Republicans Plotting their Own Defeat via More Gun Control


Republican Suicide
We are witnessing a political bludgeon being used to convince Republican politicians to cut their own political throats over failed gun control…

Buckeye, AZ –-( In what twisted universe is it “commonsense” to respond to an atrocity by passing laws that have not, will not, and cannot have any sort of significant impact on preventing or mitigating such atrocities?

Your elected representatives need to hear from you right now. They need to be reminded that none of the laws currently being proposed would have prevented the latest attack on school children – or any of the high-profile mass-murders of the past 30 years – and that enacting these laws in response to this emotional trauma will do nothing but hurt innocent, law-abiding gun owners, and reduce the politician's chances of being reelected.

From a purely political perspective, many short-sighted Republicans had already been expecting a Democrat wave to slam Congress this year, based on low approval ratings for Congress and the president. That's one of the main reasons we've seen so many of them announce their intention to retire after the current session. If it weren't for the recently passed tax bill, they might be correct. Republicans have done a very poor job of following through on their campaign promises, and conservative voters have a well-earned reputation for turning their backs on politicians who don't keep their promises.

If Republicans had just made a serious effort at doing what they said they would do, they could have forced the Democrats to block them – if they dared – and would have been able to leave that baggage on the Democrats' doorstep. Instead, for the most part they just whined that it was no use to push things to a vote, because Democrats had the votes to block them, so why bother. What few feeble efforts they did make were often preempted by “maverick” Republicans undermining their own party, and shielding Democrats from the consequences of their intransigence.

But passage of the President's tax bill offered Republicans a second chance. It buoyed them in the eyes of many of their base constituency, and once voters start noticing the extra money in their paychecks, should bring a whole bunch of swing voters into the Republican camp by November.

At least that was the thinking until the Florida attack happened, and Democrats and the media started beating their well-worn – and hollow – gun control drum, offering no effective solutions, but leveraging emotions to blame Republicans and “the NRA” (we're all “the NRA” to them) for the atrocity, and calling for congressional action.

So now Republicans are tripping over themselves to again fall into the trap.

A major Republican donor in Florida put out a public statement insisting that no Republican would receive another check from him until they passed an “assault weapon” ban. That's a pretty ridiculous move on his part, but even more ridiculous for Republicans to worry about. Even if this guy gives millions of dollars every cycle, money can't compensate for actual votes, and offending millions of GunVoters in hopes of accessing a few campaign dollars is just stupid.

But at least one Florida congressman has leapt into the abyss, declaring that Americans are going to have to give up some of their liberty in the name of protecting children.

Weak-kneed Republicans are deluding themselves if they think that voting for gun control will protect children, or their own political careers. The reality is that coming out in support of gun control is almost certain to cost them their seats.

They will not be rewarded by their base for caving on the right to arms, nor will they be rewarded by the anti-rights crowd, which has a much broader agenda. While there are Republican voters who support gun control, few of them would vote for a Democrat over a Republican on that single issue. Likewise, Democrats and left-leaning independents are not going to abandon their other causes just because a Republican politician went along with their assault on gun rights.

This is just a political bludgeon being used to convince Republican politicians to cut their own political throats. There is no upside to a Republican supporting gun control, just as there is no benefit to society for enacting these laws.

Rather than fall into this political trap, Republican politicians need to be educated about the reality of the situation. Democrats don't have any answers. We've tried their way and it has failed every time.

Connecticut had one of the nation's strictest bans on “assault weapons” in place for over a decade before the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary.
Most mass-murderers passed “background checks” to obtain their weapons, most because they had no disqualifying record, and a couple because the system is faulty, and those that did not, generally stole them, not infrequently after killing the legal owner.

Mass-murderers almost always plan their attacks for months or years, picking their targets, analyzing potential obstacles, acquiring weapons, and exploring alternative means of wreaking destruction.

Republicans need to put this issue back into the laps of the Democrats. Rather than try to avoid a debate on gun control and mass-murder, Republicans should embrace that debate, and force the Democrats to justify their calls for restricting the rights of innocent Americans.

Democrats can't do it, because gun control does not work – especially when it comes to rampage murderers.

We've tried it their way, and it failed. Now let's try it our way. Lets stop disarming qualified teachers, coaches, and administrators willing to undergo extensive training and accept the responsibility of being prepared to stop an armed aggressor.

Jeff Knox
Jeff Knox

Call your representatives in Washington at 202-224-3121, to let them know you want them to stand fast against ill-conceived, ineffective, gun control laws. Post this article on their Facebook pages and on your Facebook page. Tweet it, share it, and repost it until these politicians understand that restricting our rights, based on nothing more than emotion, is not a solution, and will not be tolerated.

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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    1. @WildBill: Well, you certainly weren’t going to hear that from @JVC or @JAKE or any of the other trolls because, as I pointed out, they really don’t care how many men, women & children are killed. They only feign outrage when a firearm is used. And anyone who doubts that has only to check out their responses, online. I defy you to find one time they’ve decried the deaths of people unless there have been firearms used, then and only then are they shedding tears.

      By the way, Bill, did you guess correctly and win the 500 points toward your next AR?

      1. @Vann, Yes, I did guess correctly, but I had an advantage. I know from their unsuccessful raids here that they are “first rung on the ladder”, just graduated Socialism Indoctrination 101, funugy propagandists. I fear that if the liberal/progressive/socialists get control, there will be an indoctrination course (you only get released from camp when you pass the course and the commissar allows it) in our futures.

    2. @JVC – So again you deal in half truths. You just happened to leave out that 98% of the ‘mass shooting’ were in GUN FREE zones! I’ll bet you would leave out the fact that if you take out liberal controlled cities (Chicago, Baltimore, etc) the US falls from third in the world to third from the bottom in shootings!
      It really must suck when people do fact check you BS and so you to be the fool you are!

    3. @JVC – you are half right about Australia. There are more guns than there were 16 years ago AFTER the gun grab. People that could (and were lucky enough have the money and time) to keep a gun are buying more and more. This is NOT the general public and the number ARE NOT up to pre-grap numbers!
      As a liberal troll would do you deal in half truths and shades of gray to push the WRONG agenda!
      Poor little snowflake!!!

      1. @Mac, The liberal/socialist/marxists just plain old lie Then pat themselves on the back for being smarter then anyone else. Really all they did was use a technique as old as man, himself.

    4. As for being a troll paid by some shady group. I’m not . I’m paid by Remington/Ruger/Brownells to stir up trouble so people will interact and then click on the advertisements for their products and buy more of the products to help their business survive. Oh wait. That’s wild Bill. Probably not even paid to do it. Happy to be a tool of big business time and time again, for free.

