Progressives Pushing the Limits of Crazy after the Parkland Murders

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U.S.A. –-( I’ve heard a lot of comments since the murderer killed students at the high school in Parkland, Florida. Some comments were thoughtful and heartfelt. Unfortunately, some were insane. Progressives were exploring new limits of craziness. Hold onto your sanity and look at these examples.

Gun owners have begged congress to improve the National Instant Background Check System for years. NICS is the FBI system that is supposed to stop criminals and crazies from getting guns..except the system is broken. Gun owners and the firearms industry formed lobbying groups simply to fix NICS. Some states and armed forces don’t submit their convicted felons into the NICS system. Some states don’t submit their mental patients into the system. Today we have millions of prohibited persons who are not entered into the system that pretends to keep us safe. Now, after Parkland, the progressives tell us that the NICS system is essential and honest gun owners are the source of felons getting guns. Where the hell have they been for the last half-dozen years when we tried to fix this mess?

The Parkland murderer was prescribed psychotropic drugs for depression and violence, but was not entered into the NICS system to prevent him from buying firearms. This is is a problem with the medical bureaucracy, not with firearms.

Broward Co School Board consciously lowered behavior standard so fewer students are reported for criminal actions on campus. The murderer was expelled for bringing a knife onto campus, but not reported to the police. Now the progressives blame guns for violence in schools.

Progressives used these murders to forward their political agenda. With one breath they said that guns are too dangerous for ordinary citizens to use. In the next breath, we’re told that guns are too complicated for ordinary people to use for self-defense. Yes, progressives are claiming that only murderers are smart enough to use a gun, but not you or me. That is crazy.

Let’s look closer at the murderer’s history. He recorded a Youtube video where he said he wanted to be a school murderer. He told people in online chat that he is going to be a school murderer. He messaged classmates that he was going to kill them. The murderer’s parents reported that he’d pointed a gun at other people’s heads. Two people reported the murderer to the FBI. But progressives think the problem is that we let young people buy guns?

How long do you have to be crazy until the legal and medical system will finally notice?

Authorities visited the murderer’s home 39 times over the last seven years. The calls were for mentally ill person, child/elder abuse, domestic disturbance, and missing person calls. The murderer was such a behavior problem that he is expelled from three high schools..and yet the Broward County Sheriff blamed the NRA for the murdered schoolchildren. I think we need to perform a sanity check on the sheriff.. and the voters who elected him.

Unfortunately, we have to look closer at law enforcement. The school resource officer at the Parkland high school was on campus but never entered the school buildings during the four minutes that the murderer shot students. Meanwhile, progressives told us that honest gun owners should be disarmed because the police are there to protect us. Excuse me, but I sat shoulder-to-shoulder with teachers during their self-defense courses, and I am certain they would defend their students. These teachers would act with or without a gun, and with or without the help of the local police department.

Arming teachers is one piece of a solution. Progressives don’t trust a teacher who has a concealed carry permit to carry a gun at school..but we trust that same  teacher to carry everywhere else?  Progressives are afraid that the teacher could go nuts if they had a gun. There is nothing but ink on paper stopping anyone from bringing a gun to school, and progressives want to make sure there is no one to stop them if they do. That is crazy, but it gets worse.

If progressives don’t trust a teacher with a gun, then why would they trust the teacher with their children.

Progressives claim that Trump is a tyrant and can’t be trusted with power..but then progressives ask the president to unilaterally shred the constitution and destroy the second amendment. Isn’t that what tyrants do?

Progressives say that Trump is like Hitler, but then progressives want Trump to disarm the jews, the gypsies, the legal immigrants and the gays. Now that is both crazy and ignorant of history.

Progressives say teachers should be disarmed. Meanwhile, self defense classes for teachers are filling up in minutes and have huge waiting lists.

I guess progressives are not pro-choice when it comes to self-defense.

We’re told that someone is too immature to buy a rifle until they are 21 years old, yet even anti-gun states like Massachusetts allow 18 year olds to get a shotgun without parental permission. Something doesn’t add up.

Let the contradictions and hypocrisy sink in for a minute. Restricting gun ownership isn’t a solution to stop violence at school. Disarming honest people is a crazy political agenda. The evidence is laid out in front of us hour after hour in the mainstream news.

