Preventing Thefts of Firearms From Vehicles | New NSSF Brochure

AR-10 Truck Console Mount
AR-10 Truck Console Mount

NEWTOWN, Conn.-( In response to the rising number of gun thefts from vehicles, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has produced a brochure designed to remind gun owners to take precautions if they must leave a firearm in their car or truck for any period of time.

The “Firearms Safety in Vehicles” brochure joins NSSF’s lineup of educational materials reminding gun owners that it’s their responsibility to keep their firearms out of the wrong hands.

The brochure emphasizes this key safety rule: “Your firearm must be under your control at all times; when it’s not, it should be placed in locked storage and out of sight.”

NSSF notes that vehicle door locks and trunk locks don’t turn cars and trucks into gun safes. The same goes for glove boxes and console compartments.

“If you must temporarily store a gun in your car or truck, for your safety and that of our community, we encourage you to take steps to properly store them,” reads the brochure. “Use a secure storage device, keep [the gun] out of sight, try not to be away from the vehicle for an extended length of time, and, when you arrive home, take the firearm inside with you to your secure home storage area.”

The most practical device for storing a firearm temporarily in a vehicle is a lockable gun case or a lock box, which come in a range of sizes and prices. Some lock boxes can be secured to the vehicle with a steel cable, for example.

The new Firearms Safety in Vehicles brochure is available in print and downloadable pdf versions on the NSSF literature website. A discount is applied to volume orders of the print version.

NSSF Brochure| Firearms Safety Vehicles

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  • 13 thoughts on “Preventing Thefts of Firearms From Vehicles | New NSSF Brochure

    1. I would like to find something that would hold a AR pistol
      securely while I went into the store or post office. So far I have not found anything that is acceptable. It has to be secure but accessible when needed. It would be for short times 15-20 mins tops. Anyone know of such an item??

        1. Wrong, premises is the inside of the building. A parking lot outside the building is not included in premises. Your statement is incorrect, well unless you smash your car thru the building, then you have even more problems….

          1. The Post Office claims it’s illegal, ;but they’re full of it. MB is correct about the definition of “premises” in the governing Federal law.

            Unfortunately, the PO has gotten at least one court to agree with them, so we have a bad precedent set that can cause difficulty if anybody else needs to challenge their bogus claim.

            1. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeal located in Denver has ruled that arms may be in a vehicle in a “not secured, gated P O parking lot.” The 10th Circuit rules apply in only these states.
              United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit – Wikipedia
              District of Colorado. District of Kansas. District of New Mexico. Eastern District of Oklahoma. Northern District of Oklahoma. Western District of Oklahoma. District of Utah. District of Wyoming [wiki]

    2. No, it is NOT my responsibility for the criminal acts of others, NSSF. Responsible storage to keep children safe from accidents is my responsivility, but not others’ criminal acts. With the much higher number of deaths resulting from criminal and improper use of vehicles, shoukd we put carbide wheel locks on oir vehicles whenever we will be leaving them?

      1. JDL may I suggest you step back and appreciate the “intent” of the article.
        Common sense, safety, and responsibility go hand in hand no matter the situation.

    3. I have a Console Vault. Console Vault has a similar competitor, Lock’er Down. I keep a cheap digital camera and an old GPS in it. Bottom line: you can see the cam that locks it. battery powered angle grinder, 20 seconds, you’re in.

      I also have a Fort Knox Auto Pistol safe. It holds an S&W 642 and a Ruger LC9s, or a Ruger P90. Thick steel, mechanism isolated, tough nut to crack.

      I will buy more Fort Knox & V-Line pistol safes, and I might take a console vault as a gift but I would not put a gun in it.

    4. Lockable vehicle gun cases are a JOKE. They can easily be defeated with a pry bar. DO NOT LEAVE FIREARMS IN YOUR VEHICLE, PERIOD, END OF STORY!

      1. There are times when you need to leave a gun in your car, like at U.S. Post office. A dedicated thieve will take the time to get into any safe, so nothing is completely safe, but the smash and grab criminal may get your GPS and change in console, but the gun in the safe is outside of his ability in most situations. The best solution is for elimination of criminal behavior. Good luck with that, too may feel they are entitled to somebody else’s stuff.

      2. Clark Kent, It’s not a JOKE. There are certain businesses where you can’t holster a firearm. Also I wouldn’t bring a firearm to the beach or public pool.

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