      Anyway, I’ll leave you four guys to keep talking to one another – you can win this!

    5. Why be so selective in your stats Joe? Looking to twist the truth? Or even just get your facts right. Copying and pasting what you read elsewhere on Ammoland doesn’t count.

      “59 of the world’s 66 worst mass shootings occurred OUTSIDE the US. (WRONG! The USA HAS 17 OF THE TOP 5O DEADLIEST MASS SHOOTINGS. That is, over 33% of the worst mass shootings happened in USA. Many of them recently.


      And those 25 countries you say have more gun deaths, where are they? They aren’t first world countries are they. Great company we keep.

      Actually I looked it up. We are number 12. And the other 11 countries? Third world countries in South America and Africa.

      1. So what? And did you also point out that they were all in gun free zones? Oops, conveniently omitted that.
        Gun Free Zones = Murder Zones

        1. @Vanns, I not with great laughter that the junior varsity congregatio de propaganda claims to be paid. Maybe, but they wouldn’t pay him much!

    6. Posters –

      I see you cant actually engage on the topic beyond personal attacks. or is that all you can do – state how much more about firearms and ‘civil rights’ you know than me, but constantly avoid the issue at hand?

      Engage on the topic, if you dare – why do we have these mass shootings, in schools and otherwise, over and over again with such frequency?

      If it’s not availability of rapid fire, high capacity weapons to all and sundry, what is it?

      What is it that makes this happen over and over again only in our country with such relentless frequency?

      I’m not a paid rabble-rouser or troll – i’m looking for answers.

      Thought you ‘experts’ might have some, since you’re the deepest conservatives.

      But clearly you are content to stay in your insular worlds, and have nothing much to say.

      (the reality is i’m almost the only one on her looking to actually discuss any of these topics.

      The rest of you just keeping stroking each others ARs, )

      Anyway, let’s talk again after the next mass school shooting.

      Maybe you csn come up with something intelligent by then.

      But then again, you all are clearly numb to this last one so much you cant even wonder why it keeps happening or even think about making some kind of improvement.

      1. Oh I’ll be happy to engage since I’ve now had my second cup of coffee, not that it takes that many. You appear to be so very concerned about mass shootings. But I haven’t seen your comments, online or anywhere else, about the carnage when vehicles are used to murder. Let me run down the list for you and then I’ll comment further:

        1981 Iraqi embassy bombing, Beirut, Lebanon (not ramming pedestrians: ramming a specific building then exploding)
        1983 Beirut barracks bombings, Lebanon (building ramming + exploding)
        2001 Azor attack, Israel (ramming people, mostly soldiers)
        2001 Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly car bombing (building gate ramming + exploding + gunfire)
        2002 Lyon car attack, France (building ramming + fire)
        2006 UNC SUV attack, University of North Carolina, United States (ramming people)
        2007 Glasgow International Airport attack, Scotland, United Kingdom (building ramming + detonating gas cylinders)
        2008 Jerusalem vehicular attack , Israel (ramming vehicles and people)
        2008 Jerusalem bulldozer attack, Israel (ramming people)
        2011 Tel Aviv truck attack, Israel (ramming vehicles and people)
        2011 Tel Aviv nightclub attack, Israel (ramming + stabbing)
        May 2013 Murder of Lee Rigby, London, England, United Kingdom (ramming + stabbing)
        2013 Tiananmen Square attack, China (ramming people + bursting into flames)
        May 2014 Ürümqi attack, China (ramming + throwing bombs off the vehicle)
        2014 Jerusalem tractor attack, Israel (ramming people + bus)
        2014 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu ramming attack, Canada (ramming)
        October 2014 Jerusalem vehicular attack, Israel (ramming people)
        November 2014 Jerusalem vehicular attack, Israel (ramming + hitting with a metal crowbar)
        2014 Alon Shvut stabbing attack, West Bank (failed ramming + stabbing)
        2014 Dijon attack, France (ramming people)
        2014 Nantes attack, France (ramming people)
        2016 Nice attack, France (87 killed ramming people + gunfire)
        2016 Ohio State University attack, United States (ramming + stabbing)
        2016 Berlin attack, Germany (shooting truck driver + ramming people)
        2017 Jerusalem truck attack, Israel (ramming people; 4 killed)
        2017 Westminster attack, London, England, United Kingdom (ramming + stabbing; some victims were thrown off Westminster Bridge by the ramming; 5 killed)
        2017 Stockholm attack, Sweden (ramming people; 5 killed)
        June 2017 London Bridge attack, England, United Kingdom (ramming + stabbing; 8 killed)[31]
        2017 Finsbury Park attack, London, England, United Kingdom (ramming people; 1 killed)
        June 2017 Champs-Élysées car ramming attack, Paris, France (ramming a police car; 1 attacker killed)
        2017 Paris mosque attack, failed car ramming into crowd in front of Creteil mosque in revenge for ISIS attacks[32]
        2017 Levallois-Perret attack, Levallois-Perret, France (ramming soldiers; none killed)
        List of suspected terrorist attacks Edit

        File:2017 Charlottesville vehicle-ramming attack.webmPlay media
        Video of the vehicular ramming at the Unite the Right Rally that killed one person and injured 19
        2017 Charlottesville attack, during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States (ramming people; 1 killed)
        2017 Barcelona attacks (ramming people; 13 killed)
        2017 Edmonton attack, Canada (ramming + stabbing; none killed)[33]
        2017 New York City truck attack (ramming cyclists and runners; 8 killed)[34]
        List of non-terrorist incidents Edit

