The Self Defense Stories You Don’t See in the Mainstream News

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The Self Defense Stories You Don’t See in the Mainstream News

Louisiana- -( Here is some news you won't find in the mainstream media. Again this week, responsible gun owners defend themselves and the people they love.

Self-defense instructor Ben Branam joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at three new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they trained and prepared?   What can we learn from their experience? Listen and find out. (17-minute podcast)

All three victims survived lethal attacks because they had a gun.

First Story- Are you armed when you’re walking on the street?

You’re a woman in your thirties. It is mid-morning and you’re walking down the street. You hear a woman scream. You see a man attacking the woman who delivers your mail. The attacker has the mailwoman down on the ground and is pulling at her clothes. You yell for him to stop. He won’t. You step near the attacker, draw your gun, and shoot into the ground. Now the man stops attacking the woman.  He stands up and runs at you. You shoot into the ground in front of him. He stops and runs away. You turn back to the victim of the sexual assault and ask her if she is ok. She is shaken. The police arrive in minutes and tell you to put the gun down. You follow their instructions. The police find the attacker in a nearby alley.

Second Story- Are you armed when you are out to eat?

It is very early Saturday morning. You’re having breakfast at a restaurant. You look up as two men enter in hurry. They are wearing hoodies..and have guns drawn. They demand the money from the cash register. They are pointing their guns at the clerk behind the counter. You’re armed. You draw your firearm and shoot at the robbers. They run. You check on the clerk and call police.

You’re driving on Main Street just after noon. This has to be the safest place in the world at the safest time of day. You look over and see a police car with its light flashing. The officer is on the ground and another man is on top of him hitting the police officer. You stop your car and get out. You have your carry permit. You’re armed. You shout for the attacker to stop. He doesn’t. You draw your gun and then the attacker stops. He runs away. Police arrive and you put your gun away.

The injured police officer was taken to the hospital with broken bones in his face. The attacker was arrested and has a lengthy police record.


About Rob MorseSlow Facts

Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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  • 12 thoughts on “The Self Defense Stories You Don’t See in the Mainstream News

    1. I’m not a proponent of overthrowing the 2nd Amendment, but I worry about the number of guns that are currently owned and carried by citizens. My comment is that if an individual is not prepared to use a gun to stop a beating heart, don’t buy one, a thought echoed by instructors with whom I have spoken. It’s doubtful you will ever get over the incident. Ask a policeman or soldier who has inflicted a mortal wound. Next is a question for those considering such a purchase. Do you realize that the possibility of you or someone close to you being injured as a result of that purchase goes up exponentially.
      Bottom line – give it a lot of thought before you buy a gun. Ask questions, not of people who hold the 2nd Amendment sacrosanct, but who are open minded and capable of giving sound advice. Ask your friends and relatives if they were ever a victim or actually know someone that was. Sometimes these anecdotal stories are third and fourth person occurrences that get inflated (i.e. I know someone who heard about a mugging from their friend etc). And finally, if you aren’t 100% sure, just don’t do it.

    2. I have been a life member of the NRA since 1963. My gun is loaded
      since 2001 World Trade Center attract. I will protect my

    3. ricochet can endanger an innocent person, or the shooter. Safety rule, never put your finger on the trigger unless you are sure of the target and its background. Words we an live with.

      1. it’s like the American express card i don’t leave home with out it . up in yrs & handicapped to boot makes me a target for some punks out there

    4. Warning shots are a tricky concept
      Most carry pistols hold 10 shots or less, revolvers hold six or sometimes 5
      In this instance she threw away two shots out of her possible five
      Pistols, even in 45 caliber, are not death rays
      Unless you get a spinal cord or brain stem shot, criminals can continue advancing even when shot multiple times
      Don’t forget even criminals have associates who may also need to be shot
      Multiple times as well
      Warning shots into the air will land, possibly on someone’s head, and warning shots into the ground may ricocheted and hit unintended targets
      While warning shots worked in this instance, most authorities do not recommend warning shots

      1. 1st go kick the son of a bitch in the head if no weapon is present. Second shooting into the ground is dangerous if a rock is under the grass and soil but near the top, ricochet the bullet. Third was your life really in danger if your shooting at the ground, there’s City ordnance, however the woman might be able to claim disproportionate level of force, big guy against a female in shooting his ass dead plus aiding another person against grave bodily harm or death. My answer stage your gun and cell phone call 911 and throw something heavy or kick the guy. However I’m questioning this story about a mail man assaulting someone on the job if it was on the job assault.

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