US Marines Select Leupold TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T for M38, Squad DMR

US Marines Select Leupold TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T for M38, Squad DMR
US Marines Select Leupold TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T for M38, Squad DMR

BEAVERTON, Ore.-( The United States Marine Corps is in the process of fielding the M38, which features a Leupold TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T riflescope atop an M27. The configuration is to be known as the Squad-Designated Marksman Rifle. The TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T has previously been fielded with the Mk 12 Special Purpose Rifle.

“We pride ourselves on building optics that deliver elite optical performance and unparalleled reliability,” Bruce Pettet, president and chief executive officer for Leupold & Stevens, Inc., said. “We’re ecstatic that the Marine Corps selected the TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T. The men and women of the U.S. armed forces deserve the very best, and we’re proud to deliver it.”

The TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T, which features a 2.5-8x36mm design, was designed with mid-range applications in mind, and has easy-to-adjust tactical turrets and range estimating reticles. A 30mm maintube provides greater strength and light transmission. As with all Leupold riflescopes, the optic is waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof.

“The TS-30A2 Mark 4 is the perfect optic for those looking to deliver fast, precise rifle fire,” said Sam Horstman, director of military sales for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “Further, like all Leupold optics, it’s been strenuously tested for durability, and fully meets the rugged standards set by the Marine Corps.”

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Beacher Madhouse

K Trooper – is that actually true? So funny in the gun world how “mil spec” usually means “cheap S”. We should equip our troops with the best of the best.

K Trooper

The Mk 4 MR/T 2.5-8×32 is a very high quality, and capable optic. I have several Mk 4s in 3.5-10x and have been a big proponent for their use on DMR platform rifles for several years. The significant attribute the TS30A2 version has is a cartridge specific ballistically matched elevation dial. However, it is tailored toward the Mk 262 5.56 77gr SMK out of a 18″ bbl, and not a M855A1 or USMC 62 gr SOST out of a 16″ bbl. In an era of significant technology leaps in rifle optics, including First Focal Plane illumination, and ballistic specific reticles,… Read more »

K Trooper

While I’m thrilled to see the Leupold Mk. 4 continue to serve the nation and Marine Corps as a DMR optic workhorse; it seems the selection is taking a step backwards given that the Mk. 4 MR/T optic is over a decade old, and isn’t even offered in the Leupold catalog anymore. The Nightforce NX8 may have been a significantly better option for their M38 DMR optic selection. Perhaps the TS30A2/Mk4 2-8x is simply a placeholder since the NSN is already in the system having been previously mounted on not only the Mk12 SPR, but also the USMC’s 20″ match… Read more »