        1973 Olga Hepnarová case, Czechoslovakian woman using a truck to go on a rampage
        1995 Shawn Nelson case, plumber using a stolen tank to go on a rampage
        2003 A Mentally ill person kills one and hurts eighteen in Stockholms old town. A second death later occurs in hospital.[35]
        2004 Marvin Heemeyer case, welder using an armored bulldozer to destroy buildings
        2006 San Francisco SUV rampage, 2006 case of a paranoid schizophrenic man from Afghanistan using an SUV to go on a rampage
        2008 Akihabara massacre, mass murder using a truck and a dagger
        2009 attack on the Dutch Royal Family, case of a man driving into spectators on Koninginnedag 2009 in Apeldoorn, Netherlands
        2010 Hebei tractor rampage, 2010 mass murder using a bucket loader
        2013 Tumon[36]
        2013 Venice, Los Angeles (one dead)[37]
        2014 Sopot attack, Poland[38] (ramming people)
        2015 Graz van attack, mass murder using an SUV and a knife
        2016 Scunthorpe road rage[39]
        2017 Balneário Camboriú road rage[40]
        2017 Heidelberg attack[41][42]
        2017 Müllrose, Germany, drug addict kills two cops while fleeing in stolen car after stabbing his grandmother to death[43]
        2017 Krewe of Endymion incident[44]
        2017 Antwerp attack, failed car-ramming in Belgium[45]
        2017 Guatemala City, a car rammed into a student protest: 13 injured, one dead.[46]
        2017 Venezuelan protests, several cases of vehicle rammings during opposition marches by security forces or government supporters.[47][48][49][50][51]
        2017 Times Square car crash[52]
        January 2017 Melbourne car attack in Melbourne, Australia in which six people were killed and 36 injured.[53]
        2017 Sandy, Utah attack, car-ramming and shooting in Sandy, Utah[54]
        July 2017 Helsinki attack, Finland, ramming people[55]
        August 2017 Helsinki attack, Finland, failed ramming[56]
        2017 Sept-Sorts attack, France, ramming a pizzeria[57]
        December 2017 car attack in Perth, Australia, with one dead, four injured, three seriously.[58]
        December 2017 Melbourne car attack in Melbourne, Australia in which 18 were injured and one person died.[59]
        February 2018 car attack in Perth, Australia, with two injured, in suburban Mullaloo.[60]

        WOW, look at that list! Okay Ammoland viewers, it’s quiz time. After any or all of these events did JVC or “Jake” or any of the other trolls appearing here do any of the following:

        1. Immediately take to the forums calling for stricter licensing and background checks for driver’s licenses.

        2. Require mental health evaluations before you are able to obtain a driver’s license.

        3. Show cause why you need to rent a specific truck and for how long and have your driver’s license run through a terrorism database.

        4. None of the above because they really don’t care about how many people are killed only what object is used to kill them.

        If you guessed number 4 you are a winner and get 500 points toward the purchase of your next AR15! Congratulations!

        1. @Vanns, Holy smoke! I had no idea that there were so many people deciding to commit murder using cars and trucks. This has got to have a bad impact on liberal/progressive/socialist propaganda.

      2. @JVC, You ask, “If it’s not availability of rapid fire, high capacity weapons to all and sundry, what is it?” The answer is people. People decide to kill people. From Cain slaying Able (before the firearm was ever thought of) to hydrogen weapons (because you can not kill enough fast enough with a mere gun). Almost any inanimate object can be used to kill people, food denial, microbes, viruses, household chemical fumes, cars, farming supplies, water… It takes a person to decide to kill.

      3. @JVC…If it isn’t numbers , why is the question shooters ask “did I break the record”? If it isn’t numbers what was it that ended WWII ? Hiroshima-90,000-140,000 and that wasn’t enough we had to hit Nagasaki for another 60,000-80,000 before the Japanese would surrender .

    7. Psst…. JVC!. Browning BAR MK3 DBM:

      A BAR “assault weapon” (shudder)! And here are some 10 rnd. mags for the older MK2 Short Tracs:

      10’s are just as good as 30’s, especially when only the bad guy has a gun. He just has to carry more and swap them out a little more often.

      “JVC” is likely not a person, but an account used by an office full of Clinton/Obama-bots, who’s job is to keep us arguing with them, so that we don’t move from venting here to taking coordinated action. That’s exactly what we need to do; take action. I wrote to the White House a couple of days ago, and I will do so again in the next couple of days (, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the envelope icon). Flood D.C. with emails and phone calls. Don’t just complain; tell them what we want. Personally, I want a concealed carry training program for school employees, Constitutional carry in all fifty states, a real investigation into the safety of SSRI’s and benzodiazapines, and eventually, complete repeal of the NFA and the ’68 Gun Control Act. What else do we want? Let’s hear it.

    8. @JVC – I’ve said it before (maybe even to you) but your posts make it time for it again – Keep your mouth shut and the world may think you a fool, open it and remove all doubt! In you case all doubt removed many times over!

    9. OK, JVC I’ll go through this nightmare, one item at a time.

      “Can’t fit a 30 round clip to a BAR…” True, since there is no such thing as a 30-round “clip.” (The last true military “clip,” for the M-1, was only 8 rounds.)

      “… a rifle capable of tossing insane amounts of lead.” It takes 120 of the .223 bullets [4 magazines of 30-rounds each] to equal a pound of lead… which is only 2.5 cubic inches of mass. A shoebox holds more than 60 magazines-worth of lead. If you consider a shoebox-full of any inanimate object to be an “insane” amount, you need to recalibrate your eyeballs!

      … our laws make it easy to “quickly buy a rifle.” Not in this Newtonian universe where we sane people reside.

      “… argument about more guns in schools…” No, the argument is not just “more guns,” it is more guns in the hands of responsible citizens! Your condemnation of that idea, and your unwillingness to recognize the difference, is the only smelly BS here.

      “… our country is the only place where this happens…” Wrong-o, moosebreath! 59 of the world’s 66 worst mass shootings occurred OUTSIDE the US. On a per capita basis (the only rational measuring stick), the US is 26th in the world in firearms murders. If the 12 most violent cities – all Democrat controlled, and all with Draconian gun-control law – are discounted, the entire rest of the country is only 146th in violence. The issue simply gets more media attention these days.

      “,,, mass school shootings are common place.” Again, wrong. According to the CDC, the FBI, and the DOJ Information Bureau, the annual rate of mass shootings (everywhere, not just in schools) in the US has been steady – within a +/- 9% channel – for decades! The issue simply gets more media attention these days.

      “Even on a small scale, gun ownership won’t protect you from tyranny.” With four times more AR15 owners (and a LOT more total gun owners) than total military personnel, in the US, there is nothing “small scale” about this issue.

      “Australians still have lots of guns, and they don’t have mass shootings.” Define “lots.” 650,000 fewer Australians have guns than before 1996. And yes Australia DOES indeed still have the identical annual murder rate they had pre-1996 (3,000 total murders, a per-capita rate of 10.0 per 100,000 population – compared to a per-capita rate of 2.8 per 100,000 in the US).

        1. Thanks, Bill… Sorry, but every so often the Liberals’ sheer, abject stupidity gets way too deep-and-wide to ignore, and I just have to let off some steam. LOL

      1. Hi Joe

        There are more guns in Australia now than pre 1996. Look it up.

        Interesting that they haven’t had a mass shootings since 1996. Actually the murder rate is lower. Especially gun homicide. I don’t know if there is a direct correlation between the law changes and the lowered rate of gate violence, but it seems to suggest they got something right. Perhaps addressing mental health and welfare issues came into it too. I guess the point is they took the problem seriously and tried everything to address it. They didn’t put more guns in their schools though as they haven’t had a school shooting ever. That’s our specialty.

