TANDEMKROSS Announces Magazine Disconnect Replacement for Ruger MKIV & MKIV 22/45

WEARE, N.H. – -(Ammoland.com)- TANDEMKROSS, an innovative manufacturer of firearms accessories, has launched a new magazine disconnect replacement for Ruger MKIV and MKIV 22/45 pistols.

TANDEMKROSS Magazine Disconnect Replacement for Ruger MKIV & MKIV 22/45

The much-anticipated “Blast Shield” Magazine Disconnect Replacement for Ruger® MKIV and MKIV 22/45 allows for the safe removal of the magazine disconnect feature, allowing the gun to fire whether or not a magazine is inserted in the firearm.

“Listening to customer needs and doing things in an innovative way is how we get things done at TANDEMKROSS,” said Business Development Director Bryan Haaker.

“The first question we received when the Ruger® MKIV released was how to remove the magazine disconnect in a safe way that doesn’t break the bank. We’re happy to be introducing the “Blast Shield”, a $20 solution to a $100 challenge. At TANDEMKROSS, we know the answers are not in our building but out there with you, the shooting community.”

The unique design of the magazine disconnect replacement not only allows the gun to fire without a magazine inserted, it also facilitates proper magazine alignment and shields the sear and hammer from debris, boosting the overall performance of the pistol.

Unlike other fixes for the magazine disconnect feature, the “Blast Shield” design ensures magazines stay in proper alignment, reducing failure-to-feed issues and boosting overall performance.

Click here for more information on the “Blast Shield” Magazine Disconnect Replacement.

TANDEMKROSS Magazine Disconnect Replacement for Ruger MKIV
TANDEMKROSS Magazine Disconnect Replacement for Ruger MKIV
  • 4 thoughts on “TANDEMKROSS Announces Magazine Disconnect Replacement for Ruger MKIV & MKIV 22/45

    1. Infidel762x51, Ruger didn’t “stick it” to anyone… He knew you could either ban semi auto rifles OR limit that mag to 10 rounds and still have semi auto rifles at that time, the heat was on the industry and HE looked way beyond many for the answer. In reality he actually chose the right direction. How many AR’s , Mini 14’s and other semi’s would be being sold if those who wanted to go with the other “option” (TOTAL SEMI BAN) would have won.

      1. @Rock, I don’t mean to disagree, but I thought the story is that Mr. Ruger was enthralled by the rotary magazine of the Savage 99. So he incorporated a rotary magazine, but ten rounds was all he could get in a cost effective and streamlined design. I, however, don’t know the truth of it.

      2. Then there is this:
        “The following is an excerpt from the March 30, 1989 letter Bill Ruger sent to every member of Congress. It is in the Congressional Record and has been reprinted in several newspapers and magazines.”

        “The best way to address the firepower concern is therefore not to try to outlaw or license many millions of older and perfectly legitimate firearms (which would be a licensing effort of staggering proportions) but to prohibit the possession of high capacity magazines.
        By a simple, complete and unequivocal ban on large capacity magazines, all the difficulty of defining ‘assault rifle’ and ‘semi-automatic rifles’ is eliminated. The large capacity magazine itself, separate or attached to the firearm, becomes the prohibited item.
        A single amendment to Federal firearms laws could effectively implement these objectives.”

        William B. Ruger
        Sturm, Ruger Firearms

        [ This letter was taken from the American Handgunner magazine, dated Sept 1992, page 18 ]

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