SCI President Paul Babaz Speaks Out Against Calls For More Gun Control

Varmint Hunting with Leupold Optics and Novesk Rifle
Varmint Hunting

U.S.A.-( Hunters Unite! Safari Club International’s mission is to protect the freedom to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation worldwide. The operative word about hunting in that mission is “freedom.” This includes the equipment needed to exercise that freedom.

With that in mind, our battles against anti-hunters have been augmented tremendously by a misguided social reaction to the school shooting in Florida recently.

I have kids of the same age and as a parent I am horror-struck and cannot even imagine such a nightmare. But my kids, all girls, are also involved in hunting and target shooting. Many of their friends are also interested in both hunting and target shooting.

I completely agree that we need to find a way to stop this disease that has infected our society, but it is not by telling one of my kids that she can’t own a gun and go into the field if that’s what she wants to do. Hunters are taught gun safety and firearm responsibility by their parents, adults in leadership positions, by the state agencies that run hunter education courses, and yes, by the NRA.

As parents, we need to take responsibility to instill good judgment and responsibility that comes with the lawful use of firearms, automobiles or anything else that could be used for evil purposes. No hunter would ever dream of doing what that twisted person did in Parkland. It is unthinkable. Evil exists. It must be confronted in the most powerful ways possible and must be defeated.

But there is no need to further exacerbate the tragedy by punishing those who not only had nothing to do with it, but who would have stopped it before it happened or when it was in progress had they had the chance. This is a social problem, not a gun problem. And yes, Modern Sporting Rifles (the actual rifles that so often are misidentified as “assault weapons”) are used for hunting.

We have seen this sort of behavior before and I have always been vocal about SCI stepping up to speak up for our members who are gun owners.

SCI opposes any legislation that infringes upon the Second Amendment right of law abiding young adults between the age of 18 and 20 by banning their right to purchase any long gun from a federally licensed retailer, by use of the federally regulated process that includes instant background checks. We have laws on the books to protect the public, and those laws should be enforced to keep our children and families safe at home, school, movie theatres or wherever they go.

I call on all hunters and especially fellow members of SCI to take a stand right here, right now. This is no time to duck and hide, no time to think that this is someone else’s concern. We are all involved whether we want to be, or not. The only question is whether we stand and fight, or whether we duck and cover. War has been declared against us and no war was ever won from defense.

SCI-PAC, SCI’s Political Action Committee, will no longer support elected representatives who support increasing the age of those eligible to purchase firearms legally. They are speaking out of both sides of their mouths to get themselves reelected. We have a strong PAC and we need to support the representatives who will stand with our membership in good times and bad!

I encourage all hunters, and especially SCI members, to unite in this battle to put sanity back into the public discourse that has been overwhelmed with mass hysteria. Please use any avenues you have individually to get the word out, to organize and to engage in the discussion. The world needs to know that there are many of us out here who oppose what some of the enemies of freedom are proposing. We cannot allow them to take perverted advantage of a tragedy to deny the rest of us our rights and to obliterate our hunting culture that has withstood the test of time since the beginning of mankind.

Rest assured that I will do all I can to right this wrong that is being foisted upon us by the enemies of freedom. I welcome all to join me. Together, we can help right what otherwise could turn into a terrible wrong. Thank you.

Paul Babaz – SCI President

About Safari Club International

Safari Club International – First For Hunters is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI’s approximately 200 Chapters represent all 50 of the United States as well as 106 other countries. SCI’s proactive leadership in a host of cooperative wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian programs, with the SCI Foundation and other conservation groups, research institutions and government agencies, empowers sportsmen to be contributing community members and participants in sound wildlife management and conservation. Visit the home page, or call (520) 620-1220 for more information.

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Gavin D

Wild Bill you’re the only Troll on here.


Gavin, you need serious psychiatric treatment.

Wild Bill may be a lot of things (including cantankerous, at times), but he is an honest man and a patriot – the two farthest-imaginable things FROM a troll.

Wild Bill

, Yes, but a poetic kind of cantankerousness! The barn is cleaned. Calving has not started. Too muddy to ride my horse. What ever else is there to do but debate, with the experienced and learned men found here, the affairs of the day, the majesty or the law, and the sad state of today’s youth!


I have one question to ask. Why should I give up my rights to buy any rifle or hand gun I choose just because some demented individual used one for evil ? I will answer my own question. I WILL NOT. I’m 65 years old and never used any firearm for evil. What has happened to personal responsibility? Punishment for killings in Florida should be swift and sure. No national media feeding frenzy allowed. If we allow our elected officials to enacted additional restrictions on our 2nd Amendment we deserve the abridgment of all our constitutional rights. Give up one… Read more »


No doubt the age limit will be increased by States run by the anti 2A.

Harry in Ohio

I think it best if all of us would use your term Modern Sporting Rifle. Then, explain to people that this type of rifle allows hunters to change calibers by changing uppers and using quick detachable scope rings to change the expensive scopes. That way we have no need for redundant complete rifles and scopes, thus saving money and cutting down on the number of actual firearms in the country. We can also play this word game that they have mastered so well.