        As for the rest -shoe boxes of lead, claims that a BAR is equivalent to an AR in terms of immediate firepower – you lost all credibility early on.

        Thanks though for correctly defining clip for me. I will not make such gross errors in nomenclature again. It seems to matter more than what is being said, to you that is. Everyone else knows what I meant.

        Numbers of people and small arms is nothing compared to daisy cutters. Just ask our governments enemies overseas.

        1. JVC, you are omitting a few things. The disarming of Australia was not successful.

          Following Australia’s mandatory 1996 gun “buy-back” fiasco, their number of annual gun-related deaths did [technically] decrease by a very slight (“statistically irrelevant”) amount – although it remains triple the US per capita murder rate.

          But the “unintended consequence” of Australia’s draconian anti-gun legislation is that ALL their other violent crimes (armed robbery, arson, armed assault, home invasion, rape, etc) went up by a factor of four (4)! In exchange for a miniscule improvement in one classification of crime [admittedly, not quite as many Australians have since been shot to death] all other crime quadrupled! Now, each of that country’s citizens annually face a government-guaranteed four times the likelihood of being a defenseless victim of violent crimes (compared to before the buy-back program)… which is damned-well not an acceptable “trade-off.”

          Glaringly similar results were obtained after England disarmed its civilians. Gun-related deaths did decrease slightly, but remained well above the U.S. per capita murder rate, while overall violence in England skyrocketed.

          Both Australia and England have populations just under thirty million (30,000,000) citizens, each of which is less than 1/10th the size of the current U.S. population. In order to properly compare the countries’ statistics, the actual murder rates must be expressed in “per-capita” numbers. Both England’s and Australia’s annual firearms-related murders translate into more than nine murders per hundred-thousand (9/100,000) citizens. Correspondingly, US firearms-related murders equates to a total of only three murders per hundred thousand (3/100,000) citizens.

    10. Comment…To all living in Kansas : Senator Pat Roberts has just asked to be put out to pasture ! He would put an age limit to buy an AR-15 at 25, and strengthen background checks !

      1. @OV, I have been pressuring my senators (and other politicians) all day. Many years ago Congress decided that 18 was the age of majority. At 18, the full panorama of Constitutional Civil Right attach. I don’t think that Congress is authorized to take back any of those Constitutional Civil Rights. How do we keep sending these illiterates to Congress?

        1. @WB …Pretty sure Pat Roberts is even older than me. He sounds like he has out lived his usefulness.
          Forget who ran against him at his last reelection , but seem to remember they made a respectable showing. I think it is time . I wouldn’t be surprised if name recognition has a lot to do with reelection in many cases. Pretty sure that’s what reelected the judges that needed to be replaced here in our last election, people don’t know any one so they vote for the incumbent.

        2. Bill, I agree with you that Congress does NOT have legal authority to “take” civil rights away – from anyone – on a piece-meal or individual basis, but Congress does indeed have the authority, capability, and responsibility to effectively and deliberately set a standard society-wide “age of majority.” They cannot be arbitrarily selective, certainly not on differing subjects, but they can define that age to be whatever society will accept (16, 18, 21, 24, 25, etc).

          1. @Joe, I think that Congress already did set a national age of majority when the full compliment of Civil Rights attach. Having done that, to make the age higher would be taking Civil rights away from some.

            1. Bill… Congress has, indeed, already initially specified a national “age of majority.” And yes, I agree that any change in that “age” will certainly have practical consequences. Although the effects would be for a temporary amount of time (in the sense that rights would at some point be granted, anyway) adjusting the age upward would remove rights from some citizens, just as adjusting the age downward would grant rights to other citizens.

              Since such a determination is within Congress’ legal purview, future changes are possible (and would absolutely be subject to societal acceptance). In the real world, I do not expect much change to actually occur… but it’s possible.

    11. So – open question:

      We have a problem with mass shootings. Why?
      What is the root cause here? What can we do about that?

      1. The Root cause= Gun Free Open Shooting Zones and being Politically Correct by eliminating Mental Health centers we use to call Insane Asylums.

    12. The mass shooters, egged on by the left and the media, are doing it for fame.

      They are nobodies, and the message they get from the endless glorification in the media – and by certain politicians dancing in the blood – is that this is how you get glory. Shoot enough people and you can get everybody up to the president of the United States talking about you!

      That gives an obvious counter: deny the fame . . . Make him an unperson for his crimes.

      He has no name.

      He has no face.

      He has no grievance.

    13. Drew Hollinger – The military does NOT use AR-16 they use M16/M4’s! As with ‘assault weapon’ terms matter!

    14. AR 15’s that you can buy in a gun store are not the AR 15’s the Military uses. Theres are full auto of 3 shot bursts, which can fire a fraction of a second slower than fully automatic. The public ones a semi auto one shot at a time, like a pistol. Banning of any gun is not the answer. Keeping guns away from children is one part, and enforcing the existing gun laws. In every school shooting there have been big warning signs from the shooters, and no one did shit about it. Israel allows anyone to carry guns. Hence there are very few problems in schools because the students have them.

    15. They are not “falling into a trap”. Left and right are the same in the end, endless wars, more taxes, suckier economy, lies after lies. They are gangsters who want more and more control over their ever expanding teritory. They are all pos globalists. This gun control is U.N. backed to dissarm the American population. They still fear us at this point. Tuink about it, eye witneses said there were multiple shooters while the “shooter” had no weapons. It was a set up. They killed innocent kids and blamed another mind control victom just to take our guns. Thats how sick and desperate they are. Don’t let them get away with this!

      1. Hugo, I only skimmed your short response as I am busy putting out my own messages, and trying to Free One Mind At A Time. I don’t do the whole left and right thing, yet I have voted for 47 years, just not by A party line, help us all. Now some of your stuff may be a little over the top, but at least you ain’t talking the same crap our so called people in DC talk. Now what I would like to see is All Of Us take a good look at these Kids and what they are trying to say and do. Sure they are not 100% right, but guess what, what We are Doing Ain’t Working. Me I am a Gun Nut, and I shoot a lot as I have time and money to do so. I carry and have for years. I have lived in Gun Control times and guess what they did not hurt me. Now if they want my guns they will be on the business end and I will be dead before they get. See I don’t Trust Any Of Them, Yet we need some form of Government, but one that works.

        1. The vague call for “government that works” hasn’t gotten us very far, has it? That is like calling for “gun control that works.” It is not okay just to get more government and more gun control in a misguided hope that “something” might work, and I really hope that was not what you intended to say. Glad to see that you are not ready to just bend over to government oppression, in any case.

