Shame on U.S. Senator Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy
Shame on U.S. Senator Chris Murphy
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USA –  -( The Democrats were quick to pounce with their favorite adage that has served them well: “never let a good crisis go to waste.” U.S. Senator Chris Murphy-D-CT, without any facts in hand, was the first in line to politicize and weaponize the Florida school tragedy.

“Only in America!”, he said.

Murphy seems to have conveniently forgotten the 80 youngsters gunned down at a camp in Norway. Guns are banned in Norway. How about the shooter who killed 7 school children in France? Guns are banned in France. Cops don’t even carry guns.

15 school children shot in Germany. Guns banned there. 16 school children slaughtered in Scotland. Onerous gun control there. Then there is the kid who shot up the school cafeteria in Italy. 132 school children shot in Pakistan. Only the military are permitted guns. Not to mention the thousands of school age children murdered and used for target practice in other Muslim countries.

All of the above countries represent a combined geographic area smaller than America. Sadly school children are slaughtered all over the planet by gunfire. Not “only in America.”

Other than beating the drums for gun control, Murphy’s only claim to fame was not paying his rent or mortgage. He “forgot” to pay.

What did Murphy and his sidekick Fake Vietnam Vet U.S. Sen Richard Blumenthal D-CT offer to help prevent another Sandy Hook? Nothing more than rhetoric. Yet the Connecticut voters keep re-electing them.

I was there to personally experience the aftermath of the Newtown carnage. It was more than a “learning moment”.

What learning did Murphy share with other school districts around the country? Nothing other than a failed legislative attempt at ill conceived background checks….which is redundant in most states….including Florida. What prayers or words of comfort did Murphy and his ilk offer to the Parkland parents and families?

They showed their true colors……again. Shame on them.


Michael Velsmid
Nantucket, Ma.

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WAS THE FIRST ASSAULT WEAPON NOT A ROCK ? Anything used in an assault is a weapon !

Donald Baker

Goose stepping, Jew gassing Nazi tyrants like Murphy is exactly why we have and need a 2nd amendment. He is a traitor to our constitution and a threat to this country.

Captain America

Try getting facts instead of repeating the propaganda!! The ar style MSRs are NOT assault rifles they only look the same externally as the M-16 military. Rifles! The lunatic left keeps repeating the lie that these are assault rifles when in FACT they are NOT!they only lie and mislead the public in order to drum up support for their communist agenda. When in fact their ultimate goal is the elimination of the bill of rights, the constitution itself all starting with the second amendment rights of citizens.! The devilrats will never be happy until they destroy America! They are a… Read more »


I have no idea other than paranoia why a private citizen “needs” an assault rifle.


He is WRONG, in the middle east, men place an IED inside a place of worship and open market places, they murder 100’s of men, women and kids. When Murphy can tell us how to stop that from happening, I am sure the FBI will want him to share the plan with them.

You can’t stop a man from murdering other people.


It wasn’t until I watched the documentary “The Enemies Within” that I suddenly connected the dots as far as Chris Murphy’s association with the Communist Party. He and several of Connecticut’s Democrat congressional representatives in Washington are actual card carrying members of the Communist Party. They have their support and funding. The documentary is something every American must see.


There is a whole party called “democrats” who may not all be card carrying communists but they are towing the line. I have been appalled in my research into the history of both parties, especially democrats. They are traitors & enemies within and must be dealt with according to the remedy given us by the Constitution. Whatever happened to “Citizens’ Arrests”?

Wild Bill

What ever happened to public hanging? If just one child would be saved it would be worth it, etc, etc.

Robert Gaudio

Murphy, Blumenthal, Esty, Courtney- these “public servants” and oath takers to “defend and protect the Constitution” make me sad to admit I live in Connecticut(no, I didn’t vote for ANY of them- I can actually tell the difference between rain and piss on my leg). The 2 to watch out for are Chris and Rich- both, in my opinion, are standing on the bodies of 2 innocent people and using every tragedy to play on the emotions of the blind, fearful sheep in this state, and those in whatever other state will listen to them, in an attempt to see… Read more »


Let’s get rid of guns so the mentally ill can just blow up the whole school like those no gun countries do.


Please note that the worst school massacre in US history happened in Michigan in 1927 when a man using explosives blew up a school killing 38 students and numerous adults as well as himself.
You can point fingers all you want at a chosen implement, in this case an AR-15, but please remember that you need a human being to pull the trigger and commit the killing.


Murphy must be up for re-election in 18.


Statist pigs like Murphy have and know no shame…

Robert Radulski

One small correction…in France the municipal police don’t carry weapons, but the national police, the judicial police and the gendarmes do.

Pistol Pete

It is one thing to look like a fool but to open ones month and prove it is another !!!!

Marc DV

I Don’t Usually Judge People By Their Looks !
But I Just Had To…. You Are So Right !
He Even Looks Stupid ! So With That Said ,
The Only Thing Left To Say Is…..
He Can Get a Face Makover
But Ya Just Can’t Fix Stupid !


He looks like Pee-wee Hermon to me.


The real question;

Who owns the two-sides of the same coin that is American politics?

This is just a side show to the biometric national ID card that Washington DC will grace us with.

Kent Tanaka

Global Peace Index- #114 USA , #115 Rwanda

Only in America do people get riled up about a dozen dead when its military murders more by the minute.

Only in America do people or all class, all the way up to the President (on a nationally televised event), bring up “tales” of how crappy other countries are to defend its own.

Your first problem is taking theater at face value. Save your energy, target practice and figure out who owns the two-sides of the same coin that is the American politics.


Our military murders people huh? In war there is sometimes collateral damage…that is true in any conflict no matter what country is involved. But if you think our military murder people I suggest you enlist and find out what it is actually like. The US Military’s rules of engagement are some of the strictest in the world. I’m many cases we fight with one hand tied behind our backs. But don’t let any of that stop you from spewing your hyperbole.


@KT it sounds to me like you are part of the problem, not the solution. Did you ever stop to think how many of our people are killed while engaged in war. As hoppdeezy said our troops fight under extreme rules and many of them die because of it. I know you didn’t stop to think about any of that because you can’t think. You are a sheeple or a subject to the leftest control machine.