Last Thing Gun Controllers Want to Destroy is the NRA


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Last Thing Genius Gun Controllers Want to Destroy is the NRA

USA – -( The anti-NRA firestorm escalated particularly quickly following the Valentine's Day massacre at Morjory Stonemason Douglas High School. Unlike the aftermath of the horror that was Sandy Hook, the Douglas High School survivors provided the media with plenty of telegenic mouthpieces with endless, unassailable “moral credibility” who were able and all too willing to parrot an anti-gun rights message to the world.

Never mind that many of these same teens were happily gobbling down Tide Pods two weeks ago. Now, after four local cops stood by, listening to the sound of gunfire and screams while remaining safely outside the school, the surviving students are given a national platform to attack the big bad NRA, its five million members and anyone who dares to disagree with them. Why? Because there's a narrative that must be advanced, funds to be raised and eyeballs to attract. No matter how inane or incoherent the students' opinions may be.

Never mind that many of these same teens were happily gobbling down Tide Pods two weeks ago.

But despite the deluge of attacks on Dana Loesch, Wayne LaPierre and the NRA as a whole, the last thing that anti-gun organizations and the media — yes, that's redundant — want is for the nation's oldest civil rights organization to go away. Why?

Because the NRA is the best target any Second Amendment-opposing operation could hope for.

If Chris Murphy, Ladd Everitt or Shannon Watts were handed a magic wand that could make the NRA disappear today, they'd drop it like it's hot. If they made the NRA go away in a cloud of dust, they'd be taking away their biggest, easiest, juiciest target. If the NRA didn't exist, Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly would have to invent it.

That's because without their NRA whipping boy, all they'd have to rail against are smaller, less well-known organizations like the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America to beat up on. Not to mention the firearms industry's actual lobbying group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). But nothing those operations do is nearly as sexy or inflammatory as a quote from Wayne or the latest Dana video.

And without the NRA, they wouldn't have a convenient boogeyman to hold up to motivate contributors.

What civilian disarmament advocates know is that even without the NRA, there would still be the same number of committed, gun-owning, Second Amendment-supporting voters and politicians. The org's five million members are, on the whole, very politically engaged. They'd still be out there contributing to 2A-supporting candidates and — most important — voting in elections.

AmmoLand Join the NRA Banner
AmmoLand says Join the NRA

So no matter how many big companies signal their woke-ness by distancing themselves from the NRA and its members, America's favorite gun rights organization isn't going anywhere. In fact, we'd be surprised if loads of new money and members aren't flowing into Fairfax as we speak.

It's possible that, with a little help of 156 Democrats in Congress, “Coward” County's Sheriff Scott Israel, through his department's efficiency and professionalism, may have inherited the title of America's biggest gun salesman.

Dan Zimmerman
Dan Zimmerman

About Dan Zimmerman :

Dan Zimmerman has been shooting all kinds of guns for 25 years and writing about them for the last eight. He's particularly into the shotgun sports, including trap, sporting clays, duck, and pheasant hunting.

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2 years ago

No, they wouldn’t drop the magic wand. They’d make the NRA go away, and continue to blame it the way Animal Farm blamed Snowball.

2 years ago

Well this is a Democrat lie ,not Gun control people control, to destroy AMERICA and advance communism socialist agenda, of control. OBAMA separated AMERICA IN HALF ,made AMERICA a welfare state of freebees. THERE IS 46%PEOPLE ON IT.But if you weren’t a idiot Democrat you would see this ALSO DON’T KILL PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. A gun can not see,hear move, walk, talk, it is no different than a rock ,stick a stupid DEM. SO look at Democrat run STATES, more crime ,bankrupt,no rights of people in a DEMOCRATIC STATE, overrun with Illegals, commenting rape,robberies , murder as in CAL.… Read more »

2 years ago

‘Gunns’ was an Australian forestry company that tried to cut down every tree in Tasmania to sell as wood chips. They were indeed bad and Australians rightly protested both their business model and political influence. If you pull that photo out a little wider you’d see it was in Australia…