          Now, if anyone has noticed, when a person starts shooting or committing other serious crimes, what is the instinctive, first thing that people do? They call in the good guy with the gun to save everyone, and pray that he or she will come very quickly. Usually, that armed good guy is far enough away that he or she will have to do clean-up rather than defense, at least for a lot of victims. Now for the “Duh!” What if the good guy with the gun were already in the room, or right next door? That would be the case if schools ALLOWED teachers to carry guns for self and student defense, if they are willing and able to do that. This is more like two plus two than it is rocket science, but getting politicians and even many citizens to get over crazy emotionalism and simply add two plus two can be quite a challenge.

        2. @Dave Brown, What we are doing is blaming inanimate objects, and that is not working. There a lot of people and groups of people who failed in their duties, and that allows these incidents. Pharmaceutical companies that only care about profit; over prescribing medical doctors; over using patients; federal and local law enforcement that do not do their job or even coordinate; teachers and students that keep quiet; parents that do not parent. This is a failure of people not inanimate objects.

      1. @DS, Hold your nose; register Repub; vote against the repub party favorite in the primary. The only cost is a little time and the effort of making the family do the same.

    16. Did you even read what you wrote or did you just copy and paste from Evertown? Fist you want to take away ARs then you claim no one wants to take away guns.

    17. Well stated cut your own political throats by supporting gun control and they will be a PERMANENT MINORITY POLITICAL AFTERTHOUGHT

    18. Yes we need to do something, but not just cave in and give up everything. We can feel sorry for the kids at the FL school, but we do NOT have to give up the farm to have some changes that will WORK!

      1. @Mac, I have sent six “Don’t fall for the DNC gun control ploy” emails to the press. at That is something that we can do. I have also sent emails to both senators and congressman, three ea.

    19. It’s really hard to see these tradgefies, especially young kids. I think we are at a crossroads in our country where we will eventually loose most of our freedoms. The problem is the mentally ill. I recently read that nearly every school shooter was either taking or had recently taken psychiatric medication. Obviously, there is a connection. Until we can figure out how weed out the crazies, there are some things we could do to lessen the risk.
      First, deputize (first train to police academy standards) teachers and principles who wish to become undercover school police. They should pass normal police background checks and training. The federal government could give a $25,000 yearly bonus to each school official who completes training and becomes an undercover Deputy.
      Hire and train veterans to serve as armed guards at every school in America. Train and deputize them like the undercover officials.
      All of the above would be a 5-10 year plan to provide security while the background check system gets a revamp.
      These steps will help but not prevent a person (in a free society) from conducting a mass killing. We see it overseas all the time with people getting run over and car bombs. Private sales need to be background checked and 21 should be the legal age for everything related to being an adult (including buying a gun and the draft). Decide what’s an adult and make it uniform.

      Press Control:
      We need to pass a “copy cat crime prevention act”. We need to stop the 24/7 non stop repeating news clips that are giving these shooters fame. It’s sad companies are willing to run “Blood Ads” while these networks keep rewinding the same video over and over. The government should place restrictions on how mass murders are reported, to be sure the shooter doesn’t become a hero for the Crazies. CNN and other networks are making big money selling commercials on the graves of Victims. It should be illegal to sell or promote any advertising on news reports that cover humans committing violent acts. The over reporting of these violent crimes has the unintended consequence of spurring copy cat crimes.

    20. If we give in on anything relative to 2A the Demorats will never be satisfied there main objective is to repeal 2A, period.

    21. Schools need to get their priorities in order. Metal detectors , more security, God & American Values back in school. And stop spending so much on sports where the players take a knee. It was not like this in my time, because we cared & respected one another. We DID NOT have video games that we set in front of all evening killing & stilling, foul mouth talk. We got out side and did things. And my parents new what we where doing and who we where doing it with. FOLKS START RAISING YOUR CHILDREN NOW. GOD I HOPE IT’S NOT TO LATE.

    22. I emailed Bill Nelson, Marco Rubio And Lois Frankel
      I’ve contacted both my senators and my representative before about the hearing protection act and national concealed carry reciprocity
      All I can do is hope that thousands of fellow Floridians inundate them with calls for armed guards in our schools and no more gun laws

    23. The right to own an AR-15 shouldn’t outweigh the right for kids to feel safe at school. No one wants to take all your guns away, Jeff, just make it less easy for mass shootings to occur. Sure, it’s not only the ready availability of weapons like AR-15s to all and sundry that is the problem – America also has clear problems with a culture of violence, a fear of one another exacerbated by high gun ownership and, frankly a diminished appreciation of what life is about. The persistent stonewall attitude of gun advocates and fetishisation of military weapons has hijacked Amercian democracy to the point where more important values have been lost.
      What is it that makes an AR-15 so important to own? its certainly got nothing to do with hunting and sport shooting. It’s made for killing people in a combat situation. In a home defence situation, it’s a poor choice. A fantasist’s apocalypse/survival scenario is its only civilian context, and even then the broader tendency is for survivors to help one another not go around committing atrocious acts of violence.
      THe cult of the individual has got out of hand in America. your gun rights shouldn’t impinge on the rights of freedom. Freedom isn’t the right to do or have something. Freedom is the right to be free FROM something.
      Americans need to again be the home of the free and the brave and stand up to the NRA. And all the other ridiculous gun advocates that should be ashamed of themselves.

      1. Coming from you; the expert in ridiculous. If ignorance was painful, you would be in the ER. Next flight to Canada departs in 10 minutes. You won’t be missed. Buh-bye!

      2. Are you slow or just developmentally challenged.
        The 2nd has zero to do with hunting. It was written by a group of men that had just overthrown a tyrannical government and they knew that people in America would have to do it again. Your feeling are irrelevant and don’t matter.
        Seriously do you remember what happened to millions of Jews. Their guns were first registered and then take. They were then sent to gas chamber and murdered. Do you realy think people have changed and that’s not possible of happening. What has changed? We have internet and cell phones but Have people realy changed? People are the same. Their is the same frustrations, angers, hate, love and desires.
        Inconveniencing someone of there rights is rights denied.

        1. I didn’t mention the 2nd. I understand it well. I also understand I one who cites the second is actually standing up for tyrannical government. In fact you vote for it time and time again. Or don’t vote at all.

          What’s the real problem then, Cam? Why do we have so many mass shootings? Clearly the guns available with high capacity magazines make it a lot easier to do . So if you want to keep them what do you suggest we do to address the problems we have with violence? And I mean addressing the causes, not the symptoms. Or do we just accept we are the most violent and gun obsessed nation on earth and just be numb to mass shootings as a fact of life?

          Seems that’s what you prefer.