Wild Bill

@Harry, Well said, brother. I would make one modification. Rather than waiting for the conversation that you envision, initiate that explanation, sending it to the president, your senators, and your congressperson.

Philip Conrad

Respectfully, Mr. Babaz, It is a medical fact the human brain undergoes considerable change involving rational decision making and judgement during the years 18-21. To ignore this in opposition to raising the legal age for Long gun purchase would seem very self serving, and frankly, short sighted. Personally, I had my first .22 rifle at age 12, my first handgun at 14. But very strict adult supervision and training gave me respect and caution for the damage irresponsible handling of firearms can cause. I was fortunate to have had such training but so many young adults today do not, such… Read more »

Paul Babaz

Mr. Conrad, I couldn’t agree more. I am in full favor of having armed security in our children’s school. My youngest daughter is still in high school and I would fully support armed security officers. Celebrities, politicians, all have armed security, so why not our kids? Because the celebrities and politicians like Pelosi, Schumer are hypocrites, just like Bloomberg! He’s covered up in armed security, but he doesn’t believe everyday citizens deserve the same rights! I have anti hunters and anti gun fanatics come to my home and send surveillance videos of my kids to my wife! You can bet… Read more »

Wild Bill

The various levels of government keep telling us that we do not need guns because they will protect us. Then when something happens they can not or will not. This just in “Four Broward County Sheriff’s deputies did not enter the building at Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida, while the students, faculty and administrators were inside under fire from a gunman last week, new reports revealed Friday. Police officers from Coral Springs arrived in the midst of the attack and expressed surprise that the school’s armed resource officer, a sheriff’s deputy, had not entered the building. Three other… Read more »


Remember there are more than the NRA which has done a GOOD job in protecting American gun owners. There is also the GOA, Gun Owners of America. This group also does a GOOD job of representing gun owners. There are many more across America that could use our support in their fight against the
ANTI-GUN CONTROLLERS and their ilk that wants to CONTROL the American People.

Bobby Guns

No one seems to be mentioning that the main reason the leftists want to raise the age of the ownership of rifles is to further separate young people from the idea of owning guns. The longer you can delay their ownership, the better chance that you have of keeping people from ever wanting to own any guns. The less people wanting to own guns, the harder it is for those who want to have guns to protect that ownership. The same plan is intended to destroy hunting as well. People need to wake up and understand that the leftists lie… Read more »


“Enterprise Holdings, one of the world’s largest car rental companies, announced Thursday that it will end its discount promotion for National Rifle Association members.
The car rental company, which operates Enterprise, Alamo, and National, announced on Twitter that all three of their brands have ended the partnership with the NRA effective March 26.”

Effective immediately I have destroyed my Enterprise, Alamo, and National member cards and will never rent from them again!

Richard Raymond

Far cry from 50 years ago. Looks like a gun fit for two-legged varmints rather than four legged.

Dave in Fairfax

So are you a troll or a Fudd? The APPEARANCE of the rifle is the tell of the anti-gun crowd. I prefer the look of walnut and blue steel, but I recognize that an adjustable stock has a lot of advantages. The question shouldn’t be what the gun LOOKS like but what the person behind it is using it for. Hand forged hammers appeal to me more than these cast-in-China things I see in the BORG, but both kill more people than MSRs do. Looks only kill from your wife.


that’s right.. its never the arrow, its always the Indian. It ain’t the hardware its the software.

and Cain was wroth, and rose up and slew his brother Abel. Then God banned rocks and clubs, to assure this could never happen again.

Yea, right. God knew where the problem lay…. and dealt with THAT. He banished Cain, the man with evil in his heart. We still have enough rocks and sticks to slaughter everyone on the planet.

Wild Bill

@Tio, that is most humorous!


Great response, Tio!

In Jeremiah, God specifies that “Evil is in the hearts of men.”

Wild Bill

R, “Looks like” is that the extent of your knowledge and experience? What ever happened to American sayings like Never judge a book by its cover.? What ever happened to American moxie? I would be embarrassed to offer an analysis that superficial.


Playing the man, twisting the truth and claiming superior intelligence again Bill? You are such a keyboard warrior. You need to get out more. We get your point, Richard. That is, all the people reading this that don’t comment. Bullies like Wild bill have nothing better to do. And franly the other three or four serial posters on this site with no lives. Bill, stop lurking on this site. Try belong somewhere real. You try shut down any kind of open discussion. it’s getting pretty tired. Try go outside sometime in the next week, get away from your screens. Get… Read more »


Judging a firearm solely by esthetics? That’s a interesting concept. Stupid as a box of rocks, but useful as a negative example of behavior.


Looks like yes, more importantly IS. It’s s rapid fire, high capacity firearm, you can use for hunting, but everyone knows what its roots are and what it’s best for (mass shootings it seems, given its the choose of all these mass shooters) Calling it an MSR will only catch on among gun advocate crowd, as if that makes is someohow the most ideal readily available firearm to kill lots of people quickly.

(So Dave, everyone with a different opinion to you is a troll?)


ALL firearms can kill… all are dangerous. In fact, any firearm that is not dangerous… any firearm that is perfectly safe… is perfectly worthless. And the term “readily available firearm” is an outright lie.

Gavin D

Looks like, yes, but also IS.