Sharod Edwards Joins National African American Gun Association Training Division

Sharod Edwards
Sharod Edwards

USA – -( One of the Best National Firearms Instructors in the USA has joined the National African American Gun Association Training Division.

Sharod Edwards has joined NAAGA and has been named Firearms Trainer within the organization. He is a Former Decorated Marine, He is a highly skilled World Class Instructor with direct experience in training many areas of Firearms including Military, Law Enforcement, NRA Certified Instructor, FFL licensee, and vast experience in teaching Competitive Shooting.

“I am typically reserved in my announcements always making sure I don’t get too excited but I have an announcement which really has me jumping up and down today.

We are in the process of developing a Training Council which will have some of the very best trainers in the nation that will lead us in 2018 and beyond.

We are officially announcing that one of the Best Trainers in the USA has joined the NAAGA Family.

We welcome Sharod Edwards

He is an Outstanding Trainer and Competitive shooter” ~ said NSSGA President Philip Smith.

Additionally, Sharod Edwards assists with Injured Combat Veterans in the HAVA program ( Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) and SWAT Units Nationwide

He is an American hero, Leader, and we are very proud to have him as a Trainer within The National African American Gun Association.

National African American Gun Association

About National African American Gun Association (NAAGA):

The goal of the National African American Gun Association is to have every african american introduced to firearm use for home protection, competitive shooting, and outdoor recreational activities. We are a civil rights organization focused on self preservation of our community through armed protection and community building. The National African American Gun Association provides a network for all african american firearm owners, gun clubs and outdoor enthusiasts. We welcome people of all religious, social, and racial perspectives. We especially welcome african american members of law enforcement and active/retired military.

For more information, visit:

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Chris Cox

Hey everybody is making way too big of a deal about this. I think the concept of NAAGA is awesome. It’s like A club within THE club. There is no reason that 50% of all black Americans shouldn’t be gun toting conservatives, unless of course a handful of white guys whine about reverse racism in a situation that doesn’t warrant it. It has nothing to do with trying to exclude whites is my guess, and it seems a way to reach out to and introduce this lifestyle to those that wouldn’t normally gravitate to it. Think about it, if you… Read more »

Roy D.

In twenty years of competition shooting at the local to national level in IDPA and USPSA I can count on one hand the number of Black shooters. Perhaps it’s living where I do. I would be interested in others observations. There are a number of reasons for the dearth of Black shooters. Then again there is a dearth of “White” competitors considering the number of whites who own guns and for some of the same reasons. Trying to drag more people into the sport by racial identification seems to me doomed to failure. But hey, it’s their rice bowl.

James Higginbotham

all this African American BS is way OVER DONE.

Ronald Regular II

This is a way to introduce other cultures to the black community. I generally do agree with you but police, guns, and various other issues have our communities split. The more people we can bring to the tactical side, no matter what venue, is best for preserving our rights and growing the bigger more important gun community. Preservation of our nation and freedoms starts with an informed people, but second is an armed populous. More is better. When the time comes common ground is the best unifier when trying to gain allies.

Philip Smith

Hello, This is Philip Smith, President of the National African American Gun Association. I appreciate all the comments by everyone Pro and Con. Anyone can join and we have the numbers to prove it. I just don’t think you guys get and never will…but that is ok.. I am not going to disrespect anyone even though some of you have been disrespectful to us We love our Organization and we are exploding with new members every day Everyone is welcome and we make everyone feel like family regardless of what you believe or look like. We have members that are… Read more »

Ron Pioneer

Why the need or desire to further divide Americans? Don’t we have enough of that already? The NRA, GOA, even JPFO takes any and all who want to join, no questions asked. All are welcome!