      3. JVC go troll somewhere else. Your stupidity amuses me. Have you read the 2nd Admendment? Sorry, stupid question, obviously you have not. It was not written to protect the right to hunt or for sport shooting, it was written to protect Americans from a tyrannical government. As Americans we have the right to the same weapons that the military has (although we do not have that right). I love it how you leftist morons always want to blame the evil AR-15 for everything and never mention the mental illness problem plaguing our country. I own 4 AR-15’s and none of them have ever shot anyone. Now if someone decides they need to be in my house uninvited and they feel they need to do harm to my family then that may change. If you are so against AR’s, please feel free to move to Maryland or California because their legal citizens cannot own one there and you would have nothing to worry about since they have no crime in either one of those shit holes.

      4. JVC;
        “What is it that makes an AR-15 so important to own? its certainly got nothing to do with hunting and sport shooting. It’s made for killing people in a combat situation. In a home defence situation, it’s a poor choice.”

        The 2nd amendment to the constitution has nothing to do with ‘hunting and sport shooting’.

        “THe cult of the individual has got out of hand in America.”

        This is unbelievable. You need a change of scenery – I suggest Russia!

        1. The AR15, as some claim, is more for killing, than hunting. It will do both very well with a trained shooter. It was designed by ArmaLite, and they had a series of rifles that started with an AR-1, ArmaLite Rifle-1. The ArmaLite Rifle 15, was first designed as a civilian rifle, AR-15. I has never had the designation as a Assault Rifle. That is just something that media has called it. It was adopted by the Military, after extensive modifications to meet military needs, such as selective fire, to use in semi automatic, 3-5 round burst, or full automatic. This is not a function of any civilian version of the rifle.

          An AR-15 is a great multipurpose rifle, that can be easily adapted for hunting, sport shooting, or as a home defense weapon.

        2. Terry is correct. the 2nd Amendment does not speak to hunting and sport shooting. Moreover, “JVC”, I suggest, if you are so passionate about your view on the subject, that you research the topic before proposing your ideas to be correct. The “AR” platform is HUGELY popular in hunting and sport shooting. There are entire shooting categories devoted to this style of firearm. There are also many variations and calibers dedicated to hunting.

          What, in your experience, makes it a poor choice for home defense? It is lightweight, easy to operate, reliable, and effective. I’m not sure how you would choose to defend your home and family, but those attributes are surely attractive to me. My guess is that you feel it is unfair for you to defend your family. Unfair to the poor person who is oppressed by the Man and driven to desperation to need to steal or harm you. Good luck with that.

          You are focusing on the wrong thing. Because a version of this style of firearm is used by our military in combat, does not make every version of it a combat weapon. Have you ever seen a Browning BAR? Looks like what people who no nothing about guns would call a “hunting rifle”. In fact that’s what it is designed for. BUT there is a variation of it with a detachable magazine and comes in calibers that are far more powerful and deadly than the .223 that is most common in the “AR”, and guess what, it will shoot just as fast. So what makes that fine and the “AR” so offensive. How it looks? That’s a pretty shallow and uninformed argument. I only use the BAR as an example. There are many firearms that fit that descriptions but come in a nice “friendly” wood grain finish and are scary looking and black.

          As far as the NRA, I am glad they speak on behalf of their members and people who believe in their 2nd Amendment rights, but I am not a member. Take them down if you will, but when they’re gone, there will still be all of the people who believe in their rights and we are never going away. Again, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. The shiny little object catches your eye and you miss the point entirely.

          I completely agree that we have a culture of violence. I suggest you look in both directions, though. That burden does not lie on the shoulders of a “gun culture”. Check the movie and TV industry and big Corporate video games. When was the last time you protested them? (I’ll wait)

          Also, freedom is a very specific thing in this country. You might want to crack a history book. It is not just “the right to be free from something”. We could argue that all day long. Maybe the right to be free FROM an oppressive government (look up 1776), the right to be free FROM regulations that degrade the health and safety of our families. I’d be careful when you say “Freedom isn’t the right to do or have something”. You may give this government enough power some day to lose something YOU believe in and then they’ll say you don’t have the right to it. The pendulum swings both ways. But you will always blame someone else, I suspect.

          1. James, thanks for engaging properly on the topic. A few things – a BAR is far from an AR. You know this. Can’t fit a 30 round clip to a BAR…

            As for the 2nd amendment, this is the true sticking point that had all sorts of BS attached to it.

            It sounds from other posts that many understand the 2nd to be about the protection of owning a military rifle to protec lt you from tyrannical government.

            Ok, then how come all he AR owners aren’t out there protecting their families from government and big business tyranny? They aren’t. They just like spouting theoretical tosh, having little fantasies and squeezing off a lot of shots quickly from a rifle capable of tossing insane amounts of lead) I cite Las Vegas as one example)

            So into it’s not only guns, but our laws certainly make it a hell of a lot easier for someone to quickly buy a rapid fire large capacity rifle whose most ideal purpose is killing people.

            So if you want to keep your rapid fire large capacity weapons, and you say they are not the problem then what is the problem?

            Ridiculous numbers of mass shootings is a problem.

            Gun advocates get caught up in this ridiculous argument about more guns in schools solving the problem. I mean no one believes that. It’s absolute BS.

            There is a deep rot in our society that makes our country the only place where this happens time and time again. Why does it not happen so often somewhere else? Hardly ever. Yes there are s few examples everyone knows. But why are we so violent to the point our society cannot be trusted to not have constant mass shootings.

            The founding fathers (who everyone seems to consider where gods and not fallible) created documents 200 years old. I wonder what they’d say about the skewed, feral society that has grown in the last few decades where mass school shootings are common place.

            our gun fetishisation stems from our history. The whole gun debate is still rapped up in the winners and losers around the civil war.

            And as for your AR protecting you from the government, if you’ve seen what our government does to people almost as heavily armed as us, you’d know having an AR at home will do absolutely nothing. It’s just a weird little feel good symbol in the Face of tyrannical government might.

            Even on a small scale your gun ownership won’t protect you anyway. Never has. Look at Waco.

            Anyway, this is just one of those hot button issues that’s a distraction while the government robs you blind, cancels your medical treatment and tells you conspiracy bed time stories you take hook line and sinker.

            Wake up!

            BTW. Everyone reckons Australian gun laws the media always cites have unarmed the population. They have high gun ownership in reality. You can even own an AR with the right licence, though you must be a professional shooter with an actual need for pest control. So they’ve got lots of guns still. They don’t have mass shootings all the time like we do.

            Why is that? They watch all our movies and play our video games too, so can’t be that.

            What’s the real issue here?

            That’s not rhetorical. I really want to know.

            Ok guys I’ll leave you to watch fox and your own little bubble of media.

            Like here.

