hunter, and target shooter. I cast bullets for my muzzle loaders, cap and ball revolvers, and centerfire rifles and pistols. I do not belong to this group or any of the organizations listed above because they espouse highly partisan, conservative viewpoints that have little or nothing to do with the Constitutional right to bear arms. Obama did not come for our guns and no one else is either. I used to be a member and supporter of the NRA when it was a magazine that concerned itself with firearms, marksmanship, gun safety, and competitive shooting. I no longer do as the organization has morphed into something I find highly offensive. Believe what you will but there are many like me – progressive, patriotic, gun owners.

    5. Before Everyone Jumps All Over Him ,
      Look at the Security Guy’s (career Government Employ’s)
      Who Slow Walked the Clearance Papers to the W.H. .
      Looks Like More Deep State People is are a Foot !

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