Black Rifle

I am a NRA and GOA life member as well as member of NAAGA, so what is your issue? I never heard anybody make the same argument of division being made against JFPO, and if it was I pretty sure they don’t care. So again the article was meant to informed the 2A community of the growing interest of gun ownership and training in the African American community, which would help the overall 2A community, but some of you jokers are making it into a negative. Frankly at this point who cares, no one looking for approval. Like it or… Read more »

William Murphy

No one needs to protect themselves more than Black Americans and 9 years ago I wouldn’t have given a thought to a segregated association attempting to introduce fire arms as a means of that protection. Today, because I’m a White Conservative American, I’m labeled a racist Neo-Nazi out of total ignorance and knowledge of me and what I stand for. There is no such thing as an African American, unless you just came here in a slave ship and recently swore in as an American citizen. By today’s standards, WE are just Americans regardless of color, race or creed. If… Read more »


We do not need any more race based BS. Leave that to the DEMOCRAPS. If he is a good instructor he is a good instructor period. I don’t give a damn what color someone is because character is NOT color it is a person.


Why are you censoring all of the replies. I am still getting them in my email, which further explain why there is no unity in the 2A community. Let everyone see the replies on the website.


I put that in the same category as the Congressional Black Caucus. If there were a Congressional WHITE caucus it would bring on another witch hunt from the libs. I agree, leaving the word BLACK out of the title would be an improvement. However, I think I understand why it is there, to promote more black shooters.


WOW! Up to now, I had no idea there was such a thing as an African-American gun, nor that such inanimate objects could form an association. Who knew?!


Why especially african americans? If this was a especially white group it would be called racist.


Hit the nail on the head with that one. The politically correct don’t understand that this is racist and will never get it.


Anyone can join. It a is a focus effort at a group that has been feed the biggest load of BS about firearms. Why does not question why there is an organization called Jews for the Preservation of Firearm, is that dividing us also, I don’t think so. The unity among 2A community sucks that why! You just don’t get it. Let try this, stop trying put something down unless you understand the audience it Is reaching. SMH


This organization doesn’t exist to cause division, but to address a need in a community that is seeking knowledge, education and fellowship. The definition of Racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
That’s not our mission! Every other type of American that assembled or pulls together is applauded; Italian-American, Irish-American, Isreali-American…however, when it’s African-American it aoplauded? Double standards, I would say.

Graham Baates

You beat me to it. Any organization that uses skin color to identify is racist. Maybe they’ll have a show on BET?


I hope they do have a show on BET. Anything that can drive a wedge between black Americans and their so called leaders, while promoting 2A issues (which would include individual Liberty by the way) only works out for the better.


…and they don’t respond to phone messages or emails–at either the state or national level.


Oh goodie, more division even though well intended.

Black Rifle

You see you and every comment like that is the damn problem in the 2A community. You clearly don’t get it or even understand, there is several efforts to unbrainwash the African America community about guns and frankly the NRA sucks at it. As a benefactor life for over decade I know first hand. So any organization that reach out will benefit the 2A movement. Sucks for you if you don’t agree, frankly no one cares.


National African American Gun Association Training Division. Why is that not racist?
National Caucasian American Gun Association Training Division. Why is that racist?
How about dropping the race excluding term and renaming the NAAGT as the NAGTA which stands for the
National American Gun Training Division. If you are excluding other races from participation you are racist. It does not matter if you are African American or Caucasian American. Why is the National African American Gun Association Training Division self segregating? Do they need a safe space away from Caucasians and Asians?

Ronald Regular II

Actual some do need a safe space….in the beginning. A place to learn and not be worried about preconceived notions. Not saying it something we should have saying it’s something necessary for blacks in America. Most are distrusting and fearful of so much. Allow us to learn in a comfortable environment while teaching the downfalls of blame and separation and praising inclusion especially among pro-2A family. I may not agree with most of what people say but if you are FOR protecting me, life, America, freedom, our rights and the everyday citizen we have a place to start. I hope… Read more »

Mark Are

Naaaaa….noting racist about this! I wonder if we started a National White American Gun Association how THAT would be treated? Would it get a great write up on Ammo Land too? But WAIT! Only WHITE people can be racist.