      5. First, the AR-15 in appropriate configurations makes an excellent home defense option, as these examples demonstrate:

        Second, the hoplophobes’ agenda has ALWAYS been complete confiscation and civilian disarmament, achieved in discreet steps:

        If you believe otherwise, when the gun banners themselves have been announcing their intentions, you are engaging in willful ignorance. Is it really necessary to remind you that the Second Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with sporting purposes? It is nothing less than a guarantee that the people will have recourse to an effective remedy for out of control government. Gun control has nothing to do with public safety. From the Sullivan Act to the ’94 “assault weapon” ban, its only purpose is to facilitate the desires of those who would abuse their power.

        Third, while gun sales have stayed high since 2008, violent crime has continued to trend downward:

        That Washington Post article is from 2012, and the trend has continued to the present day. The United States is actually very peaceful compared to the rest of the world. The U.S. doesn’t even make it into the top 100 nations:

        Consider this; we sell the world’s most powerful non-nuclear explosive at every gas station, and all the materials to make chemical weapons at every pool supply and hardware store, no questions asked. All the knowledge necessary to use these for evil purposes is freely available to anyone who can surf the internet and understand a college level chemistry text. If we truly had such a culture of violence, would our neighborhoods not look like a bad remake of Escape From New York? Clearly, that is not the case. I strongly suggest that you pull your head out your nether regions and stop watching CNN.

        Violent lunatics and fanatics will always be able to find the means to commit their murders (firearms aren’t the most efficient tool, as I pointed out above), the law be damned. Criminals do not obey the law, by definition. There is only one effective response availalble to the law abiding. Shoot back.

        1. Well done! Provide intelligent thought WITH verifiable fact is the appropriate response to broad statements that do nothing to bring an intelligent discourse to the “table” for rational debate to seek a solution that ALL can live with.

      6. @JVC, You write, “The right to own an AR-15 shouldn’t outweigh the right for kids to feel safe…” You are quite wrong. A Constitutional Civil Right always out weighs a feeling. There is no civil right to feel safe. There is no civil right to feel happy. There is no civil right to feel smug.
        School shootings are the failure of human beings, not the failure of inanimate objects. So lets be brave and stand up to the Civil Rights Destruction Movement.

        1. @ Wild Bill, here’s a thought. Install closed circuit tv cameras at every entrance, install electronic locks at these doors. When the school classes start the doors automatically lock. Any one coming in late or what ever must ring a bell, a security person in the office would either recognize the individual or question them before opening that door. Also to satisfy fire regulations the doors would unlock with a fire alarm. Nowhere near perfect but better then what we have now. And it would be a one-time expense.

            1. @Larry, The object is simply to keep the bad guys out. You have locks on the doors at home, I presume, and for what purpose?

            2. @Bill N… maybe his mommy’s basement doesn’t have locks in the basement side of the doors and maybe mommy doesn’t feel he needs a gun for self defense because either she or the police will take care of him.

        2. @Wild Bill, I have another suggestion. People like JVC feed on our comments and the more we respond the more belligerent he becomes. I ignore those people any more. They have a right to their opinion just like butt holes, everybody has one.

          1. i think the belligerant personal attacks are coming from your end Bill N.

            Aopears n o one is really wanting to engage in the issue.

            Why do we have this problem in America of repeated mass shootings, time and time again?

            No one seems able to identify why, let along e what to do about it.

            1. Problematically, no useful discussion can occur when one side (conservatives) argues facts while the other side (liberals) resorts to emotions as a crutch. In order to reach an effective solution to the human-violence problem – it is not a “gun problem” – Democrats must first accept three facts.

              1) Laws punish wrongdoing, Laws do not stop wrongdoers. (Reread that… very carefully.) Laws – ink on paper – alone will not stop criminals.
              2) On the issue of firearms, there is only one salient point… the only thing that matters is Who is wielding that gun, and why. Nothing else (not caliber, barrel length, capacity, nothing!) has any relevance or provides any helpfulness.
              3) Bad people with guns will only stop their carnage when confronted by an armed response. Until that response occurs, the killing and maiming of innocents will continue.

              When those three truths are fully acknowledged, a practical/working solution to that human-violence problem can indeed finally be found. There’s the starting point. All else is distracting, smoke-blowing commentary.

      7. Another LibTard heard from. Same old rhetoric, over & over! Why are you here? Your one sentence gives your socialist agenda away: “The cult of the individual has got out of hand in America”. You may not be an individual, but I am. You’re a member of a herd of sheep. No thought, no honor, no code……baaaaa..bazaars!

      8. “No one wants to take all your guns away”? Then why did Senators Dodd and Feinstein tell us hat they did?

      9. JVC, What color is the sky in your world? Your abject ignorance is showing…

        The enumerated Constitutional “right” to own an AR-15 and the “ability” (NOT an enumerated “right”) of citizens to secure safety for kids at school are two entirely separate legal entities, and they cannot be weighed or compared. They are absolutely not an EITHER/OR proposition or a “zero sum” equation.

        AR15s are specifically designed and intended to be the civilian(!) – semiautomatic – version of military combat small arms. AR15s are not themselves “combat” arms… they are not used by ANY military in the entire world. The US has not sent troops into combat with semiautomatic rifles in over 60 years! AR15s in .223 caliber (the most common configuration) are not “high-powered,” since all deer rifles, and even some pistols, are more powerful. Nine states prohibit deer hunting with AR15s, precisely because the AR15 is not sufficiently powerful to reliably bring down big game. AR15s are easy to shoot, and are THE most popular rifle in the country. They damnably-well ARE useful and widespread in sport shooting, small-game hunting, and both personal and home defense.

        “… stand up to the NRA.”? The NRA represents only a tiny percentage (6%) of gun-owners, and spends less than $10 million dollars a year on politics, at all levels (local, state and federal). [Labor unions gave $1.7 BILLION to politics in 2016… so who is “buying” whom?] The NSSF – not the NRA – is the firearms industry’s official lobbying arm in Congress. You do not even know the identity of your avowed “enemy.”

        You slept through your history classes, didn’t you? If you are truthful (which seems doubtful) about thinking that Freedom is – not the right to do or have something, but rather – to be free FROM something… you are in severe need of psychiatric treatment. You, and every liberal idiot in this country, need to be forced to pass a traditional (honest and accurate, not Progressive) highschool American History class, complete with a year’s study of the Federalist Papers, before being allowed back into society… and absolutely before having your voting ability returned to you.

      10. Isreal figured it out. They arm all their teachers. Kids do not mess with the teachers gun. Why are isreals school children more important than ours? People dont have an issue with armed gaurds at banks and courthouses. Wtf? Why cant schools be protected aswell?