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The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 24 thoughts on “Progressives Pushing the Limits of Crazy after the Parkland Murders

    1. Crisis after crisis in the news. The suborned news lives on this and its commercial sponsors. Give it another generation – call it A1 Generation to start over. There will be NEW crises every day and politicians to take advantage. By A2 Generation we could all will be slaves to our governments. Try to save our Constitution. Long live the Republic and God Bless America!

    2. Hello Americans. I’m a gun owner, hunter and shooter from Australia. We care about you guys. We are also worried about you guys. So let’s say wide accessibility to high capacity semi automatics isn’t the cause for your current troubles, what actually is causing all these mass shootings at schools? You need to work that out guys. We are watching the same movies, playing the same video games and effectively have the same day to day culture as many parts of America. Indeed our gun ownership is relatively high. But we, and every other first world country don’t have this problem this mass school shootings. Why is that? I hope you find the cause soon and Attack it from every angle. You guys have got some great things going on there. Let us continue to admire you and enjoy your friendship and partnership and sort this problem out. We can see you are getting numb but it hurts to watch what is happening to your country time and time again.

      1. @Grundy – Here’s a good possibility for our “current troubles”, lack of physical child discipline in our child rearing.
        Tell me, when raising a child in Australia, are you allowed, either legally or culturally to spank a child for misbehaving?
        I”m not talking about beating them down with a belt or club, but just a good swat on the butt or some such. Here in the good ol’ USA, such “drastic” disciplinary measures it is not considered PC and can in fact get you put in jail or condemned by some of the community.
        Now, when *I* was a kid, getting whacked for disrespecting or other misbehaviors was always on the table. In fact, sometimes it happened AT the table. My sister got a pork chop hucked at her for smarting off. Anothrer time my mom reached over the table and clocked me with a serving spoon for something I said. Both these things happened in our teen years. Numerous spanking were in order in our younger years, and I thank my parents for them, rest their souls.. Somehow *I* have managed to survive into my dotage without ever feeling compelled to injure another person because I somehow “felt” bad. In fact, I think the early, somewhat painful discipline that my immature and developing animal instinct mind could understand played a big part in my apparently successful maturation.
        So, Grundy, how’s this all play out in AU?
        BTW, while we’re at it with the move to promote more “sensible gun control” (not) in the USA, how’s about looking at rolling back some of the “child abuse” laws to again allow parents to actually apply some “tough love” to the backsides of their kids when deemed necessary?

        1. Probably about the same as America on the child discipline – was a little more common to be smacked when I was a kid, now not so much.

          You’re probably onto something regarding how children are raised, though I’m not sure bringing back snacks is the answer. Maybe closer attention to our children and less on ‘getting ahead’?

          I dunno. Complex issue.

    3. What’s crazy is gun advocates seem to forget these mass shootings consistently use the same style of firearm because it is perfectly designed to commit mass shootings.

      Also crazy is this persistent view that the 2A actually protects against tyrannical government. Clearly it doesn’t. And clearly no one cares too much they are being governed by tyrants as long as they get to keep their AR-15s. The whole idea that gun owners with small arms are even a remote threat to the military might, firepower and technology of the government is baloney.

      Anyone who cares to hit out at the government is swiftly put down, regardless of how well armed they are.

      1. Swiftly put down? Military might? Explain the Fort Hood shooting to me, taking into consideration military might.

    4. I wish they would quit calling the commies “progressives”. They named themselves that because it sounds better than degressive and that is exactly what they are trying to do to this country. The Broward County Sheriff need to be tarred and feathered. You can’t expect much out of his deputies because they know they work for a slacker.
      Yea, make things harder for honest Americans because law enforcement dropped the ball. Broward County has been a problem for many years and now they have a lot of blood on their hands.

    5. The Broward Coward County Sheriff’s Office have some splainin ta do… but they only know how to cover their own sorry backsides.

      One of the students, apparently rather close to the coash, Aaron Feis, who literally put his own body between the shooter and some students to try and save them, making the ultimate sacrifice, had some words about this entire tragedy. He’d been approached by some lamestream media outfit to go on camera… which he agreed to do, but when he realised they had a script ready for him to read as his own thoughts, he told them to pound sand.

