SCC, SCCF File Amicus Brief in U-Texas Professors’ Campus Carry Suit

Campus Carry
Campus Carry

AUSTIN, TEXAS-( On January 29, 2018, Students for Concealed Carry ( and the Students for Concealed Carry Foundation ( filed a joint amicus curiae brief in Glass v. Paxton, No. 17-50641 (5th Cir). This federal lawsuit, filed by three professors at the University of Texas at Austin, seeks to nullify Texas’ campus carry law and the University of Texas at Austin’s campus carry policy. The case is currently on appeal to the Fifth Circuit after being dismissed by a district court judge.

The full SCC/SCCF brief is available here:

SCC/SCCF Amicus Brief (Jan. 29, 2018): Glass v. Paxton (University of Texas at Austin), No. 17-50641 (5th C… by Texas Students for Concealed Carry on Scribd

SCC Southwest Regional Director Quinn Cox commented, “SCC has proven itself to be a very knowledgeable organization in the campus carry debate. Having played a role in getting Texas’ campus carry law passed, SCC has a duty to have its expertise and understanding of the issue at the 5th Circuit’s disposal.”

SCC has a policy against giving interviews on ongoing or pending court cases and legal actions, therefore, SCC officers are not available to comment on the case. However, questions about the factual claims made in the brief can be directed to SCC Assistant Director of Public Relations Michael Newbern.

NOTE: The brief contains a typo at the top of page 24. The phrase “approximately 13.5% less likely” should read, “approximately 13.5% as likely.”

About Students for Concealed CarryStudents for Concealed Carry on Campus

Students for Concealed Carry (SCC) is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization comprising college students, faculty, staff, and concerned citizens who believe that holders of state-issued concealed handgun licenses should be allowed the same measure of personal protection on college campuses that current laws afford them virtually everywhere else. SCC is not affiliated with the NRA or any other organization. For more information on SCC, visit or For more information on the debate over campus carry in Texas, visit or tweet @CampusCarry.

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Jacob M. Opperman

I feel and think if any one who has a CCW and does not feel safe with you being armed should be aloud to carry any where they want to. In this day and age where other want to just plain kill being able to protect your self should be a priorty. I don’t go into any place that will not let me carry. I only go into places if I have to and do not have a choice. I feel the Federal Government should pass a bill, law, or what ever to completely band any and all gun free… Read more »


@ W. Bill if your computer is a Windows operating system go to File Explorer, Windows 10 it looks like a file folder. Previous versions will be through a gear looking program that has most of the fix it stuff in it. When you find file explorer look through desktop, downloads, documents, pictures, music and videos. If it is there it will, most likely, be in downloads. All that is left to do is highlight it with your mouse then hit the big red X at the top of the program. It sounds like it may have attached itself to… Read more »

Joseph Martin

UT Austin has already been a killing zone in August of 1966 when Charles Whitman killed 13 and wounded 31 people. It was with the assistance of gun owning civilians at the time that the police were finally able to finally stop him. You would think that at least the Professors and Administrators at UT would recall the past and learn from it, but such is the state of our colleges and universities this day and time.


Any college campus that is a gun free zone is an invitation to become a killing zone. Just one idiot could kill hundreds on a campus like UT before police could stop him. Stay alert. Stay armed. Practice. The police can only show up AFTER your dead.


Agreed. Not limited to campuses, though. Any “gun-free” zone is a predator-inviting free-killing area, which actually provides a government guarantee(!) that the shooter will not meet any resistance until law-enforcement arrives. Liberal Leftists are simply too stupid to understand (or too power-hungry to admit) the proven fact that gun-free zones are FAR more dangerous than anywhere else. America needs to become a “Liberal Leftist/Socialist-free” zone, or we “common citizens” (which Leftists sneer at and call “low-information voters”) will never again be truly safe in public.