Tougher Background Checks, but Tougher How?


National Instant Criminal Background Check System NICS
Tougher Background Checks, but Tougher How?

Ft Collins, CO –-( This week, even DJT was talking publically about “tougher” background checks for potential gun-buyers.

“Tougher?” How?

Of course, we are never told.

But, at least some of us ask:

Should NICS now have access to prescription drug records of any American who wants to buy a gun, a change that will effectively shred HIPPA?

In NYS, they already do! NY State Police stormed the home of a duly-licensed NYS CCW Permit holder last year and seized all his guns. He had a single prescription for lorazepam (Ativan). It was prescribed to him briefly treat anxiety after his mother died. That State never revealed how they knew about the medicine.

His guns were eventually returned to him, but only after expensive and lengthy litigation. They never would have been returned otherwise.

So, will Second Amendment rights now be stripped from anyone who has ever had a prescription for any drug that can be called “psychotropic?” Does this include all pain medications, sleeping pills, diet pills, tranquilizers, blood-pressure medication?

How about “psychological counseling?” Will anyone who has ever seen a marriage counselor, or found it necessary to go to “confession” at a Catholic church, now be considered “mentally ill,” and thus barred from owning a gun?

Will Service-Service and State-Department bodyguards, who provide security for various politicians and dignitaries, be exempted? If not, half of them (probably most of them) will have to be disarmed.

I wonder if DJT is asking these inconvenient questions of the hoard of incoherent, gun-hating fanatics currently storming Washington DC!

For one, I have no tolerance for intellectual dishonesty, nor double-standards, nor “emotional reasoning.

If this current generation of demoniac gun-haters displayed even a glimmer of intellectual honesty, we might be able to have a conversation. But as we see, they don’t.

“People mistakenly assume that their thinking is done by their head; it is actually done by the heart, which first dictates the conclusion, then commands the head to provide reasoning that will defend it.” ~ Anthony de Mello


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How did NY state find out about the prescription? All they had to do was ask a pharmacy or his physician. HIPAA reads: §164.514 Other requirements relating to uses and disclosures of protected health information. (2) Implementation specifications: Verification. (iii)Authority of public officials. A covered entity may rely, if such reliance is reasonable under the circumstances, on any of the following to verify authority when the disclosure of protected health information is to a public official or a person acting on behalf of the public official: (A) A written statement of the legal authority under which the information is requested,… Read more »


Once again it’s our Government that has let us down and not followed their own laws or done their job. Now as usual we are being told we have to correct their ineptitude and F-ups. The FBI failed to do its job, the police in Parkland failed to do their job, the Social Services persons failed to do their job, the guards at the school failed at their job. This is not the first time we’ve been punished because people in our government have failed. Citizens did their job in Parkland, they called the FBI, they called the police, and… Read more »


People forget that at the time the second amendment was penned “arms” did not just apply to muskets and fowling pieces, citizens could also own field pieces and any other arm they could afford. If AR 15’s had been available at the time they would have been included as would a Ma Duece. Our founders wanted “the people” able to defend their freedom against ALL comers. Anyone reading the papers of the founding fathers will reach the conclusion that their distrust of a central government, any central government, was the motivation factor in the revolution. The issues which led them… Read more »

Dave Brown

How, figured it out. There are ways to improve what we have, and yes our FFLs will have more paperwork, and US Owners may have to wait a few days or even a week. A Tax Stamp for a Tommy takes 3 or more months, and we will wait for that. Our 2nd will stand, just remember they were working with Muskets when they penned it. No I won’t give up my SKSs, AKs, MACs, and other stuff, nor do I want to give up my Arm Braces as they are just Cool, but I am willing to give up… Read more »

Paul Fitch

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759


What everyone is missing here is that the DEEP STATE actors, including those at the FBI & DOJ have allowed this
and other shootings to occur so they can have a BLACK FLAG crisis. They can then whip up the Anti whacko’s to demand gun confiscation, thereby leading to the DEEP STATE’s objective, which is One World GuBmint, led, of course by the Elites & their lackies. It worked for Adolph Hitler.
Hope you can repost this comment to other sites


The biggest issue is the 50% of cops who have paranoid ideations. Their training about every contact is a deadly threat risk combined with a relatively few true risky and high stress encounters creates a personality change in over 50% by the time they have 10 years on the job. Many of psycotropic drugs are safer on the drugs than off them. Go ahead, take his guns away but let him run around in a 6000 pound F-150 mobile weapon. The shooters that got past the current gatekeepers got past because the gatekeepers were asleep at the gate. This is… Read more »


Those who are in WDC as governmental EMPLOYEES who take the drugs which are discussed above are identified as “not able to have weapons” must also LOOSE the security personnel around them that also have weapons.
After all, ALL people in America MUST be treated EQUALLY and FAIRLY under the Laws-of-the-land.


I tend to think you are trying to put people into a State of PARANOIA.!!! Cool your jets it won’t come to that.

No Bull

Ah, Jimmy. You are either one of them or a blooming idiot. Either way you are part of the problem. The anti-gunners are coming at the 2nd Amendment any way they can and from every direction. Witness the companies that are cutting ties with NRA because of the bullying of a very vocal rabid left. If that isn’t a wake up call you must be brain dead.


2A and the reason it is there to protect from government is no longer relevant. The government owns you whether you’ve got a pile of guns or not. They don’t just have ARs. And they could destroy you without firing a shot. The whole 2A argument is rubbish.


Larry, You make a good point. There is a massive imbalance between the power of the government and the power of the people. Not only the military but the law enforcement establishments here are overwhelmingly strong. We need to start shifting power away from the government by putting these functions back in the people’s hands where they belong. One of the lesser known Founders, Tench Coxe, explained it well: “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom… Their swords, and every other terrible implement… Read more »

Wild Bill

@NB, I think that you have uncovered another Anti-Civil Rights Movement hireling! You have also drawn out a follow on comment stooge, also from the ACRM. Good Work!


Thanks Darren. I appreciate your considered response. The militarization of law enforcement is a worry. Waco being a case in point.

W. bill, You’re in your own little world. The people commenting that you disagree with haven’t been hired. They don’t even seem to be socialist. They just have a different opinion to you. Stop trying to force your opinions on everyone and shut down discussion. It’s unamerican.

Wild Bill

, How do you know that they haven’t been hired? Do you know them, personally? As to “…unamerican (sic)…” I was fighting for your freedom since 1975. If being American meant anything to you, they you would show the proper respect by capitalizing American.


No Bull – people are upset about yet another mass school shooting. it’s not a socialist plot. people across the divide aren’t necessarily asking to repeal 2A (though i’m sure some are), they are just asking for some sensible measures. your gun rights are under attack because people are using them to infringe on the right to life. it’s that simple.