      He then declared that mad Mr. Feis had HIS OWN handgun with him, he’d have shot the killer and saved a bunch of lives.

      How long will it be until SOMEONE decides the Constitution and his own DUTY to see to “the security of a free state” decides his own safety, and that of his beloved student charges, trumps the insane FedLaws that would disarm everyone but the killers at schools across the nation, and carry his own defensive weapon. Then, when a pervert like this goes all Rambo, he’ll use it to take out the killer before he can get his second victim.

      THEN WHAT? We will have an obvious hero who CHOSE to ignore the laws “designed to keep the children safe”, and stand for “the security of a free state”, as we are all charged to do. Will he be feted and celebrated as the hero he IS, or will he be pilloried, prosecuted, punished for “breaking the law” and bringing his weapon to school and using it for its intended purpose, to preserve “the security of a free state”?

    6. I have always been a little nuts. I tried normal once and found it lacking. We are all a little nuts, and remember one finger pointing At Them leaves 3 point back at You. Free Your Mind, Be Party Blind, Think For Yourself. Do Not follow The Left nor The Right as all they give US is the same old same old

    7. If the liberal hacks truly believe that the NRA “has blood on their hands” , what about Planned Parenthood with their approximately 700,000 babies killed each year. Can you say hypocrite?

      1. What about EVERY state’s department of motor vehicle driving licenses? Should someone need to be 21 to buy a gallon of gasoline? Perhaps just hi octane? Remember NP, it has to “feel” right not necessarily be logical.

    8. Again I believe the Progressive/liberal democrat Party and there policies are directly the root problem and cause of the last and future actions(violent Ones) perpetrated on an innocent populace, and a weak minded one at that. they lie and flood social media with misinformation and refuse to allow any honest debate period. and then use what they are responsible of causing against freedom and law-abiding citizens. America belongs to the citizens of this country not to the party of hatred and divisive policy. We the People need to stand as one and eradicate those who would see the USA as a third world country. and if you kill you die no more bed and breakfast on the tax-payer dime.

    9. So many people, including the protesting students were concerned this shooter would do something,, Teachers were on semi alert to look for this guy to come on campus with a book bag., FBI was warned of this guy. NO ONE warned a gun would walk onto campus and shoot people. There were just too many overlooked signs, The sheriff directly went after Dana and the NRA in the town hall They attacked little Marco. .This sheriff seems to want to blame everybody else. It was his departments job to keep students safe. How is it possible that his department ignored all the signs. Now as I type this it is reported that a second deputy did not respond. This falls back to training, sheriff, a part of your responsibility. . Stand up sheriff and take responsibility. Don;t blame everything else!

    10. “How long do you have to be crazy until the legal and medical system will finally notice?”

      Until you kill several people. Well…unless you are an illegal alien. Then you can kill several people, get deported, sneak back across our sovereign border, kill several people again…THEN something might happen to you. But, maybe not. Dems will defend you either way.

    11. The INTENT of the DemocRATic communist party is a plain as the nose on your face. They want to DISARM ALL of the People of America. Then they will be able to do ANYTHING their hearts desire under their NWO agenda.

    12. How many people were killed by medical malpractice and medical incompetence last year, or the year(s) before? How many crimes are prevented by the police versus wrapped up after the fact? Why is it that insurance companies advertise some weenie of a kid who had to be rescued because he/they don’t know how to change a flat tire? Raising a bunch of sissies instead of independent and capable thinkers and doers. Maybe the mass hysteria in search of solutions is looking in the wrong place. Maybe 20,000 to 40,000 existing gun laws on the books and not enforced aren’t enough. Maybe criminals will obey the next couple of laws passed and stop shooting people. Any bets?

    13. How long do you have to be crazy until the legal and medical system will finally notice?

      I don’t know however if 39 calls in two years doesn’t set of alarm bells within county/state government,What Is The Magic Number other than INCOMPETENCE.

        1. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel
          Even if you have to make it up.

      1. @GMB, There sure was a lot of human failure, as you suggest. From the FBI, to the school’s own guards. From national to local. The individual, himself, even advertised his intent to be a danger to others. This was the failure of many systems and people.

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