      11. Isreal figured it out. They arm all their teachers. Kids do not mess with the teachers gun. Why are isreals school children more important than ours? People dont have an issue with armed gaurds at banks and courthouses. Wtf? Why cant schools be protected aswell?

      12. Once again, the mantra of, “Disarm all the good citizens because there are a few bad citizens.” No. It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. Get rid of “gun free zones,” where people gather like fish in a barrel, and instead allow people to defend themselves. No bad guy with a gun wants to be suddenly surrounded by a lot of people who can stop him. Stop being so naive, dude, that is where real shame lies. You have no idea what the Second Amendment is about, as you watch TV and expect people in government to protect your life and your rights. Be an American and stand up for your birthright, but first come to grips with what it means.

      13. Guys, this is the perfect example of trolls that have started popping up lately. They’re ignorant, they’re biased and, with very few exceptions, they NEVER respond when challenged. Best to just call them out for what they are and not waste ablotbofbtime with them.

        1. JVC Junior Varsity and I could call the last letter but I won’t. Totally brainless is JVC’s M.O.
          To get back to the article, the republicans have been shooting themselves in the foot every since Trump was elected. Their public arguments and not standing together is the fuel the democrats need to steam roll them. They don’t seem to realize that. Pelosi as speaker, again? You got to be kidding. Let’s get the politicians out of our government and put someone with some common sense in there.
          Recent news, the deputy sheriff that was on duty stayed outside the building until the gun fire was over with. He resigned. Let kids get shot and hide outside. He should be put up against a wall and shot several
          times to inflict pain.

          1. Ha. After reading that I certainly at least know I’m smarter than you. You’re attitude is the reason we have a problem with violence in this country.

            1. @junior varsity Yea I can see by reading what you write that you are smarter than most, except fence posts, boxes of rock and boxes of hammers.Ignorant dip$h!t go play with your little minded buds in the nursery.

          2. @Tcat, Your hyperbole is misunderstood by certain junior varsity readers. He is probable new at writing, too.

        2. Happy to discuss the issue. I can even talk the technical talk about firearms if you like. I’ve got a safe full. Non have 30 round clips though. I didn’t mention the 2nd amendment recently. I’d rather discuss why we’ve got so many mass shootings and what can be done about it. The real problem and solutions, not just ‘give the gym teacher a gun so he can shoot back’.
          I don’t think we should’ve able to do readily access high capacity rapid fire weapons. Got a legitimate reason, sure. But most of the reasons given are just so weak.
          Work out how to stop being scared of one another. Clearly guns don’t make you feel safe, as much as you hope they might.

          1. You can talk “technical talk about firearms” and then you immediately say “….none have 30 round clips”? Yeah, think I’ll pass discussing the technical aspects with you, or any other aspects for that matter.

            1. @Vanns, Yeah, this juliet victor charlie, does not know zip about guns or Civil Rights. I think that you have unmasked yet another paid liar, who keeps fishing for responses.

          2. “… legitimate” reason?? Whose definition of “legitimate”? Yours? No way in hell !! To paraphrase a little green genius from many years ago… My own counsel will I keep! Firearms ownership is MY decision to make – mine alone – and anyone who attempts to morally, ethically, legally, or practically enforce THEIR versions of propriety, including firearms decisions, on me… will bleed.

            However, you are partially correct in that guns, by themselves, do not make me feel “safe.” My right and ability to responsibly defend myself and my family, including via private gun ownership (and rational training and practice), are what make me feel relatively SAFER than without such right or ability. If that distinction is lost on you… then get rid of your guns, because you are way too damnably rock-stupid to be trusted with firearms. You cannot even get the “technical talk” about “clips” correct.

            1. Perhaps enlighten me about the small distinction you’d like to make recording slang. Magazine? Clip? Tell us about your technical brilliance on terminology. Yeah, let’s get to the real issues here…pfft.

              Or you care to give me a history lesson onAR rifles….so relevant.
              100 round I should have said. That’s what the las Vegas shooter used.

              Useful for only one thing…

            2. Plenty of countries just rely on their law enforcement and sense of community to feel safer. Indeed they are safer. Shame we can’t rely on that because we don’t trust anyone and are scared of each other. Why is that? . “Greatest country in the world though”

            3. JVC This is becoming ridiculous.

              “… plenty of countries… are safer” than the US? Not in the Newtonian Universe (the real world!) where we sane people reside. The US is not even in the top 140 countries in the world in terms of per-capita violence – real, everyday danger faced by its citizens.

              You have never heard me make any claim to brilliance, so stop being an insulting ass. But I do claim a simple technical competence, which is indeed required in any rational, reasonable discussion of firearms… your lazy and idiotic claim (that interchangeably using “magazine” and “clip” is mere slang) notwithstanding. It is generally-accepted practice to have at least a minimal practical knowledge of a subject before “pontificating” (as you do) about it. I suggest you try it sometime… you’ll be amazed.

          3. Face it JVC, when it comes to guns and gun related things you are a clown. Just go ahead and accept it. That might be the beginning of wisdom for you.

            1. @Roy D, I concur. The junior varsity clown thinks that he is an expert on the relationships between people in foreign countries and their police, too. The people from South America that I have talked to are terrified of their governments and ran to the US to claim Political Assylum.

            2. South America – great example! We had nothing to do with that though did we Bill. Pffft.

              Roy D, etc the topic is mass school shootings and their frequency in America, and reasons this is so. if you care to engage on that, great.

              Otherwise just keep telling me how dumb i am. Hope it makes you feel better! it doesn’t have any impact on me, it just makes you look like a halfwit because you don’t have anything insightful to say on the topic, so have to attack the man.

              So back tio the topic:

              Anything to say on why we have mass school shootings at such frequency?
              Care to suggest what we do about it? the cause, not put a band-aid on the symptom.

              No? Nothing?

              thought so.

      14. @JVC…In case you don’t know the terminology James is using= BAR stands for Browning Automatic Rifle . Now lets see how you can twist that up.

      15. @JVC, That little pontification about freedom and rights is 180 degrees wrong. And what makes an AR-15 so important to own is that you don’t have to take it to a gun smith to fix it.

        1. Thanks Bill – I do like that comment about AR reliability! Nice one.

          I know you’re a signed up believer in the American Dream and all the hokum that keeps the massses oppressed, but Americans are far from free.

          1. No human beings, including Americans, are truly free… because true freedom carries something that Liberals know nothing about. It’s called “responsibility.”

            However, Americans damnably-well ARE the closest demographic group (in all of human history) TO freedom – at least, a practical form of it. Can it be improved? Certainly! But you might reconsider your stance, and not allow the fact that it is imperfect to interfere with your acceptance of the fact that it is nonetheless the best currently available.

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