Rape on Campus – Learning from the Experience of Others

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Rape on Campus – Learning from the Experience of Others

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Western culture changed. Compared to 50 years ago, we now encourage women to excel in the workplace. We want women to take all the education they can and then start powerful careers. Unfortunately, college presidents and university regents don’t provide physical safety on campus. In theory, schools can learn from the experiences of others. In fact, most college administrators give lip-service to the psychological damage caused by sexual assault on campus. Until we change the political landscape that keeps honest people disarmed, avoid the colleges that leave you defenseless and vulnerable.

What choices do you have?

Suppose you’re offered an educational experience at a prestigious school. Does the school provide 24/7 – 365 security? Most don’t. That means students have to provide their own physical security or they are vulnerable to attack. Trading your safety for your education is a very uncomfortable choice. The consequences are real. Sexual assault will change your life forever.

Are all schools the same?

10 states explicitly allow licensed concealed carry of a firearm on campus. 16 states forbid it on public campuses. In practice, public and private schools have a wide range of regulations for self-defense. Some schools treat their students and staff who are over 21 years of age as adults. Other schools have extensive regulations. Some won’t allow pepper spray on campus even for faculty. Let’s look at both sides of the issue.

Here are arguments against your defense.

Many of the academics who run universities don’t want to deal with the messy details of physical security..unless the physical security is for them. These administrators cling to a fantasy ideology that “violence has no place at our university.” Unfortunately, the thugs aren’t listening. We see that rapists and robbers think there are lots of opportunities on campus when we look at crime statistics.

We don’t want to give guns to kids. That pat answer ignores the fact that licensed concealed carriers are usually over the age of 21 and can carry a legally concealed firearm off campus. How does disarming the cafeteria delivery driver make the 17-year-old coed any safer? Have words on paper been effective at stopping crazy attackers?

We don’t want untrained gun owners on campus. This is another false alternative. We know how licensed gun owners behave. Licensed concealed carriers have a lower crime rate than the police. Compared to the police, licensed concealed carriers are much less likely to shoot an innocent bystander.

Armed students and armed staff restrict the educational mission of the school. If you’ve looked at the #metoo hashtags, then you have to wonder if the mission of some colleges is to provide opportunities for sexual assault. Let’s stop sexual assault on campus so that everyone can focus on classwork.

The risk of sexual assault and rape is unusually high for college students. 23 percent of undergraduates say they have been the victim of sexual assault.
The risk of sexual assault and rape is unusually high for college students. 23 percent of undergraduates say they have been the victim of sexual assault.

Here are arguments for your defense.

– The risk of sexual assault and rape is unusually high for college students. 23 percent of undergraduates say they have been the victim of sexual assault. Providing “safe spaces” and giving freshman girls a rape whistle hasn’t done much to change the rate of sexual assault. You will be your first responder if you are attacked.

-Administrators claim that force and violence don’t belong on campus. Their magic words and gun-free zone signs are not working. School should teach us to make distinctions. University administrators can’t discriminate between dangerous attackers and dangerous defenders. Higher education failed to give these administrators the discernment that so many of us gained from real life. Tens of millions of responsibly armed civilians carry concealed every day. Concealed means concealed, so you never knew they were there. Meanwhile, the criminals ignore the no-guns signs and come on campus looking for easy victims.

-Sexual assault has serious consequences. It will be harder to trust people for the rest of your life after you’re attacked. Many victims seek counseling, suffer from post traumatic stress, and need medications to recover.

-Colleges frequently ignore or undertreat rape victims. Some student health centers simply tell the injured student to seek treatment at home.

-Sexual assault almost never becomes rape if the intended victim uses a firearm for self-defense. Fortunately, most of the intended victims don’t have to shoot their attacker.

-Colleges do not provide a safe location for legal gun owners to store their firearms as they travel onto and off of campus. For that reason, disarming you on campus often disarms you off campus as well. Friends of mine were assaulted as they left campus.

As you can tell, this is not an academic discussion for me. I know too many students who were sexual assaulted or violently robbed. That is why I want you to consider your physical safety when you’re choosing your school. I want you decide if the promise is worth the risk.

You have choices. Your opinion counts if you’re a student because it is your future that is at stake. I want you to decide for yourself rather than have some board of regents make the decision for you.

Please stay safe.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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What states allow concealed carry on campus and in class rooms, dorms, library, etc?

John Dow

With many years of CC (and even OC) experience on campuses around the country, we have yet to hear of any of the many pitfalls the wet-panties bunch complain will happen. No stories of shootouts in dorms, no stories of professors threatened at gunpoint. none of it. On those campuses where sanity reigns, it’s just business as usual.

Every student, staff and faculty member that commutes to campus certainly has a right to be able to defend themselves when they leave the imaginary gun-free border. And everyone has a right to be able to defend themselves within that imaginary border.


Stay alert. Stay armed. Practice. Don’t talk about it. The police will only show up AFTER your dead.

Dave in Fairfax

I disagree. The disingenuity is on your part. The status of the predator, known or stranger, is irrelevant. The addition of alcohol in the discussion is a red herring, as is the differentiation between rape and sexual assault. What is being discussed is the ability to defend oneself both on and off campus. That covers all types of physical assault including robbery, not just the variations of physical sexual assault.

Roy D.

Your response leads me to believe that either you didn’t read or couldn’t comprehend the title of the article, or the first paragraph, or the second paragraph for that matter. Perhaps you just don’t know how to write an article. While my youngest son attended the University of Oklahoma I never set foot on the campus without a gun on my person. Of course if I am off my property I am carrying a gun so that was a given. I attended two football games and two graduations and visited the frat house many times while carrying. The bottom line… Read more »

Roy D.

Mr. Morse is being a bit disingenuous about the subject of “campus rape.” Most of the female students that are subjected to “sexual assault” are assaulted by someone they know socially if even for a short time. The best way to prevent “sexual assault” on campus would be to deny students, male and female, the ability to consume alcoholic drinks. Of course that isn’t going to happen and because many people don’t act responsibly while under the influence of alcohol so there will continue to be “sexual assaults.” I use the term sexual assaults in quotes because it includes many… Read more »

Wild Bill

D, If the intended victim can make an immediate, meaningful defense, that might negate the effect of the perpetrator’s intoxication, any claimed social relationship, and all predatory intentions.